Rhine Getaway Day 7 - The Black Forest and Colmar, France

I am up really early for our flight out. I will have to make this very short as we need to get our luggage out our door at 3:30am and leave for the airport at 4:30am to catch a flight from Basel to Amsterdam and Amsterdam for Home Sweet Home!

Yesterday was another wonderful day. I had a excellent night of sleep and went out to the library area for great time with God before anyone was up. I have really loved this little devotional God is With You Wherever You Go. I will have to put some quotes from it in there, but yesterdays was about taking in each moment instead of trying to capture it on your cell phone camera. There was a little exercise to take five minutes out of your busy day of activity that always accompanies vacations and just breathe it all in - experience the sunset sort of thing. Then to just listen. Isn't that a great exercise for every day and not just on a vacation?

Anywho, we decided to have breakfast downstairs and had another great time with Dominique and his wif…

Rhine Getaway Day 6 - Strasbourg, France

Our boat docked in Kehl, Germany, but we were up and out the door at 8:30 to bus to the charming Alsatian city of Strasbourg, France. What a gorgeous city. I didn't take as many picture today so most of them are on our other camera. 

We toured "Petite France" with the sweet half-timbered houses that look almost German. Well, they sort of are. Alsace has been part of both Germany and France throughout history as the Germans have always thought the boarder should be at the Vosges Mountains, and the French have always thought it should be at the Rhine River. Right now, the French win. 

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Rhine Getaway Day 5 - Heidelberg, Gemany

What a day! Whew! We traveled through the night from Rudesheim to Mannheim, Germany where we bused to the ruins of Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany. We had an excellent guide that took us through all the terraces overlooking the city and explained the interesting history of the castle which you can read on the link I made to Wikipedia. 

Mark Twain, described the Heidelberg Castle in his 1880 travel book A Tramp Abroad:
“ A ruin must be rightly situated, to be effective. This one could not have been better placed. It stands upon a commanding elevation, it is buried in green woods, there is no level ground about it, but, on the contrary, there are wooded terraces upon terraces, and one looks down through shining leaves into profound chasms and abysses where twilight reigns and the sun cannot intrude. Nature knows how to garnish a ruin to get the best effect. One of these old towers is split down the middle, and one half has tumbled aside. It tumbled in such a way as to …