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Tunnels Beach Kauai Hawaii 2007 Matt Anderson Photography

Tunnels Beach Kauai Hawaii 2007 Matt Anderson Photography, originally uploaded by Matt Anderson Photography. We are looking for places to stay on Kauai for our 20th wedding anniversary. This beach is supposed to be the best snorkeling!

Wellness of Body

I am on a roll today. Just feel like writing down thoughts as they come to mind. It feels so good to sit comfortably the last two days. I didn't push it last night by sitting through a three hour movie though. That was good for me to say no to that because I had sat through church and the party at Noorul and Khairol's house. Both days I got up and did my moist-heat with the Thermophore pad (best purchase of 2010), back and hamstring stretches, and any core strengthening exercises I need to do from Parwana. I wasn't able to do that on Saturday before the morning of prayer, and I paid for it later on in the day. Once those little pain receptors in my back find friends to join them, I am all bound up. Better to be preventative and get the little ones smoothed out in the am after my night of sleep. 

So, I am in no pain and have no tightness. What is funny is the pain is very minor now, it is more "nagging" than anything. So, it fools me into believing it isn't tha…

Filing Out My Life

This morning I transitioned the two file drawers in my kitchen computer area to the file cabinet in the office. I will bring the files that I file from opening the mail out here. It makes sense. I spend much more time out here than at my office, and I always open the mail out here rather than in the office. So, it will be a quick open and file, rather than a open, set on the dining room table, let it sit there, gather up all the piles, plop it in my office "catch all" drawer, put it in the "to file basket" and file having to get down on my knees to avoid straining my back. I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago. Oh well.

In the file next to me were old files related to homeschool and my online life of Edu-Anon and Trapdoor. I took a trip down memory lane, and I read old posts I had copied for archiving. It is so interesting to see the transition that most of us have made out of that. Tia's famous, "Moooom, are we there yet?" post th…

Holy Spirit Rain Down

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down
Oh Comforter and Friend
How we need Your touch again
Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down
Let Your power fall
Let Your voice be heard
Come and change our hearts
As we stand on Your word
Holy Spirit, rain down

No eye has seen, no ear has heard
No mind can know what God has in store
So open up heaven, open it wideOver Your church and over our lives

I was so touched by this song this morning. I used to listen to it when I would sit up in my "happy place" in my bedroom in Southeast Asia twelve years ago. God gave me such peace there. I had such confidence in knowing that He would accomplish what concerned me and would bring glory to Himself there. 

I feel that today too. Being around so many younger people today who are lacking in confidence about what God has for them, it reminds me that I was like that when I was younger also.  It helps me to empathize with them. 

You are so there, Lord. It was hard when our relationship was new, and I didn't kn…

Body Wellness

I have not talked about Body Wellness. I knew that my tendon laceration and subsequent pin being accidentally pulled out (causing me not to be able to exercise) would result in a weight gain, and it did!  I was at my ideal weight when I walked into my surgery on November 19. 

Now, I am over my ideal. :)  I am not going to let it discourage me, however. I had done so well at maintaining my weight over the last few years, this is merely a "bump" in the road with unavoidable circumstances. 

So, I started back with my BodyBugg logging and wearing it for calorie burn. 

I am doing really well already. :)