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2013 Goals - The "The Frugal Fifteen"

The word for the year is FRUGALITY - that bears fruit!

1. Campus Connection Wednesdays
2. Theophostic Outreach. - 1x a week
3. Walk and pray 3 times a day
4. BBC 70 (1 pound = 1 post)
5. Romans with Rachel
6. 52 books
7. 7 back/6 cardio/2 weights/1 Pilates
8. 2400 burn/1600 consume
9. Weight landmarks V Day, Spring, M Day

This year:
10. Upstairs paint and floors
11. Declutter all closets/cabinets/drawers
12. Paul's pictures for Senior Year (April?)
On going:
13. Picture processing 4th of every month
14. Dependence Dates 2x month
15. 2015 frugality for 25th anniversary save for trip!

2012 Complete Reading List with Links

What a fun year!

What a fun year! 

ABBREVIATIONS KEY: ITC - Invitation to the Classics List GB - 100 Great Books List SBC - Suburban Book Club BB or BD - Book Babes or Dames ER - Early Reviewer
JANUARY 1. Animal Farm (BD/GB - 9.5) 2. Hanna's Daughters (BB - 8) 3. The Broke Diaries (BB - 7) 4. Their Eyes Were Watching God (BD/GB - 9.5) 5. The Shape of the Eye (BB - 8) FEBRUARY (lots of reading on vacation!) 6. Tom Sawyer (GB - 9.5) 7. Othello (GB) 8. Julius Caesar (GB) 9. The Awakening (GB) 10. King Lear (GB) 11. Romeo and Juliet (GB) 12. Hawaii: From Origins to the End of the Monarchy 13. Billy Budd (GB) 14. The Call of the Wild (GB) 15. Daisy Miller (GB) 16. Ethan Frome (GB) 17. David Copperfield (GB) 18. Brave New World (GB) 19. The Tempest (GB) 20. Macbeth (GB) 21. Of Mice and Men (GB) 22. King Henry IV, Part 1 (GB) MARCH (Spring break reading!) 23. The Taming of the Shrew (GB) 24. The Merchant of Venice (GB) 25. The Crucible (GB) 26. Why Read Moby-Dick? 27. More Than Ordinary 28. 

Friday Free Fifteen

Fingers on the keyboard, and I will not let them stop for fifteen minutes.

Feeling so alive this morning. I have lost 2.2 pounds and my back feels FANTASTIC. It really has helped to STOP RUNNING. The extra calorie burn was NOT WORTH IT because of the days I would have to spend in bed recovering and being lethargic because of the pain.

I am pain-free, and I have been since Dr. Koen adjusted me after I STUPIDLY RAN after the Number 7 bus from the Downtown Transit Center to 9th and Monroe, and MISSED IT! ACK! My back will still go out when I do things like that, especially when carrying Christmas presents in my hands. NOT SMART!

Anyway, that was then, and this is now. I am alive and well and living in Corvallis, OR. I am also writing on the end of Romans 15 and starting my final chapter of Romans 16. I have "earned" the "right to write" for three chapters due to my weight loss!  One post for every pound I lose, and I lost one pound the week before, and 2.2 this with. So,…

Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

The Well Update Via FACED

Several years ago, I started a FACED accountability group after having followed this for myself for years.

The letters stand for:

FOOD - reporting goals and intake

ACADEMICS or ATTITUDE - I like to keep growing in my love of literature, art, music, etc. Others report their attitude for the day.

COMMUNION with God and people - the center of it all!


DAILY CARE OF FAMILY AND SELF - goals for your household and personal care

Here is what I just wrote in my FACED Evaluation for the week reporting December 20 – 27, 2012:


I have a BodyBugg. So, the calories burned is over 90% accurate based on medical studies. ALL "estimations" are too high, even for me, and my height should give a higher estimation of calorie burn, and all the estimations are WAY higher than what actually happens in your body. The BodyBugg is the only way to go for accuracy!!! It is also really helpful to see how just MOVING can burn more calories than going to a gym for…

Post Christmas Freewrite

Well-Watered Soul

It is well with my soul. The season was lovely. I had a good balance of time with God and time with people. We missed one party. So, for the first time in years, we didn't go caroling, but we had such lovely time around the advent wreath, and I loved my "Messiah Meditations" over the last week.

