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Control Z

I have a new computer. I play Spider Solitaire when I just want to think. I can go backward with a control z. I didn't understand that when I first started playing this. So I didn't score as many wins. With the slate clean, I have more wins now because sometimes I know that if I back up just a few steps, I can succeed. It is just that simple. I just intuitively know now that there was probably a wrong turn somewhere, and if I retrace those steps. Voila.

There is a metaphor for life. As I get older, I realize that I can retrace my steps and create something totally different out of the seemingly stupid messes I get myself in. Sometimes if involves humbling myself and just saying I am sorry. It involves working at the things that are important. It involves finding another route to a person's heart. Sometimes it involves stopping the fast pace of the game of life long enough to come away and think. The route seems so much clearer when I take a step back. My time with Kim on t…

The Well-Educated Mind Update: 145/158 = 92%!

I have 13 more to go!!!!
AUTOBIOGRAPHY (all in the Modern Period)
1948 Seven Story Mountain Merton (Sept. 27, 2010)
1965 The Autobiography of + Malcolm X (November 15, 2010) 1973Gulag Archipelago Solzhenitsyn (Nov)
HISTORY EARLY MODERN (1600 – 1850) 1776 Decline & Fall Roman Empire Gibbon (Dec) 1835 Democracy in America Tocqueville (Jan) MODERN (1850 – present) 1860 Civilization of Renaissance Burckhardt (Feb)

Patty's 50 Blues Made Me Smile Again


Thursday Musings: Fifteen Minute Freewrite

I suppose I don't really have a ton of time to do this, but I haven't posted a "musing" here in a while. Last time I posted was November 4. This is definitely the blog I post to the least.

What a whirlwind month November has been. Is it really Thanksgiving in a week? Where did the time go?  I think six days in Phoenix made for a big cut in the month, but it was so worth it. I went there and spent time with many like-hearted people. It was great. I made some new friends, and I saw an old one: Sue Brock. It was fun to see that history plays a big part in who we are, and she was a huge part of my history. It felt really intuitive to be with her, as though I had known her my whole life. Well, that is because I have or at least since we were five years old. She might have even been four when we first met, but the cut off date in California schools was December 1, and she was born on November 21st. So, she probably was four at the beginning of the school year.  She was alw…

Prayer of Examen

This is nice:


Prayer of Examen
The Prayer of Examen is a daily spiritual exercise developed by St. Ignatius
Loyola. This practice seeks to grow followers of Jesus in their capacity to discern
God’s will, find God in all things, and enhance their understanding of God’s good
creation. The prayer may take between ten and twenty minutes. The majority of
that time will be spent reviewing your day. Try not to dwell too long on thoughts.
Instead, allow yourself to become aware and move on.
Begin by finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
Then sit comfortably, with good posture and both feet on the floor. Allow yourself
to relax and close your eyes if you like.
1. Recall you are in the presence of God
As you sit in silence, focus on God’s deep and abiding love for you. We are
always in the presence of God. Try to become aware of God’s presence in
an attentive way. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recall y…

Documentary Mentioned in The Worst Hard Time