Friday Freewrite Fifteen

I feel so much better than Tuesday. It was good to work through those feelings by writing about them and also asking for strategic prayer from Kim, Nancy, Teala, and Debbie. They seem to be my "go to" prayer people lately. I did finally talk to Kim, and she validated my reality that it would have really bothered her if everyone else was asked what they are doing, and she told me that this happens to her all the time, which made me feel like I was not alone. So, the feelings of being down (which are quite unusual for me) were very fleeting.

I have still had a hard time falling asleep, but Wednesday night was great. Last night was not so hot. Therefore, I took a sleep aid, but I determined to get up when I woke up instead of turning back over and falling back asleep. So, for the first time in a while, I am really up long before the rest of the family. I know that I will have more time than usual because now that the term is over, George will be back to taking all of Friday off. He will be sleeping in also. 

I have had a little time in writing for the Bible Book Club, and that has been lovely for my soul. I love to write, and I love Romans. What a rich and wonderful book. It has really blessed me, and I am almost through with it. I am not sure if I will go back to Acts or wait to do it later on in the year. I am not sure.

I am certainly not taking as many pictures. It has really helped me not to take a "picture a day." It is very time-consuming to have to wade through all the pictures. I am glad to be done with it for a while. I might go back to it. It is hard for me not to print them up. I think most people who do Project365, do not print up their pictures afterward. I just cannot be that kind of person. I think if I do an iCarol365 (all shot with my iPhone), I would not print up very many of them due to the quality of the pictures. We will see. 

This freewrite is going much more slowly than the last one. I am not struggling with something. :)

I went to the most lovely Celtic Christmas Concert last night. There were many people there that we knew. The music was so great that I bought many CD's and a CD for my mother-in-law. It was a great thing for the Christmas season, and a perfect thing for getting us focused on the true reason for the season, and it went toward a good cause, a voluntary donation to Friends of the Family Ministries. I got to sit with Teala, and that was very fun.

I also listened to most of a really lovely Christmas audiobook called Favorite Stories of Christmas Past. I will have more about that on my Sunday book review for 52 in 52, but these Christmas short stories by classical authors are so wonderful. :) I listened to one while walking yesterday and throughout the day. 

Well, after Bible Book Club, I think I will be getting my Christmas cards all mailed out. I am not sending too many this year, but I got pictures of the whole family on the front. It is a great card!

I have a feeling the timer is going to go off any minute.  Nope, two more minutes. This is waking my lazy fingers up to go ahead and write more on the Bible Book Club. Maybe I should take an invigorating prayer walk around the block this morning. I don't think that it is raining, and I have all my cold weather clothes close by. I think this is going to be a great winter. 

Ah, there we go, only 45 seconds now. I am thankful for so much, and my mood has totally changed. Oh, it also helped to see someone I have not talked to in 6 1/2 years. While there has been pleasant conversation over email and Facebook, it was great to see her face to face and know all is well.

God is good. 

Harp alarm playing. Back to work. 


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