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I am cruising!

Finally! I got a picture to post! :)

I love this journey. My kids are happily stripping their beds. I am sitting here happy that I finished the The Heart of Darkness questions, and I am fast approaching finishing The Red Badge of Courage questions. I hope to get alot of reading on the plane and at mom's.

We just finished studying Ben Franklin and are going to studying about late 1700's pioneer life. We are going back to Dynamics and Motion in Physics. Math is moving to measurement, and swimming starts today.

Must exercise today before it slips away from me. So many goals. So little time.

Back in the Saddle Again

We started up the year yesterday, and it has been painless. We read a great book called How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightening that is gorgeously illustrated! We are reading a more boring biography in the Abeka series, but it still gives more details about his early life.

Paul is doing multiplication and Michael is doing adding and subtracting of fractions, and it hasn't been too bad. Patience is high. Love is strong. We are flying

On my own Well-Educated Mind Quest, I am reading Heart of Darkness and doing the questions for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Red Badge of Courage. Maybe I should post my answers from here on out. That would be fun. I am also reading My Own Two Feet, a autobiography of Beverly Cleary that is light. I needed light after heavy books like Portrait of a Lady, Red Badge of Courage, and the current Heart of Darkness!!!!! Michelle asked me to start another book club and NOT read classics, and I said I couldn't handle another book club unl…