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Thursday Ten Minute Freewrite

It is rare that I write Free Writes two days in a row, but I am so happy about feeling better that I want to should it to the world!!!  You really know when you are sick when you truly feel BETTER!  I do not think I have the four week sickness like most people had.

I got such an nice note from a woman I had randomly met in the Linn-Benton Community College 1 1/2 years ago. We got to talking, and it turned out that she had been a victim of verbal abuse from a spouse. I directed her toward a forum, and I forgot about it. Then, I get this friend request from some one who didn't sound familiar, and she also messaged me telling me how wonderful it was to be directed in that way. What is so funny is that I was going to go and hand out at LBCC the other day and wait for Paul to get out of class so he wouldn't have to take the bus since he had that HUGE research paper and riding the bus adds another 1 1/2 - 2 hours to his day, and he needed the time. I was thinking I needed to go back …

Freewrite Wednesday

We will see if this new keyboard sitting on top of my old keyboard without the "O" letter working will suffice and not give me carpel tunnel or something.

I am listening to our favorite Christmas CD. It just changed to the more rocky Mannheim Steamroller Christmas. Sort of shattered my more somber morning, but it is making my fingers type more quickly to the beat (expect typos. just sayin'). 

Had a long talk with Tim this morning. He is happy with what we are doing. I feel like I haven't done much of anything lately because I have been sick now for almost a week. I wished I could have just slowed down when I started feeling sick the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but we had a meeting on Wednesday night and then three people stayed until 1:30 am. Then it was up for Thanksgiving with the family in Salem. So, no rest for the weary, and we both woke up Friday morning for sickness. I thought I was much better on Sunday and pushed it. Now it is Wednesday, and I still don't…

52 in 52 Week 48: 90 Days Thru the Bible by Chris Tiegree

Disclaimer: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

The day before receiving this book from Tyndale House, I met with a group of believers who all lamented the fact that they had never read through the entire Bible and felt like they did not totally understand the overall story from Genesis to Revelation. This book could not have been more perfectly timed! I truly believe that this will be a helpful first step for this group and beyond.

I remember the Walk Thru the Bible Seminars that were very popular many years ago. Chris Tiegree has brought these seminars and more to book form. He really emphasizes the whole point of God's longing for relationship with us and brings out the Scarlet Thread of Redemptionpointing to Jesus that is woven throughout all of the Hebrew Scriptures. His writing is beautiful and makes you want to draw near to God. Tiegree communicates the key to what life is all about. Bravo!

Here are a …

52 in 52 Week 48: The Enneagram Made Easy by Baron and Wagele

I am keeping the book cover large so that you can read the different personality types. I have taught the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for 25 years, but this is the "new" thing buzzing the personality typing world, and it isn't too bad. It was nice to read through it, and it helps me understand one of the girls I used to meet with since she is really into it. Some people have a hard time understanding the Myers-Briggs. So, I am not going to argue if this simplifies it for people.

I scored as a Helper(2)/Peacemaker(9) (tied both times I took it) with a secondary of an Asserter(8) (I think this is what the Helper goes to in more assertive moments, and this is true with me!)

I liked the end where it paired these types with the Myers-Briggs:

I am an ISFJ/ESFJ, and guess what? The 2 & 9  both align with that. 

It was a fun, quick, read.

52 in 52 Week 48: Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard

Millard has done it again in an excellent book that weaves together history, biography, medical discovery. River of Doubt is a hard act to follow, but she followed it well! I did not know much about the circumstances surrounding the Garfield shooting. So interesting! Garfield had the potential to be a very good president. He certainly seemed to be a wonderful man. 

I couldn't help but think that American doctors, who refused to accept documented evidence that germs are real, were very responsible for his death. HOW IRRESPONSIBLE and arrogant on their part. UGH.

This was a great read!

52 in 52 Week 48: The Front Line by John Bornschein, et al

I got this from the publisher to do an Early Review. I liked it. It is a "primer" for Spiritual Warfare for the neophyte who wants to get intentional about intercessory prayer for others, the community, nation, government, and world. Although the material is quite basic, even an experienced prayer warrior will find himself or herself reinvigorated for the battle.

