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Thursday Freewrite

George's CPAP machine was squeaking at 2 am. He didn't hear it, but it woke me up out of a sound sleep, and I was not able to go back to sleep. I also have some pollen stuck in my throat or something because I keep coughing. So, I am sipping apple cider vinegar and enjoying a very EARLY morning. I went to sleep before 10 pm so am not that tired. I will just go to be early tonight. :) 

I had a great eating day. Chai, soup, salad, four strawberries, orange, salmon and hazelnut salad, and a McFlurry (not my choice but my sweet husband brought it home). YAY! 

I also had a wonderful talk with my boss yesterday, and I am really happy to say that he is very happy with what I am doing. He just wanted to check up and see how I am doing and his plans for me for next year, which were great. Same schedule. We talked about the transition issues in the room I am in, and that was very helpful. We have a game plan now. 

Wednesday Freewrite

I don't have a whole lot of time this morning as I stayed up late finishing up watching Dr. Thorne, an adapted screenplay by Julian Fellowes from a Anthony Trollope book.

It was lovely. Most of the actors were familiar to me. It was great to watch. Alas, I stayed up too late. I look forward to having the summer off where I do not have to rush out the door in the mornings. At this point, I am done getting up and out the door on Mondays, and I only have one more Wednesday, and I am done. I also finished up my Tuesday morning commitment, and I will be done with the Thursday afternoon commitment once on month this Thursdays. My only commitment will be the Summer Storytelling Symposium (or some other "S" to make it an alliteration). I am hoping to have that in the mornings, but I need to talk to the lovely girl who teaches at INTO to see if she is teaching this summer. 

All that said, I think my first priority will be getting a bit more cardio in. I have done a lot of core stre…

Wednesday Freewrite

I have been able to do more freewrites lately. I love them. I love that Paul does them daily now. YAY!

I am still suffering from allergies! I keep thinking I am better, take a walk in this beautiful weather, and then suffer the consequences the next morning when I am all stuffed up. I don't know if I will stopped walking and riding my bike though because I love outdoor exercise. What is a girl to do? We will see. 

I must remind Will that I need my membership refunded. Sue is the only one coming to my class lately, and I think it is weird that three weeks ago, I had a full class. The weather is much nicer so people are out and about. I am wondering about it all and will just have to pray about it.

I know it is silly, but I am watching the finale of all these shows that I watch in the spring: Survivor, Amazing Race (last Friday), Dancing with the Stars, and Selfridge. I am not sure when the finale for Call the Midwife is though. Anyway, I am excited to have more time to read! I have a …

Sixty Slim Down

Spring is always busy. I am not sure why. Five workshops between March 12 and May 5 and 12 weeks of teaching in Sunday School. I am through all the workshops and one more month of Sunday School, and we will be free.

Maybe I am just tired from the school year. I have been dragging the last two weeks. It also might be that spring always brings on allergies that seem to knock me out. 

Spring also brings on extra pounds. I don't exercise as much because I walk less due to the allergies and being busier than usual. 
So, over the next sixty days. I WILL be better (also helps that those holidays where George tends to buy me FOOD instead of something non-edible are all over until our anniversary.) 
So, I will be journaling more about my journey to wellness of BODY here. I may listen to more audiobooks instead of sitting down to read them. I need some Move more and Eat Less Training (MELT) for the rest of the spring and first month of the summer. 
Ready GO! 

P.S. June 1 update: I decided to wait…

Monday Freewrite

Listening to Ephesians 2-6 and freewriting.

Ephesians 2: He sits us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus the Messiah. Saving is all God's idea. It is God's gift from start to finish. Whew!

Rich history of God's covenants. So rich to know the Old Testament covenants. It makes listening to this so joyful. 

Christ came and preached peace to everyone. Equal access to the Father through Christ. We all belong here in Christ. Building a home. Brick by brick. Stone by stone. A temple in which God is home. 

Ephesians 3: The mystery is that people who have never heard of God and those who have heard of it all their life are on equal ground before God through Christ. This is my life's work: helping people understand and respond to the Message. . . Came as a gift . . . God handling all the details. . . When it came to presenting the Message to people who had no background . . . I was the least qualified . . . God saw to it that I was equipped, but you can be sure that it had n…

5:18 and The First Bird Sings

I am up early this morning, and it is getting lighter earlier and earlier. I heard my first bird start to sing at 5:18 am, and now the other birds are joining in the morning welcome of the new day that God has made. "We sing the glory of our God!" YAY!

