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36. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

This book was all the rage on Facebook, and many of my friends were buying it, but I chose to wait for it, and I was 60+ in line on the hold list. Two days after putting it on hold, I went to book club, and my friend had it in a pile to bring back to the library with a week still left on the check out! So, I quickly read this. It is a simple book. While I am convinced the person who wrote it is has some emotional issues (she does allude to this toward the end of the book) which made her compulsive and almost OCD in her "tidying" behavior, I think there are some valuable things to be gleaned from this book. I read half of it into the wee hours of my 56th birthday and put the principles to work on my clothes in a break between my lunch time birthday celebration with a friend and my dinner time celebration with my family. I was so "into" it that I totally forgot to go to a doctor's appointment! LOL! She recommended that all your clothes be in one place, and I had …

Wednesday Freewrite

I have not been doing this as I said I would. :) Yesterday was hard. I had something that disturbed me happen a couple of days ago, and it was not until I got up to have my time with God that it all came to a head. I needed a lot more time to process but had a meeting with many others at 8:30. Bad idea. Things came to a head with me, and I had to leave the meeting at 11 am to process the stuff. I had to grieve. I had to let go of my worry and anxiety over a dear friend. I feel like this friend is slipping, and I cannot do anything to help her. So, I had a good cry. I processed with George and Kim, and later on with Nancy. Nathan also called me during the lunch break in the meeting, and he was awesome. I came back without embarrassment. Sometimes having Empathy as your second signature theme has its drawbacks!

Well, my number one signature theme is Learner. I have spent so much on signature theme #3 this summer: Achiever. We have gotten so many home projects done that I am amazed! I am …

Sunday Freewrite

Fifteen minutes were going to start 20 minutes ago, but I did not get around to it as I was looking at other things. 

Operation "Hearth and Home" is still in progress. Yesterday, it was the bathroom ceilings which, because of improper ventilation have had some mold issues. George took apart the fans, and Michael cleaned them thoroughly. Then they painted both ceilings. It was a perfect day because we actually had rain. So it was cool and the windows and skylights were opened wide and the paint fumes escaped.

We also went to Fred Meyer to shop, and I found frames for 50 percent off (2 days sale). So, I got a nice one that said "Family" with room for 10 4x6 pictures. We also got one with similar metal work that held three 8 x 10's. I had the two pictures that I had printed from the boys' senior pictures:

I also put our latest studio family picture. It was back in 2011, and I think I would like to hire a photographer to do family portraits outdoors. Perhaps in th…

Wednesday Freewrite

In keeping with my desire to freewrite more often, I am writing another day. Does this make it three in a row? Maybe more? I am not going to look because I am freewriting, by golly, and that means I write freely without having my fingers come away from the pen or keyboard (I really like writing both ways). 

I already wrote about what was an incredibly wonderful time on my 25th Anniversary at Inn of Spanish Head. After my writing, we just relaxed and read and watched news, and then we went up to the 10th floor to have our, oh so perfect, dinner at sunset. We had to wait, but they gave us a booth right at the window. It was spectacularly gorgeous (and after my fifteen minutes of fame freewriting, I will post a picture)! I splurged because George's mom gave us a hearty sum to have a lavish anniversary dinner. So, I had LOBSTER TAILS for the first time since probably Malaysia (when a "surf and turf" steak and lobster dinner was $10) back in 1998! It was heavenly as was the co…

35. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale

I went to the free workshop a few months back and was intrigued to perfect the sitting and sleeping techniques. I promised a review last July and realized today that I never delivered on that promise so am updating this review today!

Now that I have become a personal trainer, I realize that many of her postural principles are so true. I love how she has pictures of proper posture and how to properly move correctly through the activities of everyday life. I have taught her principles of "glidewalking" to my Pilates classes (making them walk around the classroom using their Glutes rather than their psoas). Now that I know that muscle mechanics behind all of that, I see that she has some sound principles and techniques. 

I got caught up on how to do "stretchlying" and "tallstanding" though! She has a weekend workshop that you can attend for $450, and I am going to see if I can count that as continuing education for my personal training recertification. I was h…

Tuesday Twelve at Two

Twelve minute freewrite at 2:00 pm. GO!

It is my 25th anniversary today, and here I sit in a nice studio room on the Oregon Coast. The sun is shining, and it is warm. We walked for almost 7 miles in shorts and mostly bare feet all morning, and now we are back for an afternoon siesta (or at least George is taking one because I am not much of a napper). I thought I would record that we are so enjoying a no-agenda kind of getaway!

We got here, having skipped lunch, and went for the early bird special on the tenth floor of this amazing place. The weather was spectacular as we sat there watching the waves. Delightful.

After that, we walked for an hour and a half out to Siletz Bay and then up the Schooner Creek until we could not go up any further (we needed to have kayaks!).  Then we walked back up through town back to our hotel. 