All the contributors used an abundance of Scripture to give a basic foundation for understanding the purpose of prayer and to give examples of prayer by people in Scripture. The last part of the book has all of these verses printed out in their entirety. 

In addition to the abundance of Scripture, it has practical suggestions too. It has everything you need to become equipped for the battle!

52 in 52 Week 48: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is one of the smartest people I know. So smart that I had never been able to read Mere Christianity because it made my head hurt. My son read The Screwtape Letters earlier this year, and I thought if he could do it (since I taught him), I could do it too. I told myself to be brave and encouraged since I had gotten through The Weight of Glory and Other Essays in June. He still made my head hurt, but I got through it! (with a little help from the narrator, Ralph Cosham, of Blackstone Audiobooks)

I still think C.S. Lewis is so much smarter than I could ever hope to be.

But I do not envy brilliant people, they inspire me. C.S. Lewis inspires me. He is so deep. He is so profound. I felt like I needed to stop my iPod after every sentence to fully digest and appreciate his words. I could never say it like he does.  Brilliance. Pure brilliance.  

What is even more brilliant is the forethought of this book (written during the World War II years). Everything he says is so applicable for…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Signs of the Times BY PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR Air a-gittin' cool an' coolah,    Frost a-comin' in de night, Hicka' nuts an' wa'nuts fallin',    Possum keepin' out o' sight. Tu'key struttin' in de ba'nya'd,    Nary step so proud ez his; Keep on struttin', Mistah Tu'key,    Yo' do' know whut time it is.
Cidah press commence a-squeakin'    Eatin' apples sto'ed away, Chillun swa'min' 'roun' lak ho'nets,    Huntin' aigs ermung de hay. Mistah Tu'key keep on gobblin'    At de geese a-flyin' souf, Oomph! dat bird do' know whut's comin';    Ef he did he'd shet his mouf.
Pumpkin gittin' good an' yallah    Mek me open up my eyes; Seems lak it's a-lookin' at me    Jes' a-la'in' dah sayin' "Pies." Tu'key gobbler gwine 'roun' blowin',    Gwine 'roun' gibbin' sass an' slack; Keep on talkin', Mist…

Sunday Morning Freewrite Fifteen: Well Update

Well-Watered Soul/Well-Adjusted Heart

On this momentous occasion, I am combining SOUL/HEART in one. It seems like I talk about my SOUL, and when I get down to the HEART part, it has already been covered in SOUL. Our SOUL and HEART are intertwined. So, I am going to do my updates this way from now on. (Not that anyone care or reads these things, but I need to have it that way in my mind!)

Well, my soul is watered today. Nancy keeps telling me that when she goes on her big runs up into the hills, she has a spring that reminds her of me, and she prays for me based on the spring. She keeps saying that is always flowing, even in the heat of summer when all the other springs in the area are dry. Then she texts me and tells me. How sweet.

What is our constant Source? Duh! Jesus! But I think that many go to other springs that do run dry in the heat of summer. I went to a banquet called the Parade of Champions last week, and I just saw the futility of looking for our source at anywhere else bu…

52 in 52 Week 57: Love's Greatest Gift: A Christmas Novella

I got this as an Early Reviewer book off of and promised a review. It is the author's second foray, and I have been in the mood for Christmas reading. So it was perfect to read on this dark Saturday before Thanksgiving. I also wanted to get this review out so that others could be encouraged to read it during the Christmas season. 

It is a simple, sweet novella; perfect for a cozy read next to a fire during the Christmas season. The mystery part is pretty easy to figure out and a bit contrived and unbelievable (The parents couldn't find their daughter for 15 years in today's world when she went by the same name and was only a state away?), but I still wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know how it would all turn out. That is a sign of a good writer.  

I will read the first novel in the series now!

52 in 52 Week 47: Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear

This was a read for a new book club that I just joined. It is a simple and easy book, and the writing is pretty good. I loved the back story centered around England leading up to and through World World War I better than the actual mystery. The mystery wasn't that clever and pretty predictable, but I suppose it was hard to get through Maisie's back story and a current mystery in one book. 

It is interesting to note that I had started The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowlings before Maisie Dobbs, but I had to put it down because it was TOO CRUDE! I thought the writing was better in Maisie Dobbs too!

