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Monday Fifteen Freewrite

We are so blessed in so many ways. I just made the decision to not plan a big anniversary trip. It is too exhausting for me, but I feel like we need to be all here. I started trying to plan, and I got a call from someone distressed. So much of what I do is not planned on a day to day basis. So much of what I do is connect people, help people, dream with people. So, I have to have such fluidity to my schedule that I cannot put on a time card. It is an interesting thing.

Anyway, I just realized it was getting too stressful to try to plan something, and I was not enjoying it anymore. I think there will be a simple trip to the coast, to the same hotel we went to on our honeymoon, 25 years ago. No big trip. Just a couple of nights together on the Oregon coast. I do think that is plenty. If God wants to drop something in our lap, then I am totally up for that, but it has to be God directing the ship (or plane), not me. So I am crossing it off my list and saying: WAIT!

I just have this feeling…

30. The Making of an Ordinary Saint: My Journey from Frustration to Joy with the Spiritual Disciplines by Nathan Foster

I read Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster in the 80s not long after it came out. This is a book by his son, Nathan, as he tried putting those disciplines into practice. While Richard's book is more teaching, Nathan's is a heartfelt memoir of his struggles to practice them. It is beautiful, easy reading. 

Richard and Nathan did a conference by the same name in my husband's hometown. They did not do that many of them, and they did one in this little town because Richard wrote his book when he was a pastor at the Newberg Friends Church in the 70s. It was fun to go to it.

Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I really need to reinstate the tradition of freewriting on Fridays. I have had so much happening this week. It is good for me to process through the keyboard and give myself some time to reflect about all the goings on.  I think there are some exciting things afoot. I just have to pace myself and pray and obey accordingly. I do not want my enthusiasm to get in the way of the Spirit's leading. 

Had a good conversation with J yesterday about what they do up in Portland. I want to see a partnership happen with them. They are a dynamic foursome up here. They are doing great things. Somewhere along the way there was a big miscommunication over a very minor issue that made for a disengagement with my boss and them. Also, we let a third party interpret some things they did and communicate it to a whole team of people that made us think they were not open to working as a team. My meeting with them could not have been farther from the truth! UGH! Four years of miscommunication is really not…

29. Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?

I have always known that detox cleanses were not possible, but this author refers to all the studies that prove you cannot detox your body by buying expensive cleanses. He also discusses myths about juicing and gluten-free diets.

He also debunks the myths about anti-aging products. I like his practical, down-to-earth, and humorous approach to these myths. The part about plastic surgery is just plain scary (go to Sun Valley and drive around, and you will see REALLY SCARY results of the "fake and bake" culture there!).

I have been a nutritionist for 34 years. I have to hold my tongue when people are doing the latest detox or diet. Usually the person telling me usually has a degree in history, and I paid thousands of dollars to learn the science behind nutrition, but they know more than I do. I could have saved my money and just read the internet! Who knew? 

It just does not work to try to tell them otherwise. Even some of the reviews for this book still will not believe this auth…

I forgive

Forgiveness is such a beautiful thing. It is what Jesus did for those who were crucifying Him. It is the least we can do for others. A woman I worked with through almost three years of very painful abuse from her husband said how important forgiveness has been for her journey and something she wished she had learned sooner rather than later. I have found that I can educate on this, but it is a choice on the other person's part that cannot be rushed or forced upon them. God has to work the forgiveness in them. It is beautiful that she reminded me that one thing I need to do is provide a safe environment for the person to forgive as I am counseling people. His kindness leads us to that. I gently and safely lead, but I cannot make a person drink the peace that forgiveness brings to the soul. 

So, I am going to put these two readings forth.

1) The chapter on forgiveness in Healing Life's Hurts by Ed Smith: 

"Releasing Those Who Have Hurt Us"

2. This lovely article is on my o…

28. Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef

"As long as we search for enemies anywhere but inside ourselves, there will always be a Middle East problem."
This is a fascinating look from the inside by a son of the religious leader of the Hamas organization. It gives one important historical background that helps one understand the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this most complicated problem. 
In the midst of this coming of age story, he was asked to come and discuss the Bible. It is his personal journey toward Jesus too. 
Loved this book in so many ways. I feel like I understand things so much better. 

Every Once in a While . . .

I get the blues!

Which is weird because I was fine this morning, but then something turned for me at about 1 pm, and I struggled for a few hours. Nancy was SO SWEET to call me even though she has family coming from out of town. George listened and then Nancy listened, and God pieced it all together. I was great for a bit. Then another little dip. You know what really shook me out of it?
Looking at all those refugees in the boat on the Mediterranean, and I felt God say, "YOU are not alone!" :) Those people are in such desperate situations. I have so much! I have it so well. 
Then a friend texted me, "It is national best friend day" with a very sweet little message attached. So I texted my besties! And they both responded with the sweetest texts back.
I really need to text George too because he is my best of the besties! 
So, I am so much better. Just a little six hour dip. Not too bad if you ask me! Thanks for speaking truth to me so quickly, Lord. 
(Tomorrow morning will…

27. A Guide for Listening and Inner Healing Prayer: Meeting God in the Broken Places by Rusty Rustenbach

My friend wrote this, and I finally got around to reading it since he was coming to give a conference on the subject for my church. I have always believed that God can speak to us, and I have been facilitating Inner Healing Prayer since 2001. What I like about this book is it is written by someone who didn't really know that God could speak directly until 1999, after many years of being a believer, so he gives a good biblical basis for the whole subject before he launches into the particulars. I really appreciate that. I have already loaned my copy to a kid that my kids grew up with who questions whether God can speak. 
It was fun to have Rusty stay with us and to see the personal transformation in his own life. I have known him since 1980 but have not seen him since 1983!  It was delightful to see that he is "walking his talk" regarding this book.

Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

I think I like this font best. I am going to the timer and standing up as I do this freewrite!

May was a "wonderful whirlwind." Now I am taking today to just "chill" and listen to God. I was going to go up to Lafayette to the monastery, and I still might do that, but right now, I am POOPED. I stayed up too late watching Pride and Prejudice and doing the Jane Austen puzzle and slept in until 8 am. That never happens! I had a full day yesterday, unintentionally.  Nancy, Rebekah, and Kim trying to find a time to have me facilitate a listening prayer day, talking to "A" about what she is hearing from God about her future (2 1/2 hours), unpacking the listening prayer conference with my mentor in TX, Carol, talking with Chris L. about two women possibly moving here from Iowa to do our internship that we have not decided whether we are going to run, emailing about getting more listening prayer books, housecleaning, going to get money at the bank, then Kellie time…