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A Christmas Wedding

357 - A Christmas Wedding, originally uploaded by carolfoasia. Via Flickr:

I love these ladies!

We went to Berina and Joel Tuttle's wedding.

In picture:
Fatimah (left) was a bridesmaid.
Jean (behind me) is a dear friend from college.
Heba (right) is my sweet friend from Jordan.

It was a delightful evening with dinner three hours before the ceremony. There was a LOT of time for talking at this wedding.

2011 Books

I don't think I am going to get through the books I am currently reading before the end of the year. So, I will post these here. Not as many books this year, but many of them were the finishing up of The Well-Educated Mind list. So, they were TOMES and very difficult reads!

TWEM =The Well-Educated Mind
BABES = Book Babes - my monthly book club that I have been in since January 2001
DAMES = Book Dames - my bimonthly book club that is an offshoot of Babes and reads classics (inaugurated in June of 2005)

JANUARY 1. A Distant Mirror by Tuchman (TWEM)
FEBRUARY 2. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Womersley-TWEM) 3. TrueFaced: Trust God and Others with Who You Really Are MARCH 4. Democracy in America (Heffner-TWEM) 5. The Road to Wigan Pier (TWEM) 6. The Last Lecture (Babes) 7. All the President's Men (TWEM) APRIL 8. The Runner's Field Manual 9. The Blindside (Babes) MAY

10. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (TWEM)

11. The Civilization of the Renaissance in It…

Wednesday Reflections

I have so many things to do today. They are things that I usually ignore for the whole year, but I open up the week between Christmas and New Year as a time to select, print, and scrapbook for the boys' albums, our Christmas album, and just print photos and put them in sleeves for family pictures. The hard part is that I have not been doing it consistently for the past four years. 2007 was such a huge picture year that I haven't gotten past it. Last year, I made photo books and most of 2007 Christmas. Why didn't I do the whole holiday? Maybe I decided not to do the later pictures or maybe I didn't because I have them in my 365 book already? I can't remember from year to year what decisions I have made.  If I would just do this a little bit each week, I would remember where I left off, but each day during the year is so busy.

I also don't know when I should make the switch to digital for the boys' books. I told them maybe I should stop scrapbooking, and they …

How Many of the 100 Have I Read? 48 (Now I have read them all)

THE BOOK OF GREAT BOOKS 100 Aeneid – Virgil YESAll Quiet on the Western Front – Remarque YESAll the King’s Men – Warren YESAnimal Farm – Orwell YESAs I Lay Dying – Faulkner YESAs You Like It – Shakespeare YESThe Awakening – Chopin YESBeowulf YESBill Budd – MelvilleThe Bluest Eyes – Morrison Brave New World – HuxleyThe Call of the Wild – LondonCandide – VoltaireThe Canterbury Tales – Chaucer YESCatch22 – HellerThe Color Purple – WalkerCrime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky YESThe Crucible – MillerDaisy Miller – JamesDavid Copperfield – DickensDeath of a Salesman – Miller YESDiary of a Young Girl – FrankInferno – Dante YESDoctor Faustus – Marlowe YESA Doll’s House – Ibsen YESDon Quixote – Cervantes YESEthan Frome – WhartonEuthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo – PlatoA Farewell to Arms – HemingwayFaust: Parts 1 and 2 – GoetheFor Whom the Bell Tolls – HemingwayFrankenstein – Shelly  YESThe Glass Menagerie – WilliamsThe Good Earth – Buck YESThe Grapes of Wrath – Steinbeck YESGreat Expectations – D…

