Resurrection Poem by Ronald Rolheiser

What is most precious in us ends up in a tomb- a dream crucified, a Christ entombed, a winter set in, a human being frozen over. 
Before being buried in our graves, we are largely buried in our lives. 
Mainly because of this, we begin to sin. 
Our infidelities, our lack of gratitude, our propensity to misunderstand and to hurt each other occur mostly because what’s best in us – the image of God – lies frozen, assets we cannot touch. 
Our poverty and bitterness come from that. 
And so we begin to settle for second best, we make do. A life without enthusiasm, without fire, with passion quieted, with joy frozen. 
We accept our limits. “This is the way I am, this is the way things are, this is the way it will always be!” 
So we live on, far from fully alive, the Christ in us lying in the tomb, what’s most precious in us frozen under bitterness. 
The challenge of Easter is to resurrect daily, to leave behind us a string of empty tombs, to let our lives radiate so that in the end, everything is goo…

18. Diary of a Country Priest

"Does it matter? Grace is ...everywhere." 
This book was on my 1000 Book to Read Before You Die list, and it was also in one of the books, Spiritual Direction: A Practical Introduction by Sue Pickering, but I am at a loss for where in the book I read about it. (Her book is excellent, by the way. I highly recommend it.) 
A young, struggling priest in a small French village finds a deeper experience of God through life's biggest challenges. I just felt such compassion and love for this man. At first, I thought it was boring, but there is a beauty to it that eventually drew me in.

Freewrite for My City

Today I am praying for my city. "Seek God for the welfare of the city." I meditated in John 17. So I am praying for oneness and unity. 
I sat out on my deck (outdoor office) and was reminded of coming to live here 42 years ago in September. This is a special place. It is where I truly found you, God. I was surrounded by people who loved you (and people who pretended to love you to manipulate me, but I learned that early on and said, "BYE BYE" to one particular person), and I grew. I am praying that you make the believers one, but I also pray that you make us a mighty grove of oak trees. They will be called oaks of righteousness,a planting of the LORDfor the display of his splendor. (Isaiah 61:3)  I keep seeing the spring flowers pop up in all their glory, only to come back a few days later to see them wither and die. Yet, the mighty oaks of Corvallis have stood strong for hundreds of years. So, I say, "Yes, Lord! We want to see the body of Christ grow into a migh…

The NEW Blogger Freewrite

If you want to learn more about Freewriting, visit my friend Julie's website:
After years of the old blogger interface, they have changed it. So I am trying a new freewrite on the NEW blogger. So far, I cannot get it to do the larger print, but I will figure it out. I always do. It was getting a bit out of date anyway. So here goes with my freewrite in small font (so far).
Fifteen minutes, starting now. That is what Alexa tells me when I do these freewrites. I used to have an online timer, but this is easier. 
I have already had two walks today before 9 am. I have the whole day reserved for writing copy for the website I am developing. I have so much information over the years that I want to share with others. So I have a website. I will still use this blogger (there is no way I could transfer over 2100+ posts here and the many more on the Bible Book Club, Project365, an…

Sunday Sixteen Freewrite

I am going to just freewrite as I listen to Pray as You Go (PAYGO) for today. 

"Seek the Lord and be strengthened. Seek his face always." This was the verse God gave me on January 24, 1992. The day I became a mother. That was my parenting verse, and I just love being a parent, especially because we really like each other as adults. Last night, I saw God in our family as we went out to dinner, and the waitress kept commenting, "You are all so happy." I think she liked being treated so well (even when she made a huge mistake on our bill.) Yes, we like being around each other. After dinner, we went for a 2/3 mile walk on the boardwalk over Jackson-Frazier Wetland. (Nature + my favorite people + sun shining = BLISS) Of course, it took WAY longer than if I were to do it alone because those kids have just been influenced so much by their father, stopping to see every bird and insect. I should have known when Paul wanted to get the binoculars out of the back of the car. I …

Tuesday Freewrite

Today was the first day of a summer prayer initiative called 24/7 Corvallis. I have always dreamed of 24/7 prayer for our city, and I was re-inspired when I saw the people who did the UK Blessings had a 24/7 prayer for London (or maybe it was all of the UK). I am just glad that I did not have to head it up! Someone else was inspired, or a group of people from The Hive were inspired and invited me to come along. So I took the 6-6:30 am sport since I know most people don't like to get up that early. I woke up at 5:11 am and was able to get my prayer time in from the "Inner Peace in Darkness and Light" Retreat in The First Spiritual Exercises. Jeannette from SEEL PDX is heading up four 25 day guided retreats through this book.

So today was the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel. The imaginative contemplation was imagining myself being commanded by God to prophesy. It was pretty powerful. The line of spiritual direction in the book was about my own dry bones, but I don't thin…

2020 Running Reading List

17. Pigs Have Wings

This was delightful to listen to while in a Coronavirus Lockdown! It is silly and clever. This is my first P.G. Wodehouse but I don't think it will be my last. I laughed out loud so many times.

It has to do with two pigs and a bunch of upper-class people, and their silly lives.