Well-Educated Mind

You can read in other parts of the blog all the books that I have read. I like meatier ones rather than "fluffy Christmas stories."  I am just not a fan of fluffy books. I am being selective about the books that I read for our book club. I like many of them, and the last two were OK, but I won't read any more by the author. I just don't have time to read books that don't educate. It was interesting to reread Handel's Messiah: Comfort for God's People because Handel once said (not word for word), "I hope this piece of music doesn't merely ENTERTAIN."  This implies that he wanted to educate and edify too…

52 in 52 Week 52: Handel's Messiah: Comfort for God's People

When I first started trying to listen to this in 2010, I thought: BORING! The narrator sounded very stuffy, and it went on about Italian Oratorio and all that, but I gave it a second try Christmas season 2011. I sat down and really listened to it. It is a WEALTH of insight and information about this masterpiece! I loved it. If you are a Messiah Geek like me, it will benefit you greatly to understand the ins and outs of this gift from Handel!

If you are not a Messiah geek, it may be a bit too academic, but I listened to it again this Christmas, and I found myself wanting to write down quotes.  I listen to a little of the book and then the part of the music he has just described. I love that I go to bed and wake up with these Scripture songs in my head during the Christmas season because CHRIST is what the season is all about!  

It will be my annual tradition!

Update: I read the print in 2013, and I like that much better!

Answers to 52 Books in 52 Weeks Book Survey

1) How many books did you read this year?  123 

2) Did you meet or beat your own personal goal? Beat goal of 52

3) Favorite book of 2012? (You can list more than one or break it down by genre)

Fiction: Middlemarch and Their Eyes Were Watching God
Non-Fiction: The Diary of Anne Frank

4) Least favorite book of 2012 and why?  

Steppenwolf - It is just a yucky book. Strange. I don't care if it is a classic. 
The Bluest Eyes is a close second.

5) One book you thought you'd never read and was pleasantly surprised you like it?

The Hunger Games trilogy - I had friends bug me to read them for a long time, and I was pleasantly surprised. It totally fit in with my Dystopian novel phase. Most of my Jesus Community and my kids read them and liked them. (I would love to discuss because most people who put them down don't get the author's point.)

6) One book you thought you'd love but didn't?

Song of Years by Bess Streeter Aldrich

She is so beloved by so many in the Book Babes Book C…

52 in 52 Week 52: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

After reading contemporary Christmas stories that lacked brilliance, it was so nice to come home to a bright and shining classic of American literature! It was a great way to end the year of reading. 

While this story doesn't qualify as a "Christmas book," the story starts out with the four March girls lamenting the fact that they were too poor to truly enjoy Christmas. Many of the major movements in the book do happen around this holiday. Since I make up the rules on the "December of Christmas reads," this officially qualifies now.

If you have never read this book, you need to. If you read it a long time ago, you will read it again with more relish. Even though this was my third time through, it had been a while, and it still delighted me! I fell in love all over again with the impetuous and feisty Jo, prim and proper Meg, sweet and selfless Beth, and the striving and artistic Amy. Throw in the wisdom of Marmy and the stability of father, and you have quite a st…

52 in 52 Week 52: The Greatest Thing in the World

Love has got everything to do with it. Love this analysis of 1 Corinthians 13 by the Scottish evangelist, Henry Drummond. I listened to the audiobook by Seth Anderson.
I agree with this review on by sacredstacks:
The Greatest Thing in the World is taken from an address Henry Drummond, a Scottish evangelist, delivered to a gathering of friends in England in 1884. It is based on the 13th chapter of First Corinthians (the Love chapter). 
The inspiration behind this work includes the fact that the author was a geologist/explorer by profession. “As a Christian, he combined his knowledge of science with his understanding of the Creator and His many diverse creations.” In Chapter 3, Love Analyzed, he draws from his professional background to make a remarkable analysis. Using the way a prism breaks down light into many components of color, he demonstrates the way Paul breaks the spectrum of love down into the elements of patience, kindness, generosity, etc. The …

52 in 52 Week 51: God is in the Manger by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I am not done with this because the devotional goes through January 6, but it is FREE now. See the link below.

I don't know if it will free when I finish it on January 6. So, I am posting it today!

This contains delightful excerpts from many of his letters and writings. It is a daily devotional reading that averages about 3 minutes a day and goes from the first Sunday in advent to Epiphany on January 6th. I don't want anyone to miss it. You can always listen to it next year if you don't want to be "behind" for this year. :)

NOTE: I finished it December 27th. I couldn't wait until January 6th! So good. Very rich.

Endomondo Exercising Workout

Endomondo Exercising Workout: was out exercising 5.00 miles in 32m:16s using Endomondo.

