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Freewrite at 1:42 in the afternoon

I just made Chicken and rice up in my crock pot. There is something very satisfying about knowing that you have  your dinner decided and done.

I bask in the glow of another British Literature class completed without conflict or dissension. It is a nice class of nine, more manageable, for able to converse without sending out zingers to other people in the group that hurt and wound. Makes me wonder if I have ever regretted setting a boundary when people were abusing?  Nope. Lesson learn still at 50 years old.

Two moms came, and it was very nice to visit with them. Now, all but two moms have visited the class this year. I like having them all come at least once to really get a feel for what is going on in the class.

I only have to edit three more lectures, and I am done for good. If I do a class in the future, I will do it on my own because I would spend as much time lecturing for myself as I do editing and managing. So, as much as I love the partnership with Thelma, I will not be contin…

Monday Morning Musing

Fifteen minute freewrite. GO!

I haven't done one of these for a while. I am embarrassed to do it online, but this is the most convenient place to do it. 

Michael has been through his first major hump of his writing class and is getting an "A" so far. I am proud of him. He is a good writer, and it is nice to have his instructor give him great feedback. He has been making sure his essays are on track by going to the writing lab at the Benton Center on Mondays. The woman there is so very kind, unlike his writing instructor from last term. I will recommend NO ONE takes a class from her. 

Paul just finished Lesson 8 of Apologia Biology. I don't think he is going to finish by the end of this year, but that is OK. He is working super hard. He is taking notes on each chapter, doing the study guide questions, taking the tests (and has a 90% average). So, I love the study skills he is developing as a result of it. 

Their British Literature is coming to a close. Paul is almost done…


I had a great day yesterday. From sunrise to sunset, I was filled to satisfaction with people and doing what God has for me to do. Really, from the day before as Wednesday - Thursday are my busier ministry days, but TODAY, I am grumpy. I guess I am tired. I am bummed that J.T. got voted off Survivor too. I cannot stand Russell!

There you have my grumpy thoughts for today for all the blogosphere to see (did I spell that right?).

British Poets: Wednesday Wordsworth

Ok, I will admit that I am starting this saga on Tuesday, but Wednesday Wordsworth sounds so much better IMHO! LOL!

I like Wordsworth! Yes, he is an early romanticist, but he isn't quite as evil as I expected from all the talking that Thelma does about him. I don't like where his romanticism led us, but I liked the poem I just listened to:


I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed---and gazed---but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

Friday Fifteen

This has been a very good morning. I have finished my Acts 12 post and had some good prayer. My back is a bit wonky from a more intense weight and core workout, but I am OK. I will walk around the block and pray (no hills today).  The house is clean, the laundry is done and folded (the boys are doing their sheets today, but I only supervise that), and I have a more leisurely day today. I will read and walk and pray.

Eating was dismal yesterday. So, I am counting every calorie from here on out. I am getting a gut!!!!! YUCK!

Thursday Free Fifteen

Already Thursday. Amazing!  Noorul canceled for her English lesson today. So, I have a pretty free day, and it is gorgeous and sunny out there. :)  I think I will start some bread to bring to Noha and Ghada.  Then, I will get the house ready for Valentina and Pieter to clean it. Then, I will take a walk in the sunshine. :)

I have some teaching to do tonight. So it wouldn't hurt for me to get ready for that and also for the teaching on gifts that I will be doing next week. I think it is about time I prepared a PowerPoint for the gifting portion. I haven't done that yet, and it really helps to make the talk more interesting.

Last night, George talked on Peacemaking, and it was really good. It was so good to review everything in this important topic, and it is so applicable for the future.

Wellness is Body: I am doing GREAT in the exercise department these days. I am up to my pre-injury workout routine (1 hour of cardio five days a week, weight lifting 2-3 days a week with 120 lb…

Wednesday Freewrite

Free Fifteen - Ready GO!

