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Freewrite Fifteen

How appropriate that I am starting my "Freewrite fifteen" at 5:15 am!

I have no specific agenda for this freewrite. There will be no "Well Update" this Monday Morn. I am excited for it to be Monday because I finally get to go to the doctor to find out about this pelvic pain that I have had for a week. It is a dull ache, but it has slowed me down all this last week, and I would like to check it out. Not to mention that I have not had a Pap Smear in more than a year, and I am afraid to say when the last time was! I do not know where the time goes. 

I am studying Romans 9 right now. I have never studied Romans 9 inductively. I know I have "studied" it with lighter studies though, but I like the Precept Upon Precept best. I am at Romans 9:6-13 where we get into fun Old Testament history.

The Jubilee Conference was lovely. It was nice to have the review of the Peacemaker Principles. I do not feel that I have any huge looming fears however. I enjoyed the hour alon…

52 in 52 Week 44: Educating Gifted Students in Middle School

I must admit my bias in reviewing this book. I graduated with honors from high school, college, and graduate school without ever having achieved the illustrious title of "gifted" while in middle school. I have a vivid memory of the blonde-haired counselor with the squeaky voice writing different sizes of tanks on the chalk board, explaining that the "gifted" students had bigger tanks in which they could fill. What a bad message to send to the littler tanks! My best friend was one of those people with a bigger tank (the biggest, in fact) and a big "G" next to her name in attendance books (I saw it), and she was constantly treated more special because of her "tank." I went to a school district that had plenty of money to burn (back in the 70's when revenues were not put into a large California tank and distributed equally. Since we had a large oil refinery that paid taxes but furnished no school children, education was abundantly funded). Cons…

52 in 52 Week 44: Prayer Walk by Janet Holm McHenry

I have had this book sitting in my book shelf for over a year as part of the "Early Reviewers" for LibraryThing.  The beauty of cutting back on my schedule is getting things done on my "To-Do" list. I have little"back burner" things like this getting marked off right and left. YIPPEE!

I have been prayer walking since 1980. It was part of what my discipler did with us when we were learning about prayer. We called them "Joshua Walks." Later, I learned personally from Steve Hawthorne about strategic intercessory prayer walking. Eventually, he wrote this all down in a book: Praying Walking: Praying On Site with Insight, and I recommend this one far over the one I am reviewing today.

I heartily recommend prayer walking. When prayer walking, one can look up into the big sky and focus on God's glorious creation (Even if you are in a big city, you can look at the people that He has created and praise Him as Creator!). It leads one into praise and than…

52 in 52 Week 44: Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence

At first, D.H. Lawrence made me want to keep reading. He is an excellent writer. This is a novel from the psychological realism genre, but it got a little too real for me! It was published in 1913 and must have been scandalous for its day. Since reading it, I have read that several of his books were banned.  It is highly sexual in the second half of the book. In fact, it was too sexual, and I ended up really disliking the main character by the end (the son, Paul).

I read that Lawrence's novels "emphasize the liberating effect of sexual love and criticize industrial society for limiting humankind's spiritual, instinctual nature" (The Book of Great Books, p.745). I don't think Paul Morel was in any way "liberated" as a result of expressing his sexuality. He went from a fairly decent human to an animal. YUK!

The first part was so much better. It dealt more with the mother's hard life with an alcoholic husband. It got really dysfunctional in how the mot…

The Well Update

Well-Watered Soul

Trying to tackle Romans 9 at 9:30 am. I am at Coffee Culture waiting to meet with Lisa at 10 am. I "set up shop" realizing that I should have brought my Precept Upon Precept Study! I know I am not totally getting it, and that would help me immensely. Oh well. I will freewrite for a while and keep observing the chapter.

Listening to ""Hymns 4 Worship Radio" on Pandora, and it is my new favorite station. None of that rock and roll kind of worship music. I can only listen to that for so long. This is beautiful contemporary arrangements of mostly hymns, instrumentals, etc. Love it!

Soul is well-watered with a good balance of communion, fellowship, and ministry. I wonder how my spring is doing? I will have to ask Nancy.

