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A Day in Bath

Love this Quote

Good morning everyone!!!! Are you ready for a brand new month??A photo posted by 🍏🍋Cici-The Juice Chick🍉 (@itstartswithjuice) on Mar 31, 2016 at 4:50am PDT

Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

"No fruit's gonna' come through you unless you remain in me."  That is the line of the Soothing Worship set that I listen to by Jon Thurlow. I have been a bit more frenetic than I would like this week. It is understandable since I am starting a new term. I am not sure how much longer I will teach because going to and from campus and all the paperwork is much more work than just going to an athletic club and teaching an open class. I love the challenge though. I really do like the challenge. I also love the results, seeing students improve from the beginning to the end of the term. It is inspiring for me.

I have many returning students. So, I see that as a very positive sign that people are enjoying my class. I had one guy wonder when it was going to get harder, but I want to start everyone at the same spot if they have all been at different classes. I want to get us all up to snuff on things like breathing, concentration, control, centering (core), precision, and flow…

Wednesday Ten Freewrite

Well, wouldn't you know it that I would not do a freewrite yesterday even though I had decided to do one everyday this week! LOL!

Yesterday was sort of a wash because I felt really run over. I thought it was because I had a super busy Monday, but it was because I rode my bike to class and back in the sunshine and the POLLEN! Those flowering trees are so beautiful, and I like them very much; but they do not like me!!! I ALWAYS forget to take Allegra preemptively! So, I paid for it yesterday until I realized that I could take a shower, wash my hair, and get any remaining pollen out of my system. I had showered but did not wash my hair!  So, I am going to try and ride my bike today, armed with Allegra. We will see! I have Thursday to recover so I should be OK! 

I am still deciding what to do about my weekend plans. So, we will see what I should do. I have been too busy getting my classes up and running for the new term. That always means making up grade sheets and having things change …

Monday Freewrite Fifteen

Just a reminder of what a freewrite is for anyone reading this blog randomly and wondering what the heck it is that I do on a regular basis on this blog of 12 years.

Well, that was a fun day so far. I think I have two classes that are very engaging and very full! I have about 63 students between both my classes. 

I always enjoy Pilates I because they are "clean slates" and not polluted by impure Pilates (so many hybrids out there - not pure Pilates, not bad, but some people who have done it the other way are shocked at the pure way). I have several returning students this term. The most I have ever had. I miss some of my old ones though. Such great students. I got feedback from a friend who has a girl in her sorority house who has me, and she liked how "engaging" I am. That is nice to get feedback so soon after leading my classes. :)

Well, we had a superb Spring Break. It really was quite perfect from beginning to end. The thi…

9. Rick Steves London 2016

This book is worth every penny you spend on it. Yes, there are a few inaccurate statements. For instance, according to Rick, Henry VIII beheaded "several" wives. He only beheaded two, which Rick does say in another part of the book, but two is "a couple" and not "several." There are also inaccurate prices, but I am sure he published this before the new summer 2016 prices came out. He also does not include the Handel and Hendrix House which I think is an important part of history of the area (Both musicians had apartments in the same building generations apart, and it is now a fine museum in London.)  He mentions Handel in the Westminster Abbey, National Portrait Gallery, and British Library sections, but there is no mention of this House. Curious to me.  I am sure I will find other little oversights and inaccuracies here and there as I travel there this summer, but I found this an entertaining read (yes, I read the whole thing). I know I will not be able t…

The Discipline of Simplicity

Discussion Questions from DVD and chapter:

1. How would seeking the kingdom of God above all else produce the inward reality of simplicity?
2. What are some barriers to seeking the kingdom above all else? 3. Name some of your "many selves" that clamor for attention and make life more complicated. What ways have you explored for attempting to put them under the control of the divine arbitrator? Discussion question from "Soul Talk" with Dallas and Richard: How does simplicity allow one to be freed from the bondage of material things? Favorite paragraph: Plain speech is difficult because we so seldom live out of the divine Center, so seldom respond only to heavenly promptings. Often fear of what others may think or a hundred other motives determine our "yes" or "no" rather than obedience to divine urgings. Then if a more attractive opportunity, or a situation that will put us in a better light arises we quickly reverse our decision. but if our speech c…

Productive Monday

I led a workshop on Saturday, and there was a lot of interaction with people, people, people. So, I was pretty tired on Sunday. So, I took the entire day off, and this morning, I was a machine! 