We looked out our balcony and saw that the pool was totally empty (lots of little kids earlier in the day) so we JUMPED at the opportunity, and I did laps. Then, we …

Monday Madness

Well, tomorrow is my 25th wedding anniversary, and we are starting it off today by having a leisurely morning together (although the excitement of getting a call from the ortho office at 8 am telling us that our youngest had a 7:50 am appointment was not very leisurely - he obviously did not write it down and did not tell us about it). After we get EURO PILLOWS (When did these become popular in the US? There were two shams in our comforter set, and I have never even heard of them.) at Target, we are going to the place where it all began: The Inn at Spanish Head. I even found my receipt from 25 years ago. LOL! I am so excited to go away and just have no plans. I am bringing my hiking poles and boots because there are many nice trails to be had there. We will probably walk along the beach and sip tea (me) and coffee (he) and just have nowhere to go and no people to see. Celebrating US!

Well, I will go now to Target. I want closure on our bedroom. Well, I won't have closure until I pa…

34. You've Got Libya by Greg Livingstone

I love this man with all my heart. He is a friend, and this is such a self-deprecating, humorous read. Greg is a one of a kind individual. He is a "bull in a china shop" kind of guy that shakes things up and has changed the world. He is candid about his weaknesses in a way that just endears you to him. I love that he says his personality type at the beginning. I had never tested him, but that was my guess (ENTP). 

It is his life story, and his travels around the globe (dragging his growing family with him). I read a passage to a prayer group and started sobbing. It is a story about how one life can make a difference.

33. Engaging with History in the Classroom: The Post-Reconstruction Era

Wow! This book has everything a teacher needs to make post-reconstruction history come alive for middle-school student. There are primary source documents throughout that will be interesting and engaging. It has newspaper cartoons from the era. It has wonderful photographs throughout. This would work in a homeschool setting too. I loved it and heartily recommend it!

Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I am reinstating this tradition! I have not been writing very much since I finished my 3200 page writing project! :) I have enjoyed being off the computer and on to other things, but I do miss writing. It is what I love to do and fifteen minutes is not going to be so detrimental for my back. So here I go!  I have already got one minute down.

I was supposed to go up to SW Portland today to participate in a mat class at a Pilates studio. I am deciding between doing my training with this studio and an individual in Salem. The one in Portland is the STOTT Pilates method, and the one in Salem is the traditional Pilates method. I have a letter of recommendation and had passed my anatomy quiz with 100% for the Portland studio, but I could not sign on the dotted line for the (expensive and twice as much as Salem) training that was starting on Friday, July 10. Good thing, as George came home sick, and I didn't feel so hot either. Then as the week has progressed, I have not gotten back to 10…

32. The MELT Method: A Breakthrough Self-Treatment System to Eliminate Chronic Pain

So interesting that LibraryThing predicted that I probably would not like this book. I have not posted many of the books I read for fitness. So, I am sure based on all the classics I have read over the years that LibraryThing assumes I am a couch potato! Fitness books have many diagrams showing one how to perform the exercises, so I have not posted them as "reading" because I don't know if I "read" the whole book from cover to cover, but this one, I read all the introductions and most of the exercises (Once I got to the "Maps" I got confused and just ordered her DVD's that I can do like any old fitness DVD). I have been doing fascia release on my feet and a little on my legs for about two years now, but this takes fascia "rehydration" to a whole other level. Her introduction goes into a lot of detail about the science behind all of this, and she tends to repeat things over and over. So, I did not like that about the book.I also thought t…

31. Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather

This is a slow, meandering book without any big plot line but little vignettes about life for two priest in the rugged southwest (New Mexico). I love Willa Cather's writing. She paints pictures of places like an artist. Really enjoyed that aspect even though the story was not particularly gripping in plot. 

Funny that I saw the movie Swing Vote, set in New Mexico, the same week I finished this book.

I read this for my "Book Dames" Book Club that will be discussing it on July 25. 

On Track to be a Very Low Volume Blogging Year

I have not done a lot of sitting this year. When I do blog, I try to do it while standing at my stand up desk I got for Christmas. I am on board to get a Treadmill Desk from our local "Play it Again Sports" outlet here. I am getting practically a FREE anniversary week because a friend is giving us their townhouse for two nights, and we are going to the place we spent our honeymoon for two nights and we have more than enough Capital One miles to cover that! I had saved enough money for an overseas anniversary getaway. SO, I will buy the treadmill desk! (Also decided against a hot tub on our deck. We found a used one for 1/3 the price, but it was going to cost 1200 to rewire and another 300 to get a crane to put it on our deck. What a pain! More trouble that it is worth since I do not anticipate we will live here for more than five years.)

I will do brief reviews of my last two books though and then go back to finding an 8 x 10 picture I had printed of Michael for his high scho…