I wonder if I will write more here once I am done with the Bible Book Club in November. I have to admit I will miss the BBC when it is over. I love the discipline of synthesizing what I learn from scripture in writing and applying it everyday!  It has become a definite habit for me, but I will admit that my actual writing in a journal has suffered miserably as a result. I used to go through two to three standard size journals a year. I think I have gone through 1 1/2 in the 27 months of the BBC!  I like having a documentation of my journaling in print though.

Yesterday was a very productive day. I forced myself to take a full sabbath rest on Monday, and I had my "Top Ten" list of things to do yesterday, and I did them all and was able to rest in the evening. Today is a little busier with outside activities and more people than task, but that is OK!

Here is Today's Top Ten:

1) Prayer 3:30-4:30
2) BBC in Acts 12 some of it 9-11 pm 
3) Walk 1 hour 3:30…

Tuesday Means Back to Work: Fifteen Minute Freewrite

Well, I did make those reservations for our coast trip, but that was fun. George just plopped a whole wheat English muffin with melted cheese down on my desk as I type this Free 15!

As much as I loved our like-hearted guests, our overnight guests are gone after nine days and two different sets (one guy solo and a married couple). It is nice to be in my PJ's right now and not wonder if I should be getting breakfast ready. So, I sit knowing that my kids are probably going to sleep in a bit more (Michael has a college class at 11:00 am), and George has already made his lunch (and my breakfast) and will go to prepare for work.

I slept a long time last night. I think I am still fighting some kind of bug. I wake up congested, and I also have sort of delirious dreams. This time we were on our way to a nice hotel but stopped at a flee bag hotel to sleep for a couple of hours to rest only to wake up the next morning still there with the hotel managers at our pillows fighting. I could  not …

A Free Monday

We have been going great guns this last week. We have had nine straight days with guests, lots of face-to-face time with people, prayer, fun, and . . . TAXES.

All the other things were fun and exciting, but the taxes were NOT. I had it hanging over my head during this busy season and finally decided I needed to finish them up yesterday and THEN take my Sabbath day. NOT!  They ended up taking from the time I got home from church until 2:30. Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and sorting all the papers AND all the file folders full of prior year taxes. It was nice to get them back in their appropriate places, but I was BUSHED after all the brain power.

So, I have officially declared today a DAY OFF. I am not going to grade the Perspectives lesson or their final project. I am not going to grade Paul's Paradise Lost paper. I am not going to write my prayer update (although that can be sort of fun, actually). I am not going to make room reservations for a getaway. 

I am g…

English Romantic Poetry

Encompassing a broad rage of subjects, styles, and moods, English poetry of the late 18th and early 19th centuries is generally classified under the term "Romantic," suggesting an emphasis on imagination and individual experience, as well as a preoccupation with such themes as nature, death, and the supernatural.  (From English Romantic Poetry: An Anthology edited by Stanley Appelbaum)

Alexander Pope was the chief English poet of the 18th century. His deathin 1744 is conveniently regarded as the end of the period known as Classical. This ideal gradually gave way to what we will refer to as the Romantic Revolution. 
The Romantic Revolution of 1798

To the romantic poets Wordsworth and Coleridge, Pope represented everything they would repudiate: order, convention, and control.  We will see the romantic thrust towards the worship of nature and the revolution of the Hierarchy Conception.  God will move from the top to the bottom, nature will move from beneath man to above him on the…

Still Pinching Myself for the Boundaries

My Tuesdays used to be filled with dread. I couldn't sleep beforehand. Now, I just go through them and am so pumped afterward. I love my British Literature class now. These are a VERY good group of students. I am SO glad I did what I did!  TOTALLY different atmosphere in the class, and I will never again hesitate to ask someone to leave that is disruptive. It is not in my nature to have to be a hardened and tough classroom teacher. I can just be a mom facilitating a class of well-behaved kids now. YEAH! In addition, the remaining moms who were aware of what was happening are 100% behind my decision too. They observed it too, and I almost feel stupid for not doing something about it sooner. 

So, now I am to Wednesday. I have a touch of the flu though, and the sun is glorious. I want to go grocery shopping. I want to work on the next Brit Lit class and get a bunch of stuff done before Kyle and Kara come tonight to sleep at our house for the next week. I also want to go and see Noha a…