I went to a lovely wedding last night. It really was lovely. Anna B. married a man she has been dating for a little bit over a year. She was at Jesse and Kat's engagement party, and I knew there was something different about her. She was positively glowing! Then she told me about Michael. What a sweet, sweet girl who used to come to the Bible Book Club ( during our first cycle through back in 2008! I guess we have known her a very long time, and she has always been a very, very sweet girl!

I am not feeling really well with a bit of a fever. So, I am thinking of staying home from church and Sunday School this morning as I have a big week ahead of myself. 

I am currently reading through Galat…

Sweet Sixteen Saturday Freewrite

Sixteen minutes on a Saturday at . . . darn . . . I should have done it at 6:16 or 7:17! Then it would have been so alliterative that I would have been in raptures.


It is 9:46, and I have already started reading Galatians (yummy), sipped my chai (two days without it while up in Newberg and McMinnville is such a sad thing), listened to Tozer, written a review of Tozer, responded to emails about request to lead another thing (a good thing - so am tempted), and had a dialogue with a friend who wrote me in distress last night and then did not respond when I asked what was wrong (8:36-9:26)! ACK! All is right with her (I finally started praying when she didn't respond to my texts about her condition! Duh!)

Oh yes, then George got up, and we processed about a few things. I also cleaned up the kitchen, having neglected to totally clean it up before i left on Wednesday afternoon (bad homemaker!). 

So, here I sit three hours after having risen from my slumber (A good one - I might add aft…

16. Delighting in God by A.W. Tozer

My, oh my! Get this book. I am a HUGE A.W. Tozer fan. He was the first theologian I read when I was a fairly young believer. I remember reading The Knowledge of the Holy in the music room of the Memorial Union Ballroom on the Oregon State University campus in 1981 and being absolutely blown away! This book is a follow-up to that book, but it was only recently published. 

It comes so perfectly timed as our Celebration of Discipline chapter this week was on Worship. I did not have an "I WILL" statement from our reading, but I knew God would reveal that to me. I had downloaded this free book on to my iPhone (Christian audio gives away a free book every month. If you want to download this one, you can download the app and search for it or go to the website HERE. This book is only available for May 2016, but if you are reading this after that, there will be another one available on the website.), and I had a long car journey up to Newberg, down to McMinnville, and back home. So I …

15. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Can I just say, "WOW!"? 
I had this as one of the books in my library. Somehow I have a memory of reading this in the Rustenbach's backyard in about 1981, but I remember a much smaller book. It must have been something else or maybe it is was just a chapter of it.
This book is so deep and rings so true in my heart. The advantage of listening to it in audio is that I don't find Bonhoeffer as difficult to get through (thinking how audio helped me get through C.S. Lewis and Dallas Willard when I first began reading them), but the disadvantage is that there were so many gems that I would have loved to underline and cut and paste! 
I think everyone should read this (behind the Bible, of course). I think it will be hard for most to get through but well-worth the sustained effort. 
The audio narration was lovely too. 
This book is so compelling. I especially liked his words on the disciple and unbelievers. The bottom line is the way of love, which is the way of Jesus. I have sai…

Wednesday Freewrite

Things are slowing down so much that it looks like I can finally go up and see my mother-in-law, aunt-in-law, and George! I had to cancel something, but I was very happy to do that and wish I would have just done it last week since I was there already. 

I am really mellow this morning. I think I am still a little knocked out from allergies. Nancy is a little bit higher in elevation so her Scotch Broom was in bloom while they have stopped blooming down on the valley floor. So, needless to say, a 2 mile hike socked it to me. 

Nevertheless, the walk was so worth it. What a glorious and beautiful day! I loved it. We had a nice talk on worship yesterday. It was lovely. 

All of a sudden, I am thinking how nice it would be to have a webinar about spiritual growth with people all over the world. Women who are in countries where they are somewhat isolated. Or more specifically, single women who are isolated. I think about my talk with one of those single women. She is in the States right now thou…

Wednesday Fifteen Minute Freewrite

When I have time to freewrite, I know I have created margin in my life. I have been very busy. I told George this morning that we have been doing everything we love lately. There is nothing we have been doing that is outside of our giftings and passions, but even too much of a good thing is not so good! 

So, today, I made an executive decision to just "be" here. All here. I do not have a single obligation until 3:30 this afternoon. I am thinking that I will NOT do anything on Friday or Saturday either. We realized we had not had a "clear calendar day" since April 16th, and I think we are due for one. So, I think I can swing tomorrow as a free day for just me, and then Saturday is a free day for the two of us together. George does work at home on Friday, but he will not be free. 

I think I have a free day. I do not want to come up for air on this freewrite to look at my calendar though. Actually, I remember that I do have a possibility of something, but I am going to …