Fifteen Minute Freewrite: Saturday Well Update

It is 6 am on a Saturday morning. I got up at 5 am. Not sure why, but I popped out of bed, and I am going with it. Had weird dreams that I needed to wake up from. Trying to fly out on a grassy meadow, but there were too many people around, and it inhibited my usual ability to fly in the stratosphere during other dreams. Sort of a bummer. :)

I think I will do a "Well" Update since I have not done for quite some time.

Well-Watered Soul/Well-Adjusted Heart

I am just going to combine these two this time. When it is well with my soul, my emotions are also doing great. It is well with my soul. I love being in Romans, even though it has taken me FOREVER to get through Romans 11, and I have struggled with how to communicate it. It is a great struggle. I am praying through the whole thing, wrestling with Paul's words.

So, emotionally, I am on an even keel. I haven't had any holiday "dip," but I haven't for quite a while now that I have thrown away to have my Christmas presents done by December 1st. I love shopping with others. I am just well. 

Well-Educated Mind 

I am on my 119th book for the year, Little Women. I do not know if I would have reread it had my book club not decided to read it for the second time in seven years (mostly new members in the group). I LOVE it. It is especially nice after some pretty sub-par, syrupy Christmas books that I am forcing myself to read. I had three books given to me for Christmas gifts over the years and three Christmas audiobooks that I got for free. So, I dove in thinking it was going include cozy reads. Dickens' short stories were about dead people, and the narrator on the audiobook for the classics stories was SO ANNOYING! I am struggling through Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater. It is a sad story, but I am hoping it will pick up because it has REALLY dragged along!

All that to say, I have put my Invitation to the Classics list on hold for the rest of the year. 

Well-Tuned Strength

Last but not least, I am getting stronger daily. I had totally slacked off on overall body strengthening to focus on my back. So, I am weak in my upper body (not my lower as my cardio strengthens that). So, I am trying to get gain back strength. My back has been pretty good for three months, especially since I quit running, but I tried sprinting for the bus after a homeless man stopped me to talk "at" me last Tuesday. I had bags of clothing in both hands, and after I missed the bus (thanks Mr. Homeless Man), I walked three miles home. REALLY messed my back up. So, I went to Dr. Koen who is the BEST. Then, I had already scheduled my monthly massage with Jennifer who fixed me more. 

I am on the mend.

I scored high on my cardiovascular and muscle endurance tests with Trainer Trevor at the new gym I am going to. Michael, Paul, and I can go to this gym for the price of just one person at the Timberhill Athletic Club. So, I lost the pool and courts for my kids' health. That was an easy trade! I like the attitude of this trainer too, and the manager of the club is SO SWEET. I hate to say it, but the club was sort of snooty. It seemed like it had gotten snootier over the last year. So, I am just felt foreign there when it used to feel like home. I am not sure if it has changed or I have changed, but I think many of the less affluent people have left the club in favor of less expensive options that were not there five years ago. My new option also affords me the ability to run errands on foot if I walk there (only .8 of a mile downhill to get there). 

Well, the alarm went off a while ago, but I wanted to finish my thought. I must finish Romans 11 before book club today!

Many errors I am sure, but this is a freewrite so excuse me. 


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