Monday Morning Freewrite

After many months of dithering, George and I took the plunge on Saturday and decided to book a cruise. (I just love the word dithering, by the way. I rarely use it but it so describes thing.) We had been invited on two different tours by Sharre and Linda. They were in Berlin and going to the Christ play. Also there was one in the Alps. BUT both involved LOTS of bus travel. One was five hours on a bus, and even though it would have been really beautiful scenery, I just did not like all the busing we did on the Rick Steves tour. Don't get me wrong, his tours are great, and we had a lovely tour (Paris and the Heart of France).  I highly recommend his tours because you learn SO MUCH from their guides. Christine was ours, and she was my favorite person on the trip. I just prefer not having to pack up and get on a bus every one to two nights. I LOVE seeing things from a boat and unpacking ONE time. I also grew up on boats, and that is my happy place and brings back warm "Madeleine …

Madeliene Moment Questions

This is from:

In 1886, when Proust was 14, he was asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding his writing. The original manuscript was recovered and in 2003, it was sold at auction for $120,000. Below are the questions: 

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
What is your greatest fear?
What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Which living person do you most admire?
What is your greatest extravagance?
What is your current state of mind?
What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
On what occasion do you lie?

88. The Decameron, abridged

Is says "complete and unabridged" right above on the cover, but the "selected stories" were complete and unabridged, and I didn't read the "fine print" before I checked it out from library2go. So I knew that a 2+ hour time could not be the actual Decameron because I have the book on my shelf (from the books we inherited from my father-in-law), and it is quite thick. 
All that said, these narrators are all brilliant British actors. So, I enjoyed their narration, but I have the other version now which is about 30 hours, and I will just skip the ones I listened to already which leaves me 28 hours of listening! LOL! The nice thing is that no one is waiting for me to finish with this book, and I can keep it for a while.
The Decameron is 100 little stories. The are raunchy. It is full of sex, adultery, and people of the cloth doing lewd things. It is supposedly a very important part of literature and where Shakespeare and Chaucer got their inspiration for the…

Saturday Sweet Sixteen Minute Freewrite

I am on a writing roll lately! I can sit upright more, and I can also move my laptop around the house since I have one hand free since I am on one crutch. That has given me significant freedom to type away, and I am also not preparing to teach like I usually do after Labor Day. But what is funny is I set up both my courses on Canvas in June so I would not have as much work to do in the Fall. GO FIGURE. Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans. I think John Lennon said that? I don't know who said that. I will look it up after the freewrite.

Yesterday was great. My Centering Prayer word was FAITHFUL, and I decided to have a Friday Fast to Feed on His Faithfulness and for Family intercession. My boys need jobs. My husband is looking at a possible NEW job. He is very secure in his current job, but this injury has brought home that if something happens, it is really hard to commute back and forth to Portland every day. As it was, Paul did not have a job. So, he could …

87. The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This was my third attempt to read this book. I could not, for the life of me, get into this crazy book the first two times, but I guess "third time's the charm" because I loved it! It did not hurt that Stephen Fry was narrating it too. It also helps that I have been to England. 

I don't know if I will go on reading the whole series of five books. It is silly, comedic, science fiction.

88. Gilead

This is a classic. It is slow and ambling but beautifully written. It is a letter from a dying father to his son. It is the sweeping story of three generations of preachers. I really liked it!

Thursday Thirteen Minute FREEWRITE

Thirteen minutes and counting. I did one of these on Monday, but I am going to do another one, by golly.

It was good to review and do an Examen for the whole time in Boise. It prompted me to set up a spiritual direction time on Tuesday with Fran to talk about the weird situation (not the cohort - that was wonderful - it was something that happened after the cohort was over). Fran was super helpful and the word PROTECTION came up again! That word has come up in my time with God more than once over the last month. 

Then I asked Nan to go out to lunch at the last minute (She wanted to go for my birthday, but I was still exhausted from having to crutch everywhere, and my leg had to be straight and locked so it was uncomfortable to sit for too long. Not to mention the swelling.) She was free so we had a nice time; heart to heart which I LOVE. That word PROTECTION came up with that. My cup was pretty full after that. 

Then, I had a spiritual direction time with a new person. She didn't kno…

Examen - Thursday through Sunday

I prayed the Examen while I was in Boise, but I want to sum up the whole experience by looking at where God was in it! 

Taking a deep breath and asking God to be with me: I am imagining Jesus sitting at the table with me. I get chills just thinking about that! Exuberant joy might be even a better description of what I feel. 

Call to mind two or three things that you are grateful for: 
1) GORGEOUS GEORGE - I already said this in my freewrite, but he was so helpful to me during my trip to Boise, and I never could have managed everything without him. He even slept on a futon so I could have the whole bed at Debbie's. What a guy. It was also so nice to travel eight hours in the car with him. He appreciates beauty like me. He drives super safely through rain and thunderstorms. He communicates with me. He loves to pray together. He loves to do the Examen together. He loves reflection and pondering big questions today. My soulmate.

2) GORGEOUS GORGE - Once we get through Portland on the way …

Monday Freewrite Fifteen

Success! I made it to Boise and back! I could not have done it without my sweet soulmate, George. He did go with me the first day to the supervision, and he was willing to stay downstairs to help me with bathroom things, but Gene had installed a chair height toilet for when April had knee surgery. So, I was able to get down and up again without a grab bar. So YAY! It was all good for me to be there without him. So, he went back to Eagle and went for a hike with Ralph. I came back on Friday night and did rolling and stretching (because I can get down to the floor now and can take my brace off while I am rolling), but I did demonstrate the Theracane on my serratus posterior inferior to Debbie and Ralph, and I think I "woke it up and made it mad." So the next day's sitting during supervision was a bit uncomfortable. I changed chairs and put it on the carpet because Bill said it was more comfortable for him to do that, and it alleviated. When I came back to Debbie's. I p…

Telling Your Story from the Last Three to Four Months

I have to do this in preparation for my 2nd Year Spiritual Direction Training next weekend, but I thought it would be fun to put it here. If you would like, I can give you a free Spiritual Direction session listening to and helping you reflect on it!

This is the assignment: 

We suggest you prepare for your sharing time by reflecting on, in an examen fashion, the last 4 months (May-September. Note: You can set the time frame, but roughly the summer.)
The point is to garner a picture of the opus Dei, the work of God in your life, and then to bring forward what seems important to offer.
You might consider looking at the list of questions below, sitting with these questions in quiet before the Lord, waiting for responses and insight. You can then sift through the “spiritual data” that emerges and determine what to share.
What spiritually significant events / insights have occurred during the last 3-4 months?
What events has God used as grist for the mill of transformation?
What, if anything,…

Tuesday Morning Freewrite Fifteen

Oh it is like a Monday as we had Labor Day yesterday.

I am not sure what I will write about this morning. I have to say that it is so beautiful outside this morning, and I hope to go for a little walk on my crutches. I took my first real walk on Saturday with George. It felt glorious! I have crutched in and out of doctors offices, and I did go one time to the library in the 6 1/2 weeks I could not put weight on my left leg, but last Thursday, the doc gave me the OK to do 10-15% and adding double that every two days or so. So, I am at 30-45% today! That is pretty exciting. So, walking is not as hard now because, although I still need my crutches for support, I can WALK with the aid of crutches. So, my arms do not get as tired. We even walked on Cabel Marsh at Finley Wildlife Refuge yesterday (see video below).

All told, it was a fabulous day. I am pretty sure I will go to Boise with George's help next Thursday. I am going to have my house all cleaned up today by Valentina and Pieter.…