Thursdays Thirteen Freewrite

I am going to do a thirteen minute freewrite on Thursdays from now on. It sounds so alliterative. :)

I feel so GREAT! I finally had a day where I recorded all my food and had a calorie DEFICIT. Actually, I got on the scale this morning after not having my weight recorded since August. I don't usually look at the scale at the doctor's office, but they gave me a sheet (Dr. Sharp, my new doctor, is really into preventative medicine) with my weight on it then. I had only gained three pounds since August. So, it isn't as bad as I thought. I am six pounds overweight, but I like to be much lower than what the "top of my range" says. 

Trevor did a fat percentage, and I am also still in the "healthy" range, and I think it would have been lower had I been more hydrated than I was when I rushed to the gym to get my assessment. So, I am not as bad off as I thought, but I actually would like to have a lower fat percentage too, and I think that will happen now that I a…

52 in 52 Week 51: The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

Continuing on my quest to get through Christmas books given to me over the years, I give you The Christmas Sweater. It was OK. There are a few twists and turns, and it is semi-autobiographical. It could have used some editing in some places and some expansion in others. There was so much time setting up the story prior to the climax that the ending seemed really rushed. Then, there wasn't enough development of some of the characters. I am not sure I liked it. It was just OK. I know it was just OK because I read two Lucy Maud Montgomery Christmas short stories immediately following, and I was delighted. It isn't a bad book though. Just not up there with books of really, really good authors.  Sandwiched between Dickens and Montgomery, Beck did not have a prayer.

52 in 52 Week 51: A Christmas Carol

I could have sworn I already wrote a review of this, but I cannot find it in my list of posts. 

Remember last week when I talked about the tradition of telling "ghost" stories on Christmas Eve during the Victorian Era? This is the quintessential ghost story, and I had to redeem my respect for Dickens after reading his short stories that I reviewed last week. 

This book does not disappoint. I read it once for my book club and once to my children as a read aloud, but that was probably more than ten years ago. I had never listened to it, and this NAXOS audio version has the best narrator AND classical music in the transitions. It is a TREAT! I checked it out on my account. THE BEST!

My respect (and love) for Dickens has been restored.

52 in 52 Week 51: On Prayer and the Contemplative Life by Aquinas

This is taken from the second part of the second part of the Summa Theologica (II-II). It takes out the structure of the Summa (theological question or statement, objections to the question or the statement, a quotation of an opinion or a statement that contradicts the objections, the answer to the question, and the refutation of the objections). I like that, but some people don't.  I wanted a closer read of the part of the Summa that is more practical. I would have been a great nun. :) I love to pray.  I have already explained about the larger work of the Summa in the previous post.  You can get this book free on the Kindle at or you can get it in many different forms from Pr…

52 in 52 Week 51: A Shorter Summa (Theologica) by St. Thomas Aquinas

The entire Summais about 3,000 pages long, and most of it is Scripture so I would rather just read the Bible to get my theology, but Aquinas' work is so influential in Western thought that I needed to at least read a book like Kreeft's that is an anthology of the Summa using Aquinas' actual words. Kreeft also has a Summa of the Summa that is 500 pages, but I opted for this even more concise version that is under 200 pages. It is not "about" the Summa but gives the most important parts in a concise readable form. I figured this was enough to "count" for my Invitation to the Classics List!

So, what is the Summa? I didn't know until I saw it on my list. I will let Wikipedia explain it to you: 

The Summa Theologiæ (written 1265–1274 and also known as the Summa Theologica or simply the Summa) is the best-known work of Thomas Aquinas (c.1225–1274). Although unfinished the Summa is "one of the classics of the history of philosophy and one of the most i…

Fifteen Minute Freewrite: Saturday Well Update

It is 6 am on a Saturday morning. I got up at 5 am. Not sure why, but I popped out of bed, and I am going with it. Had weird dreams that I needed to wake up from. Trying to fly out on a grassy meadow, but there were too many people around, and it inhibited my usual ability to fly in the stratosphere during other dreams. Sort of a bummer. :)

I think I will do a "Well" Update since I have not done for quite some time.

Well-Watered Soul/Well-Adjusted Heart

I am just going to combine these two this time. When it is well with my soul, my emotions are also doing great. It is well with my soul. I love being in Romans, even though it has taken me FOREVER to get through Romans 11, and I have struggled with how to communicate it. It is a great struggle. I am praying through the whole thing, wrestling with Paul's words.

So, emotionally, I am on an even keel. I haven't had any holiday "dip," but I haven't for quite a while now that I have thrown away to have my Christm…