52 in 52 Week 47: No Easy Day by Mark Owen

Interesting to read this on the heels of reading Argo and the failed attempt (Operation Eagle Claw) to rescue the 52 hostages in Tehran in 1980. This man's anti-terrorism unit was created in response to that failed mission:
"After the mission, the Navy identified a need for a force capable of successfully executing those kind of specialized missions and tapped Richard Marcinko to develop a maritime counter-terrorism unit called SEAL Team Six. The team practiced hostage rescue as well as infiltrating enemy countries, ships, naval bases, and oil rigs. Over time, missions branched out to counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction." p. 17 This eventually became DEVGRU (United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group) which was the author's unit that killed Obama. Since September 11, it has gone to Afghanistan and Iraq to target al Queda and Taliban commanders. They are also the guys who rescued Jessica Lynch in 2003.

I have to admit that I am not a milita…

52 in 52 Week 47: Argo by Antonio Mendez

I love it when a book gives you a personal story within a major event in history. This is the story of the "exfiltration" of six Americans who escaped before the take over of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1979. They found refuge in the Canadian Embassy, and Mendez concocts a scheme to get them out of the country by having them pose as a film crew for a science fiction movie called Argo.

I had seen the movie by Ben Affleck, and this book gave me the background. Some reviewers have not liked all the detail, but I LOVED all the background and history that the movie cannot give you. And, of course, the Hollywood version adds more suspense and drama than actually happened, but that is OK with me (It is a great movie)! 

I highly recommend this book even though it does have some bad language.

52 in 52 Week 47: Peace by Aristophanes

I love this book cover (I read the free Kindle version). 

This play by Aristophanes is about war and it unsavoriness.  It involves a dung beetle carrying Trygaeus, an old Athenian, to the home of the gods, Mount Olympus, so that Zeus can save Athens. When he gets there he find the god of War in charge and the goddess of Peace buried. Tragaeus saves the day by digging up Peace. 


52 in 52 Week 47: The Clouds by Aristophanes

I thought this was on my list, but it was not, but it was pretty painless to read. This play is referenced to in Plato's Apology as contributing to the trial and execution of Socrates. Since I read Apology recently, it was valuable to read this play. 

This play involves a father who is enraged by his son's spendthrift ways. He begs him to enroll in a school to learn about esoteric science and sophistry in order to outwit his creditors in court. 

What is sophistry?

soph•ist•ry \ˈsä-fə-strē\ noun
(14th century) 1: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation 2: sophism 1

soph•ism \ˈsä-ˌfi-zəm\ noun (15th century) 1: an argument apparently correct in form but actually invalid; especially: such an argument used to deceive
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. (10th ed.). 
Here is a summary from Wikipedia:  Faced with legal action for non-payment of debts, Strepsiades, an elderly Athenian, enrolls his son in the "thinkeria" (the "Phrontisterion") so that he might lear…

52 in 52 Week 47: The Frogs by Aristophanes

I am now going to complete the Invitation to the Classics List (see link for the complete list in the "pages" section above). I started it in 2002 (this week, in fact). I was hoping it would help me to teach a high school literature class when my kids got in high school, but I ended up facilitating a literature class using material from instead. I also opted for my personal reading to come from The Well-Educated Mind when it came out in 2003. 

But it has always been in my mind to get back to this list, and now is the time. After this NO MORE LISTS! (My husband says he will believe it when he sees it.) 

I love the Invitation to the Classics List because it asks questions from a Christian worldview and the list includes many devotional classics that I have always wanted to read. In fact, I read books from this list when I just couldn't take another depressing, hopeless, modern book from the 100 Great Books List. LOL!

I know Aristophanes' comedies ar…

Audrey Assad Quote Rocks

I could not agree more with this statement. Thus why I continue my pursuit of the "Well-Educated Mind." It is all about that balance baby!

"Feed your soul with as much beautiful art as you can find. Consider those things which are generally regarded as classic, beautiful, and important. It has long been my belief that certain works of art or pieces of literature rise to prominence and remain there because they possess an unique or timely insight into what it means to be human. Read great books--look at great paintings--listen to great music."
She is the best songwriter and singer!

