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Bodybugg is a hit!

I love this thing! I am loving being able to know how many calories I am burning each day. It has helped me to be more efficient with my workouts.

For instance, I found that Group Power only burns 200 calories per hour as opposed to The FIRM which burns 285 per hour and Circuit Training which is the most efficient at about 350 per hour. So, I have been Circuit Weight Training. I can do it in half the time of Group Power and still burn about the same amount of calories or go and do the Elliptical which is a great calorie burner.

I am also learning that I can just move more each day and reach my calorie burn goal. Just been standing up more when I talk on the phone, walk around the block more, especially in the morning in order to heat up my "engine" and get my calories burning more when I do more sedentary things.

Anyway. I have lost 4. 2 lbs in two weeks, but the cool thing is that I have lost 7.45 lbs of FAT and gained 3.25 lbs of muscle! I went from 28.1% to 24.9%. Also, my f…

Yesterday's Food

From my new BodyBugg Software. So fun! I won't post here because I have to edit so much, but I have it online again, and I am SUPER motivated with my new BodyBugg that read the calories I burn every day on the back of my right tricep.


0.5 Cup Blueberries
0.5 Cup Non Fat Plain Yogurt (13 grams protein per 8 ounces)
16.0 Fl Ozs Water
2.0 Tsps White Granulated Sugar

AM Snack
1.0 Item Banana

8.0 Fl Ozs Nonfat, Skim or Fat Free Milk
2.0 Ounces Turkey or Chicken Breast, Prepackaged or Deli
2.0 Tbsps Whipped Cream Topping, Pressurized

PM Snack
1.0 Item Egg

1.0 Serving Steak and Portobello Mushrooms with potatoes and brocolli Applebee's WW
8.0 Cups Water
Late Snack
1.0 Serving Dairy Queen Orange Vanilla Bar
15.0 Items WRIGLEY'S EXTRA Sugar Free Gum, All Flavors

Total for all meals
60.1 g
179.6 g
20.1 g
1014.7 Cal (Low, but I was really busy yesterday and didn't get around to it!)

Calories burned yesterday: 2766
Deficit: 1750


Keeping track of eating:

Breakfast - Yogurt, Fiber One, Blueberries (1/2 cup each), 16 oz water, iron, multivitamin, green tea

Wrapping Up the Year

I just had my last face-to-face Precept study of the year! The Romans study ended during Spring Break, and this one was to end on April 30th, but we moved the date of the last study up by two weeks.

I loved the women, but meeting every other week and alternating it between prayer and Bible study made for a long and drawn out study. I think once a month is too long to have a good Bible discussion!

Now, Bible Book Club is getting most of my attention. So, I will continue the Romans study, but I won't continue this Abraham study into Jacob for next year.

I had a fabulous time in Tucson with Nancy Casady and at Hannah's wedding. It was a spendy weekend, but it was worth the investment! I will post some pictures on my picture blog very soon!

Been Too Long

I can't believe that I have not posted here since March 19th! I think I started one, but I never finished it.

Quick Rundown of "Life"

The Well-Educated Mind

One thing I did finish was HERODOTUS! Huge accomplishment for me. I am going to take a breather from history and jump to some poetry: Odes of Horace and Gawain and the Green Knight. I can't face Thucydides just yet.

The boys and I just finished studying WWII. They will go to the Evergreen Aviation museum on Saturday with Dee while Geo and I are in Tucson for Hannah's wedding. We are on track for everything in school except Michael's biology. He is behind in that.

The Well-Watered Soul

I have loved Bible Book Club. I love being in the Word like this. I am posting. So, I am absorbing more. I felt out of balance though with personal prayer, but I think this is much better. I have been prioritizing prayer FIRST in my discipleship times with others too. This has helped.

We wrapped up Romans 6-8 in March, and I will …