52 in 52 Week 12: The Collected Works of St. Patrick

by Saint Patrick (d. 461 or 493). Translated by Cecil Frances Alexander (1823–1895).

What can I say? It was the day before St. Patrick's Day, and I was sent a link for "Free Audio Book Friday" from www.learnoutloud.com. So, I partook and so glad I did!

I listened to the "Breastplate" Saint Patrick's Day morning for my devotional time and the rest through the day. 

I have read many beautifully illustrated children's stories about St. Patrick. (I went through all the major holidays with my kids and tied them into our history studies.) So, it was delightful to hear the source material for those children's book!

I finished up Confession today. I really liked his Confession even more than St. Augustine's! He was a great man. 

Part of the collected works:

St. Patrick’s Breastplate – This prayer is attributed to St. Patrick and his diciples. It is written with some celtic pagan elements, but is definitely a Christian prayer asking God for protection through daily life.

A Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus – Patrick writes this letter to excommunicate the soldiers of Coroticus’ army who pillaged villages in Ireland and forced many Christian converts into slavery.

Confession – A short autobiography by St. Patrick who tells of being abducted into slavery and taken to Ireland, the growth of his faith, his ministry as a bishop in ordaining many priests and baptising thousands of people, and a trial where he had to defend himself against his accusers. (Summary by Sean McKinley from LibriVox.org)
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