Thursdays Thirteen Freewrite

I am going to do a thirteen minute freewrite on Thursdays from now on. It sounds so alliterative. :)

I feel so GREAT! I finally had a day where I recorded all my food and had a calorie DEFICIT. Actually, I got on the scale this morning after not having my weight recorded since August. I don't usually look at the scale at the doctor's office, but they gave me a sheet (Dr. Sharp, my new doctor, is really into preventative medicine) with my weight on it then. I had only gained three pounds since August. So, it isn't as bad as I thought. I am six pounds overweight, but I like to be much lower than what the "top of my range" says. 

Trevor did a fat percentage, and I am also still in the "healthy" range, and I think it would have been lower had I been more hydrated than I was when I rushed to the gym to get my assessment. So, I am not as bad off as I thought, but I actually would like to have a lower fat percentage too, and I think that will happen now that I am back to lifting weights again, and my back is better, and I am not running anymore. Even though running burned more calories, it would send me to my bed and defeat the extra calories. So, it is better I walk daily or even hike which burns more calories than running and is not as hard on my back!  

I have a winning combination for success. I am going to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and snacks for a few days because I love the way I feel. I admit I am doing the SLIM-FAST 3-2-1 plan. I am never hungry in the morning, but I do have my hot beverage (usually chai tea), but that doesn't have all the nutrients for the morning (although milk is a very good source of protein and minerals and carbs). So, I warm up my milk and add the chocolate mix to that. Mid morning, I have a single serving of chai tea because I need the extra cup of skim in my post-menopausal state of calcium need. 

I also am more "regular" when I have those shakes. It calls for 

3 - healthy snacks of fruits and veggies. Yesterday, I had grapefruit and a baby green salad and an orange.

2 - shakes for breakfast and lunch

1 - under 500 calorie meal. I can go out to Applebee's and be assured of that, but we are limiting our eating out because of our reduced income since July. OUCH!

So there we go. I am on track, and I couldn't be more excited about that after many months of really not caring, but that is pretty good that I only gained three pounds in 4 months of not caring!  Maybe I really am better able to gauge it now that I have done this every year. I never gain back to what I was many years ago. I always stay within five to ten pounds of my goal weight. That is pretty impressive because it used to be 10-16 (the most I have ever been overweight is 21 pounds when I ate all summer of 1987 at a mountaineering camp with meals made for mountain guides while I was stuck in the basecamp that had no form of aerobic exercise because we were stuck on a point with the straight up mountain right there).

Man, that thirteen minutes went really fast. No proofing. Sorry for the typos.

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