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Fantastic February

I am summing up February since I didn't get much opportunity to BLOG in the last month or two.

Read about the American Constitution using wonderful books like If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution, A More Perfect Union: The Story of the Constitution (Maestro). We also included America Rock DVD about "The Preamble." It was a lovely month of easy history. We also learned all about George Washington using the wonderfully illustrated D'Aulaire book! We also learned about the beginning of the industrial revolution by learning abou the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney. Our "tall tall" was about Johnny Appleseed.

Read Aloud
I decided that some of the Sonlight RA's were just too boring. So, I skipped a few this month. George tried to get through Carry on Mr. Bowditch with the boys, and they bagged it after 18 out of 24 chapters, and we are fine with that. Too boring. They had faired better with Justin Morgan Had a Horse.�…

February Fifties Party

George and I went to a fifties dinner at Suburban Christian!  What fun! I went to the local beauty college and they did an updo and makeup (including false eyelashes!) for only 10 dollars!

Spring Is Bursting Out all Over!