Free Write from a Well-Watered Soul

Setting the timer for 20 today. Refer to the rules and shutter when you see all my errors, but don't judge! Try a free write yourself. They are so fun!

Well-Watered Soul 
From a Bible Book Club reader:
Just finshing up a year long study of the Old Testament with Carol Ann Weaver. She said I would look at advent hymns with new eyes after studying the OT in its entirety and boy! was she right! Meditating on the words of "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus" and "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" (one of my favorites!)...can't wait for Advent this year!Thus why I do this crazy thing called the Bible Book Club and why I am writing a twenty minute free write today. 

It makes all the long hours worth every single millisecond. I stood there making my tea this morning, and God was saying, "YES! This is why I have put this crazy idea in your heart and mind." I see no other way we can really know God than to read what He has said to us about Himself. Sure, you have to struggl…

Definition of a Free Write

I used Free writing while home educating my children. Sometimes (maybe most of the time), they really disliked it. I found it more effective for me than them. So, I have adopted it as a way to get what is on my heart down on paper (or in the computer) before I start writing in the mornings. Most of what I write is pretty "G" rated, and I am fine with others reading it, but this is not a public blog accessible on any search engines. Most would have to be connected to it some way, and I have been surprised at who is reading. Sometimes people come up to me at church and say, "What you wrote really helped me cope with this or that."  I have no idea how they found my blog!

I really understand the rules of writing and grammar and am an excellent speller. That said, I often type so fast that I do not notice all those things as I let my fingers fly. 

ADDITION: I think my kids like their free writes. As Paul was writing his ten page research paper for college this week, he to…

52 in 52 Week 46 : The Harmony of the Gospels: New American Standard Version

I finished this months ago, but I was comparing my list at LibraryThing to this Blog list for 52 in 52, and I had forgotten to include this in my list of reading. 

From January to Easter I wrote a blog called The Gospel Harmony Book Club that takes a person chronologically through all four gospels. I coordinated it with the days of the Holy Week too (From Jesus' arrival in Bethany through His entry into Jerusalem to Resurrection Sunday). It was written in a "Beta" form with the intention of REALLY using it for an alternative way of reading the Bible in YEAR THREE of the BBC (Bible Book Club) next year, but it got almost 2300 page views in 88 posts!  Go figure! I am not sure how people knew about it. I might have linked it to my Facebook page, but I cannot remember (By the way, if you want to friend me on Facebook, I am Carol Ann Weaver, just tell me that you know me from this blog since I don't know your name). 

Anyway, the Harmony of the Gospels book is my "spine…

Thursday Freewrite Fifteen

I had a good study in Romans with Rachel early this morning, and I had some calls to make afterward. I am finally getting down to writing. 

This is my "calm before the storm" as I will have Bene, childhood friend, coming at about 3:45 pm today and staying through Sunday. I have two other friends coming from out of town but not staying with me. Wondering how it will all work out with seeing people. It is the 40th anniversary for TITLE IX women's sports, and there is a big "Parade of Champions" Banquet tomorrow with 450 people at Reiser Stadium. I am dreading the big crowd, but I am glad I am participating being that my weekend guest is attending.

I hope to get a bit of writing done this morning. Then it is off to Hilda's Master's defense (must check to see where I am going). After that, I need to shop and get home before Bene comes in the door. I hoped to get a workout in, but maybe Bene and I can go for a hike when she gets here. Wish we could ride bikes,…

Fun Giveaway on the Last Day

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Freewrite Fifteen

Well-Watered Soul

The most extraordinary thing happened on Friday. I was busy with other things, but the doorbell rang. I must admit, usually I check from the upper window to see who it is, if it is those really pushy door-to-door people (The last one rang the doorbell over and over in succession at the first attempt to rouse me and then ran into the street so he could move on to the next house if I didn't answer the door.  I thought that was so rude that I didn't answer the door), I don't answer it. I didn't check and had two sweet Latter-Day Saints gentleman at my door. They are so sweet compared to the Jehovah's Witnesses whom I invited into my home, and they proceeded to call me an idolator and refused to pray with me when I asked them, telling me they couldn't pray with people like me.

What was so extraordinary was the way our conversation evolved. I just let the Lord tell me when to listen and when and what to speak. It was lovely. I really felt Him speak…