Well-Educated Mind

Listening to Nicomachean Ethics while making my chai tea this morning. I really like it. The whole thing on prodigality was amazing. Greeks would have understood the story of The Prodigal Son if they had read Aris…

Well-Watered Soul Update

Well-Watered Soul

Dead to Sin, Alive to Him!

After an hour and a half of puttering around this morning, I finally get to Romans 6 again. After I wrote the above phrase, I was struck by the Spirit. You really are here. Not just mere emotions. It was a definitely awareness of Your eminent presence here with me. I must record. I must proclaim. Yes, You are very, very real.

Thank You.

That's all that needs to be said about my soul today.

52 in 52 Week 43: Light in August by William Faulkner

I read along with The Oprah Book Club during the "Summer of Faulkner" in 2005. I was excited that her book club had turned to classics, and I had embraced her "Summer of Anna Karenina" with gusto, even getting my 1 second of fame on her website! (I looked for it, but it has been removed from her website.)

I read As I Lay Dying during a 15 year anniversary getaway and thought that was a very bad idea because Faulkner was so depressing. Then, I read The Sound and the Fury during July and was both depressed AND confused. When August came around, I gave up on reading Light in August because I thought I hated Faulkner.

I wish I had kept on reading.

I honestly believe that, if you have to read Faulkner, this is the one you should read. It is a very good story. It moves along. It has twists and turns, and it keeps you reading. It is about racism and Christian symbolism and the South. Now, I finally understand why people who like Faulkner REALLY like Faulkner. I think he is a…

Well-Tuned Strength - Back Update

I have a whole new set of PT exercises from LOGAN, and they are so much HARDER, but they are making me so much stronger. He could tell the ones that I had been doing were way to easy for me, but that is the whole point of me going to the PT. The whole building block analogy is so true for me (Did I blog about it in the last "Well-Tuned Strength" entry?)! I have a very basic core strength (probably more than your average 53 year old who doesn't have structural abnormalities), but I keep skipping the intermediate step of strength (and the two trainers I have gone to at the club have too) because the rest of my body can handle heavier weight, but my trunk/back/core cannot. That is why I am concentrating on the intermediate core strength building block now (that I had before I injured my toe and got weak and uneven in the immobilizing boot).  Logan is the person to "add on" as he sees I am able to handle it. 

So, I am doing . . .  

Alternate Arm/Leg Extensions on All…

Well-Watered Soul Update

What a blessed last two days! I realized this morning that I pretty much took a 2 1/2 month break from the Bible Book Club, and I think that was really healthy for me. The last two days, I have gotten back to it because I will be leading the Romans: Part 2 Precept Upon Precept study starting on November 8, and I wanted to write posts for the Bible Book Club from my Romans: Part 1 study in review.

What a BLESSED time I had yesterday!

I pretty much spent the bulk of the day (after a lovely hour morning walk blessing the OSU campus and listening to my book) in Romans 5 - but also looking back on Romans 1-4 to remember what the "Therefore" in Romans 5:1 is "there for." LOL!  I had my new favorite Pandora station playing (Hymns for Worship - not just hymns but instrumentals and mellow worship song - I cannot handle contemporary Christian radio - sorry) as I meditated on the word PEACE from Romans 5:1.

Peace! What a word.  And what worship through those blessed hours! I can…

Well-Tuned Strength

I am back to no low-level tightness and pain in my back. I think that what was happening was before my tendon guillotine in November 2009, I had built up such a base level of strength that I could always lift and not be injured. Since that time, I had gotten to a base building block, but I needed to add another building block on top of that before going back to a regular weight lifting program. The trainers at Timberhill just are not medical people, and they didn't know what was going on in my body each time they would give impossible programs for me. 

Now I am in that intermediate strengthening stage with these PT trunk stability exercises and SLOWLY adding very light weights. I cannot believe how comfortable I feel. I forgot what it was like to have no low-level pain. I am so peaceful right now and grateful. 

I wish I had done this program many months ago. I think the trainers did more harm than good. I will probably not go back there and do all my lifting at home with our own equ…

52 in 52 Week 42: Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen

My family listened to this short book on the way to Gettysburg in July, but I forgot to review it here! I am sticking it in the Week 42 "War and Pestilence" novels. How appropriate that I would remember it right now. 

