52 in 52 Week 1: Animal Farm by George Orwell

I listened to it on audiobook while doing scrapbooking.
 Ralph Cosham is a brilliant narrator!
This is my third foray into Orwellian brilliance (1984 and The Road to Wigan Pier being the first two). A couple of weeks after finishing it, my boys were discussing the stupidity of communism, and I said, "You have got to read  Animal Farm!"
In the spirit of Aesop's Fables, Orwell uses satire to teach a moral lesson with animals as the characters. Communism will always fail because of the animal in all of us. The animals were oppressed, but their system of governance was not a solution to Jones not feeding them. 
It was interesting to read this on the heals of The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn. Napoleon's control reminded me of totalitarian Stalinism.  That is a book everyone needs to read (I read the abridged version in the picture below).

The version of The Gulag Archipelago is closest to my face.
Animal Farm is so accessible. I am not sure why the woman who set the curriculum for the British Literature class I facilitated did not include this on her list. I'm hoping my kids can listen to the excellently narrated version during their Spring Break!

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