52 in 52 Week 49 - Countenance of War: A Novel of Scotland by J.R. Tomli

This is an Early Reviewer book from the member giveaway section on LibraryThing. For some reason, I got six out of the thirteen I request this last month. So, I am scrambling to get through these books in order to get to my Christmas reading extravaganza I am planning for December!!!

There is a little meter on Librarything.com where you can press, and it will tell you whether the computer thinks I will like it based on my data of previous entries (1158 books and still counting at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/Carolfoasia).  The meter told me I probably wouldn't like it, and I think it is pretty accurate.

I requested this because I was right in the middle of studying my Scottish ancestry. So, I thought this would be helpful. The time period is after William Wallace (The main character in Braveheart, a movie I didn't care for because of all the violence.). It was interesting to learn about this history, and I was excited that the area of Scotland (Castle of Douglas) was in the area of my ancestors. I liked this about the book.

I think that this author is very good at descriptions and has great potential as an author, but the story just wasn't very compelling. The main character goes from one battle to another. There is a little romance and loss but the story is not really developed. 

It did make me want to learn more about the time period though, and the historical books referenced at the end were helpful. 

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