I updated both of my syllabi for Spring term, sent them to my department, uploaded them on canvas, and published both my Canvas courses for the Spring!

Then I sent my handout for the April 2 Listening Prayer set I am doing for two focused prayer days up in Portland to the people I am meeting with for a Skype meeting at 1 pm.

I also got all the details of the storytelling workshop I am doing, communicated with all the people I need to communicate with about this and began listening to my stories again, sending Jonah to my girlfriend (really need to shorten that one - too long!). 

I am SO GLAD I got a new iPhone. For some reason, songs were not transferring to my iPhone 5. I wanted to wait until the iPhone 7 came out but it was just not working properly anymore. Getting this iPhone 6 so late will he…

7-8 A Harmony of the Gospels and Gospel Harmony Book Club

This is a reread, but I heartily recommend that you use it to read through the four gospel accounts in a chronological way. It is so enriching! 

I wrote a devotional book to go along with reading the four accounts chronologically. 

The links are below.


Downloadable Word Document:

Friday Freewrite Fifteen

If I were more of a "J" personality type, I would do these every Friday, but alas, I am not a strong "J" at that.

So here I write.

The last two weeks have been so interesting. I have had to be honest without being offensive on three occasions. The most major of the three turned out BEAUTIFULLY. There was so much growth on my part, and the other person's very teachable self. It is just how God instructed me to approach this person when we started a little study group in February. Through the whole process, I have closure of a ten year mystery. I just finished up my gospel readings today with Jesus saying, "It is finished!" I truly believe that it is finished. I am still praying for an apology from one of the parties from ten years ago. I have imagined myself writing a letter explaining the whole story because that person only got part of the story. But my husband advises against that, and I am encouraged by Jesus' words to Peter after His resurrectio…

Celebration of Disicipline Daily Readings

I am going through this book with some women. After we finish and discuss a chapter and watch the DVD lesson (only about 25 minutes), we are given optional daily reading in Scripture on the subject of the chapter. 

Here is a link to all the readings on a PDF:

I wanted to have all of the Bible reading for each discipline together on Bible Gateway. You can click on the chapter title to go to that page:




PRAYER p. 33-46

FASTING p. 47-61

STUDY p. 62-76



SOLITUDE p. 96-109

SUBMISSION p. 110-125

SERVICE p. 126-140


CONFESSION p. 143-157

WORSHIP p. 158-174

GUIDANCE p. 175-189

CELEBRATION p. 190-201

I will add more links as we continue in the book.

6. The Healing Timeline: God Shalom for the Past, Present, and Future

This book has some real merit. I had a client come to me years ago. She had gone to this author's workshop, and she had done her timeline and had a memory that she was stuck on. So, she came to me to do some listening prayer for it. I never knew what this was until my friend loaned me her book this year. 

In short, it incorporated listening prayer for a painful memory. Then, you go one year beyond the memory and give the client cues for a memory from that year. You go on and cue with one memory from each year up until the current age of the client. Then you go back and do listening prayer for that event again. You keep going back to the memory and repeat the timeline afterward until there is "neural integration" between the painful child and the adult. Each time you go back, the client is able to apply more maturity to the memory. I am sure I am not explaining this perfectly, but it makes sense! 

The only thing I have a problem with is that she "suggests" what Je…

Thursday Morn Freewrite

I am letting my fingers fly freewriting for fifteen (oh how I love alliterations). 

I am listening to whatever plays on my iPhone. It is Christmas music right now. So fun. 

I have such peace today. It is Thursday. It is the day I go, "Ah!" I am done with all my classes, and this Thursday I have already entered all my enrollment points for Wednesday and won't be doing it at the last minute on Monday morning.

The weather is going to clear up in the afternoon, but I did take a little walk around the block and so good for my soul as I worship to Great is Thy Faithfulness. How do people live their life without the Lord? Tell me how?

I taught all three classes yesterday, and it felt so good. I decided to do no correcting. I have spent the last three weeks walking around the classroom correcting gently. If they don't have it by now, they will not have it. My Pilates I class is already universally doing all the movements very properly, having had no previous experience with Pila…