52 in 52 Week 8: Hawaii: From Origins to the End of the Monarchy

Hawaii: From Origins to the End of the Monarchy by Brien Kalai Foerster

Above is a video posted by the author that basically has all the pictures and maps in the book. 

As I sat on the beach at Waikiki, I wondered how the United States acquired such a lovely place. My mother-in-law said, "Well, I think we took it!"  So, I found a Kindle book and downloaded and started reading it where the sand meets the sea at Waikiki! 

I guess it is true to its cover that it goes to the end of the monarchy, but I wanted to know more about what happened after the monarchy. It was interesting to read about the ancient peoples, but it got really bogged down at the end with all the myths about Maui and the long names. It is the only book of its kind out there though.

I really think it is stinky that the US just TOOK this lovely group of islands away from their monarchy!  I guess Hawaii is glad to be part of the US though.

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