It is short and to the point, but it helps one get a young man's perspective on war and its costs.  It was excellent. It is based on a true story of a 15 year old who enlists in the Civil War. 

It is written for a younger age, but I had a high school literature teacher recommend it to me. I was not disappointed.

52 in 52 Week 42: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Continuing with the Week 42 "War and Pestilence" theme we have . . . 

catch–22\-ˌtwen-tē-ˈtü\ noun
pluralcatch–22’sorcatch–22s often capitalized [from Catch-22, paradoxical rule in the novel Catch-22 (1961) by Joseph Heller] (1961) 1a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule 〈the show-business catch-22—no work unless you have an agent, no agent unless you’ve worked —Mary Murphy〉; alsothe circumstance or rule that denies a solution 2 aan illogical, unreasonable, or senseless situation ba measure or policy whose effect is the opposite of what was intended ca situation presenting two equally undesirable alternatives 3a hidden difficulty or means of entrapment catch

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.  (10th ed.). 

This is the "Theater of the Absurd" with the backdrop being World War II.  It does not seem to be the place for humor, but Heller makes it funny, tragically so though. He ha…

This and That Freewrite

I love today so far. I have five hours (Catch-22) and 50 pages (House Made of Dawn) left on my 100 Great Books Journey, and I will be done. It will be almost one year since I completed my last "List" journey, having completed the Well-Educated Mind Journey on November 2. I almost completed a "mid year" list by completing all the Book Babes books that I missed. I just had The Wake in the Wind to read. Actually, trying to complete that "missed Book Babes" list made me decide to drop out of that book club since most of the books just didn't interest me, and they were more of a chore to get through than anything. There are too many books that I really WANT to read to waste time reading books that are just mediocre but popular. (Again, not all were like that but more than half). 

Actually, these last 100 Great Books are somewhat of a chore, but it helps me to know what society was thinking at the time these books became Pulitzer Prize winning books. So, the…

52 in 52 Week 42: The Plague by Albert Camus

The Stranger was on my Well-Educated Mind List, and I really didn't care for it. It was even a little weird. But I liked this book. As much as anyone could like a book about a plague in an Algerian city in the 40's. Reading this made me realize that Camus is a very brilliant writer. If you were turned off by The Stranger, try Camus again!

52 in 52 Week 42: A Farewell to Arms by Earnest Hemingway

And a FAREWELL TO HEMINGWAY!  YAY! After reading FOUR of his books this year because of the 100 Great Books List, I am happy to say FAREWELL! 

I still don't really care for him. I especially realized how much I don't like him because I read his book after the BEAUTIFULLY written book, All the King's Men. Robert Penn Warren was a poet who also wrote prose. Hemingway just seems like a man's man who wrote in such an elementary manner. Plus, the guy just seems like he just doesn't GET anything. Very immature person. Emotionally handicapped IMHO.  I don't think I would have cared for Hemingway. His relationships are so shallow and empty. So, there you go. 

I also think that he is probably more liked by men. He is just a man's man. My husband loves him, and I have such respect for my husband. So, I guess he is just not my cup of tea. He probably wouldn't have liked Austen either. 

I put this right after my review of All Quiet on the Western Front because they ar…

52 in 52 Week 42: All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

The quote, "THE GREATEST WAR NOVEL OF ALL TIME" on the cover is no exaggeration. This is a masterpiece. Remarque's writing is exquisite!

"This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for death is not an adventure to those who stand face to face with it. It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war."

This is one of those books that I think EVERYONE should read, and I think Hitler should have read it before he started World War II. It puts such a face on war from the perspective of our ENEMY in that war, the Germans! They were young men who were spurred on by older adults (in this case their teacher at the school they all attended) with lofty ideals but without any experience in the HORRORS of war!  

For us lads of eighteen they ought to have been mediators and guides to the world of maturity . . . to the future . . . in our hearts we trusted th…

Well Update

Well-Watered Soul

I am in Romans 5, and I just typed as I listened to it. So rich. So wonderful. I love being in Romans. I am so looking forward to be done with hopeless novels and going to the Invitation to the Classics list that has many spiritual classics.