100 Great Books

My next challenge!
THE BOOK OF GREAT BOOKS 100 Aeneid – VirgilAll Quiet on the Western Front – RemarqueAll the King’s Men – WarrenAnimal Farm – Orwell (read)As I Lay Dying – FaulknerAs You Like It – ShakespeareThe Awakening – ChopinBeowulfBill Budd – MelvilleThe Bluest Eyes – MorrisonBrave New World – HuxleyThe Call of the Wild – LondonCandide – VoltaireThe Canterbury Tales – ChaucerCatch22 – HellerThe Color Purple – WalkerCrime and Punishment – DostoyevskyThe Crucible – MillerDaisy Miller – JamesDavid Copperfield – DickensDeath of a Salesman – MillerDiary of a Young Girl – FrankInferno – DanteDoctor Faustus – MarloweA Doll’s House – IbsenDon Quixote – CervantesEthan Frome – WhartonEuthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo – PlatoA Farewell to Arms – HemingwayFaust: Parts 1 and 2 – GoetheFor Whom the Bell Tolls – HemingwayFrankenstein – Shelly (read)The Glass Menagerie – WilliamsThe Good Earth – BuckThe Grapes of Wrath – SteinbeckGreat Expectations – Dickens (read)The Great Gatsby – Fitzger…

Annotated Bibliography of The Well-Educated Mind List

Over the next year, I will be creating an annotated bibliography of all of the books I read in the Well-Educated Mind, doing one to two at a time. It will be good review for me and hopefully helpful for someone on the same journey.
Ancients (15)
1) 2000 BC: Epic of Gilgamesh/Ferry/Poetry

I really enjoyed this. It is very approachable and readable. I also read illustrated versions to my kids that helped me imagine in my own reading. Visual images often make reading more enjoyable for me. It spoils it for others. It is a personal preference for all. 

These were my favorite children's versions with lush and beautiful illustrations:

retold and illustrated by Ludmila Zeman

800 Iliad (*+ T)/ Homer/Lattimore/ Poetry
800 Odyssey(*+ T) /Homer/Lattimore/Poetry
600 Greek Lyrics/ Lattimore/Poetry
458 Agamemnon(*+ T)/ Aeschylus/Drama

450 Oedipus Rex(*+ T)/ Sophocles/Drama
441 Histories/ Herodotus/ History
431 Medea/ Euripedes/ Drama
400 Birds/ (Clouds – T) /Aristophanes/ Drama
400 Peloponnesian War(*+ )/Thu…

Sunday Morning Peace

I knew the weekend would be packed with people and parties. So, I decided on Thursday night that this would be a morning to be alone with You.

I have no doubt that You are present here. I don't even have Christmas music playing. The silence is comforting. My heart is stirring as I sit here and love my life.

Luke is in the hospital, and I bow in prayer for his safe recovery. Lord, surround him with Your love and comfort as he is in a strange hospital in a foreign country without his mom by his side. Be his comfort and joy this day (or 7:55 pm Sunday night Morocco time).

Be Elizabeth's comfort and joy as she spends her last Sunday at her church before she goes to India on Tuesday. I will miss her so much. The good-bye is bitter-sweet. Corvallis will have a hold, but India and her sister and brother in law will gain a treasure. You know that they need her more than we do.

No doubt in my mind You are present as my fingers go across the keyboard. I have become so comfortable with t…

A Few Minutes to Write

I woke up very early, and I wished I would have gotten up, but I forced myself back to a semi-sleep until 6:30.  Michael had oral surgery at 8:00 am in only 38 minutes yesterday and didn't even need to take the heavy duty pain meds, just ibuprofen for inflammation.  He did great!

After that I came back and got my house ready for another Christmas tea with Lisa. I had to make more scones and Christmas ribbon sandwiches, but it was lovely. In the fact, I had a very relational day from 11:45 - 10:15 pm with three different friends coming and going. It was good. Christmas tea and prayer are two very good things, and I had lots of both.

I'm sipping chai in my Donovan's Pottery red-glazed cup. It is festive and Christmas-like. I have loved this season. I love my new Christmas tea pot and cups that match my grandmother's and Christmas tea cozy. Donna also brought me a Christmas colored apron for a hostess gift! So great!

Well, I am off to have time with God. So strange to be …