Friday Free Fifteen

Fingers on the keyboard, and I will not let them stop for fifteen minutes.

Feeling so alive this morning. I have lost 2.2 pounds and my back feels FANTASTIC. It really has helped to STOP RUNNING. The extra calorie burn was NOT WORTH IT because of the days I would have to spend in bed recovering and being lethargic because of the pain.

I am pain-free, and I have been since Dr. Koen adjusted me after I STUPIDLY RAN after the Number 7 bus from the Downtown Transit Center to 9th and Monroe, and MISSED IT! ACK! My back will still go out when I do things like that, especially when carrying Christmas presents in my hands. NOT SMART!

Anyway, that was then, and this is now. I am alive and well and living in Corvallis, OR. I am also writing on the end of Romans 15 and starting my final chapter of Romans 16. I have "earned" the "right to write" for three chapters due to my weight loss!  One post for every pound I lose, and I lost one pound the week before, and 2.2 this with. So, I am writing on Romans 16 (combined the end of Romans 15 with 16 because it is one long farewell) Acts 8, and Acts 13. Then, I will wait for another week to see how many more I can write. Since I want to finish the Bible Book Club sooner rather than later, this will motivate me to lose AND also make sure I MOVE even though I am writing more hours in the coming weeks. It is all about balance. I definitely found that weight was harder to keep off when I started writing the Bible Book Club AND doing Project365 photos because both of those mean a lot of sitting, and when I was out and about taking photos on my walks, it wasn't as good of exercise. Now that I have that nice, centered on my back, backpack. I can walk faster PLUS have healthy weight on my back that will strengthen it rather than pull it out one way or the other.

I have been making so many healthy choices lately. YAY!  Healthy choice number ONE was taking medical leave from the club to see a physical therapist AND start getting regular massages (on recommendation from my new Dr. who used to be a personal trainer and also adjusts backs - never really tried him for that and wonder if he is cheaper than Dr. Koen - not sure. Hmm. That reminds me, I think there was a bill with that office. I must get that paid before the end of the year since we will be able to deduct our medical and dental this year because it was so high with Michael's teeth and my teeth. Rambling, but that is the point of a freewrite.

Anyway, feeling very alive. I have been sleeping REALLY well too. All is right in our emotional world too. No stress or conflict in the ranks of people we know. We have such nice people around us.

I am meeting with Kathleen every Wednesday, and that is getting me to campus. Did I mention there is a job in academic advising in the College of Public Health that I am totally qualified for? It is full-time, and that is not something I am interested in though. I have prayed about it, and I don't feel an urge to proceed with it. We will see. George is applying for a job in Hillsboro. His hours have been cut back so drastically. His job is good, and we do survive just fine because we have no debt and no mortgage payment, but it is harder and harder for us to save. We are fine for retirement because we saved during the "fat" seven years at HP, and he is fully vested in the OLD state pension system. I was thinking today that our retirement income will probably be more than our income now, and that is opposite of what it is for most people. But George is only 50. So, it is not time to retire yet, and he really does love his consulting job. The money has just slowly dried up for research consulting at OSU. I wonder how the "fiscal cliff" will affect him too. It doesn't hurt to apply for the Hillsboro job. I don't really know much about Hillsboro, and I think we will shock some people if we move. We will see. It is all in God's hands! I am confident in His plan, and I would love to stay here, but I am also open to moving. I do think that academic advising position is perfect since I have the student services experience AND the public health nutrition background.  So, we will just see what God drops in my lap!

The kids are doing great. There is the fifteen minute bell. Back to Bible Book Club. PRESS WITHOUT PROOFREADING!
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