Well-Educated Mind

Last night, just before bed, I finished off my last Hemingway book on that "100 Great Books" list. I wonder what he would have been like to relate to. So hopeless. I am more than half way through The Plague, and I have begun both Catch-22 and House Made of Dawn. War and pestilence will be over. I cannot wait to be done!

Well-Adjusted Heart

No complaints. It is well with my soul. Always helps to be away from dysfunctional people who want power and don't want to change. I am in a very happy place with my relationships and with all the "groups" that I am involved with. No worries in this respect.

Well-Tuned Strength

I have woken up with a stiff back the last two mornings, but I am been able t…

Reading After War and Pestilence

I am going through my Downloads and deleting things. I am finding these free books books of the month from and that I have totally forgotten about. 

So, this is what I want to listen to after I am done reading and listening to books about war and pestilence :)

265 - War and Pestilence

265 - War and Pestilence, originally uploaded by carolfoasia. Via Flickr:
"Everybody knows that pestilences have a way of recurring in the world; yet somehow we find it hard to believe in ones that crash down on our heads from a blue sky. There have been as many plagues as wars in history; yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise. . . When a war breaks out, people say: 'It’s too stupid; it can’t last long.' But though a war may well be 'too stupid,' that doesn’t prevent its lasting. Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves" (Camus, Albert (2012-08-08). The Plague (Locations 524-530). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.).

I looked at my four remaining books from my "100 Great Books" List, and they are all about war and pestilence! Catch-22 and House Made of Dawn address the effects of World Ward II, Farewell to Arms is about Italy in World War I, and The Plague …

Backing Up Baby

Update on Photo "Waiting" Goals:

While waiting I will . . .  
-------CULL and BACK UP photos
·2012 Family June 2 to September 30 DONE!!!! ·2012 Michael and Paul Jan 1 to September 30 (They need to do this for themselves, but I haven't told them because of beginning school)

George will . . . 

--------BACK UP on old computers

HP Envy - Misc. on his computer when I ran out of memory on computer below  - I realize that most of the stuff was already transferred to my new computer. I still need to cross check, but it isn't very much at all. 

HP dv6000 - Most already backed up, but mainly January - April 2011 - DONE!!!! 
I just need to check on the videos to make sure they were all backed up. Sometimes they lurk in different files. 


Monday Morning Fifteen Freewrite

Well-Watered Soul

Loved this morning so far. I have found a mellow praise music channel on Pandora. So, I had a lovely 5:20 am worship time as I made my chai tea this morning. Then, I prayed through Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Intimate Worship. I always come back to this. Yesterday was a spontaneous prayer time around the block. I came to church and found that God had answered several prayers already!

Later that day, I rode my bike and prayed through the heart of downtown.

Jeremiah 29:7 (NASB95)
7 ‘Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare.’
New American Standard Bible : 1995 update. 1995. LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation
This is my application from Bible Study this week, to pray for the Corvallis' welfare. I also wanted to pray for opportunities, but there were none that came up; but there may be some day soon. I will pray with Abi for her apartment complex later th…

52 in 52 Week 41: The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Having lived in a Chinese neighborhood overseas for two years. This book was good to read. I have always had such a heart for what the Chinese people have had to go through in this oppressive  country. This gives fictionalized stories of four women who left China and came to America for a better life. Moving and very good.

As the granddaughter of immigrants, it was also interesting for me to see how their culture was lost as the American-born daughters of the Joy Luck Club made their way in American culture raised by Chinese mothers.  Poignant and realistic. It is a well-written book.

I DON'T think it is appropriate for kids though. My friend's fourteen year old was forced to read it over the summer for his World Literature class in high school. He HATED it and was so glad to unload it on me when he heard I was reading it for pleasure reading! LOL!

It is not appropriate for him because

 1) It is a chick book. There are so many OTHER books that would have been more appropriate…

My AncestryDNA Results


Done Until the Next Shutterfly Sale!


While waiting I will . . .  
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HP Envy - Misc. on his computer when I ran out of memory on computer below 

HP dv6000 - Most already backed up, but mainly January - April 2011

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BHAG Update

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