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TWEM Classics Left

100 Greek Lives/Roman Lives by Plutarch426 City of God+ Augustine History
731 Ecclesiastical History of the English People Bede History
1580 Essays+ Montaigne Autobio1600 Poems* Donne Poetry (British) 1754 History of England, V.5 Hume History
1757 Songs of Innocence and Experience by Blake/Poetry(British) 1776 Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire Gibbon Wormsley(Ab) History
1792 Vindication of the Rights of Women+ Wollstonecraft History (British)
1798 Lyrical Ballads* Wordsworth, Cooleridge Poetry (British) 1819 Odes* & Poems Keats Poetry (British)
Tennyson Poetry (British)
Whitman Poetry (American)
1835 Democracy in America* Tocqueville History 1848 The Comunist Manifesto+ Marx&Engel History
Rossetti Poetry (British)
1860 Civilization of Renaissance Burckhardt History
1872 Dunbar Poetry (American)
1878 Sandburg Poetry (American)
1883 Williams Poetry (American)
1902 Hughes Poetry (American)
1903 Souls of Black Folk DuBois History (American) 1904 The Protestant Ethic & the Spirit of Capita…

Recap of the 2008-2009 School Year

I am going to be better about blogging here. Here is the run down of the school year that just ended:

HISTORY - Big score with a combination of Biography of America from Annenburg Media, the CLEP US History I book, The History of US by Joy Hakim, and the history component of the American Literature class. My kids are studying for the CLEP now. We only got through Reconstruction, but we are good with that. We tried to follow along with the American Literature timeline, and she really spent a very short amount of time after Reconstruction.

AMERICAN LITERATURE - Big score here too. Thelma English is the bomb. I was able to edit out her tangents on the lectures, have the kids take the quizzes in the quiet of their own homes, and leave enough time for a little more freedom for the two hour class time as a result. We all learned so much about the different eras of literature. My kids really loved it. They especially liked reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and Huckleberry Finn. Two thumbs up. They…

Tuesday Musings

I don't write here as much as I did back in 2006-2007 when I was still processing my "detox" from an unhealthy situation. Now that I have such healthy leadership and caring church family, there is not the need to process a bunch of stuff. Thus why I don't journal here as much. I should do it more though because when I started this blog is was all about what I was learning with my kids.

The year of 2006-2007 was a journey to wellness emotionally so that was the majority of my musings. It was amazing how much I was stifled and held back from emotional health because of the environment that I continued in for so many years. I knew that it was REALLY unhealthy for the last fifteen years of it too! I guess I am just an eternal optimist about things like this.

Well, there went my morning. I was planning on journaling here for a while, and E. Smith called, and we were on the phone for 1 1/2 hours.