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Thursday Thirteen Minute Freewrite

Here I go. It has been ages since I have done a freewrite, but I will let my fingers do the walking across the keyboard.

I am in the "Second Week" of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius, and I love it as much this second time through as I did the first. I am praying for the "deeper still" as I understand so much more this time around. The grace sought for much of the Second Week is to see Jesus more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly (Yes, Godspell - Ignatius got this from Richard, Bishop of Chichester who prayed:

Thanks be to thee, my Lord Jesus Christ, for all the benefits Thou hast given me, for all the pains and insults thou hast borne for me. O most merciful redeemer, friend and brother, may I know thee more clearly, love thee more dearly and follow thee more nearly, day by day. 

Pretty cool! Ignatius gives you certain particular meditations in the life of Jesus and gives the spiritual director the freedom to add in "other mysteries&…

The Examen Prayer Card


Reading Wrap Up of 2018 Books

This was my SIXTH year doing 52 Books in 52 Weeks( I love it! She always has an evaluation at the end of the year 

Did you reach your reading goal or did you decide to just meander about and follow rabbit trails and end up getting lost in the enjoyment of reading?

YES, I met my goal. I am an Enneagram Two with a THREE (achiever) wing. So I love achieving my goal every year! 

Where did your armchair travels take you?  Which countries and time periods did you journey through?
To Christ's birthplace, Ignatius of Loyola's Spain, Southern US after the Civil War, 1970s Alaska, Idaho, an Iranian community in Southern California, WWII France, Germany, and Holland; Russia, Barricades of Paris, Chile and California during the Gold Rush, London during the Cholera epidemic in the 1800s, Today's France, Bedford Falls. 

Which books stayed with you the longest?  Did you set any aside to read again at some point and savor the story all over again?