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52 in 52 Week 18: Missions and Money by Jonathan Bonk

"Is it any wonder that Christians from poorer parts of the world -- in response to the siren appeal of the gospel of plenty modeled by the Western [workers] -- respond to the implicit invitation by saying "Yes!" to materialism? We should not be surprised at the discovery that Western workers are now credited with being one of the greatest secularizing agencies of the past two centuries" (Bonk, p.77)


This book reminded me of a book I read in the early 80's called Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ron Sider. I loved that book because it was both biblical and practical and set some of my convictions about wealth in my early 20's. Bonk even has it as a reference in the bibliography. Good for you, Bonk.

It also reminded me of Richard Foster's excellent book, The Freedom of Simplicity which is also practical and inspirational. 

I liked the book at the beginning, but I feel like he got increasingly critical and judgmental as the book progressed. It is e…

52 in 52 Week 18: The Mama's Boy Myth by Kate Stone Lombardi

"What today's mothers are doing for their sons -- primarily teaching them emotional intelligence -- is a critically important gift. Mothers, by affording their sons the emotional closeness that they once offered only to daughters, are giving them access to a fuller experience of humanity" (p.9-10)

My husband said a similar thing to me on our Spring Break vacation with our two boys, ages 17 and 20. I had been experiencing some loss as my youngest had followed his oldest into classes at the community college, leaving me without the job of homeschooling after 14 years at the helm. 

Those years brought me daily contact with my boys, doing history, science, literature, and read-alouds on our couch until their middle school years. These academic subjects were segues into deep talks about everything under the sun. 

In their high school years, their education was more self-directed, but I still interacted with them over papers and literature they were reading for the British, Ameri…

15 Minute Freewrite

I am trying a new font for this freewrite just for fun. I don't know if it will change when it actually posts because I have seen otherwise on my Bible Book Club blog. 

I slept in! Yesterday was just three hours of sleep from 12-3, and I was wide awake. I got so much done, I almost finished a post on Isaiah 6 & 7 (such important chapters in the Word), caught up on correspondence, prayed, went to Pilates, shopped, prepped for a fresh steelhead dinner, and made cranberry cream scones with lemon curd! I also finished listening to Stuff Christians Like as I prepped for dinner. 

Yes, I got a ton done in the quietness of the morning, but it felt like 3 pm at 11 am yesterday because I had already been up for 8 hours!  I got a bit of a perk up as I needed to take Dial-a-Book books back to the library and took Paul along so he could catch the bus to LB. He didn't have to be in until 1 pm yesterday because his math teacher couldn't find a sub for Friday. That was nice for him.

I to…

52 in 52 Week 18: Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff

I have to admit that this is a seemingly frivolous book to read after The Diary of Anne Frank last week.

This is a poke of fun at American cultural Christianity and more specifically, evangelical churchianity. It is irreverent at times, but I walked and worked around the house and laughed out loud.  It is all satire (except the last section where he put his "serious Wednesday" essays), and pokes fun at a Christianity that I left long ago (not the faith but the culture), but it was OK for a lighthearted comedy for this very serious woman (well, most people that meet me don't know I am so serious because I do like to laugh a lot, but if they just know me from my writing, they think I am pretty serious which I really am more serious than silly, but I digress. . . ).

It is supposed to be a take off on the book What White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions (even down to the number of pages of the book).  The authors says that this is the book that i…

Focusing Freewrite

I have had a great morning so far, but I am definitely out of my normal routine of getting up, journaling, meditating in the Bible Book Club reading (I am 6 weeks ahead of the blog), writing, applying, praying. Then, I go on to my exercise (Pilates MWF, walking/running TTH) and whatever is up for the day (discipleship, counseling, more writing).

No routine to speak of today. I normally get up between 5:30 - 6:00, and I woke up at 5:45 am and rolled back over and slept until 7 am. That always involves me running into George before I get some good time in the Word and prayer. So, we chatted quite a bit this morning as he fixed his lunch and coffee. Not complaining. I do not have a husband who grunts and gives one word replies. Our morning talks can be awesome and hard to stop once we start, but he does have to work. :) So, parting is such sweet sorrow, but he left me.

Just as he left, I hear the door open and one man goes in the shower, and the other boy (at least for another seven months…


Arrogance and divisiveness really bothers me. I am just praying that it goes away. 

Mid Day Freewrite

I had a busy morning in Isaiah. Then, Elizabeth told me Micah was online. So, I talked to both of them for about an hour!  It was fun to congratulate him and process with her too.  I love my life.

Then, I took the boys to class (math and bowling), and I went to wait for my dental implant prep appointment. Dropping them off meant I was an hour early. But I used the wireless and communicated back and forth with Tim about some business stuff. I love my life (even the dental implant part).
I am being implanted on May 8. Woohoo.
Then, I realized I had two hours before I go and get the boys. I was going to go running or walking, but it ended up raining, and I didn't bring my rain gear. So, I am treating myself to a lunch at Red Robin!  Yummy Chicken Wrap and Chicken Tortilla Soup as I type here and listen to Stuff Christians Like. I am still debating about whether I like. I am laughing a lot, but it isn't where I live.  
Well, the time has flown by on this fifteen minute freewrite b…

Monday Morning State of the Well

It has been a while since I have done a status update of "The Well."  Monday morning is a good time.

It is "red sky" at morn. I have a feeling our two days of sunshine has gone away, and we will have some storms. The east coast is going to get blanketed today. I should look at some pics.

Well-Watered Soul

I am doing really well in my soul. George and I did some listening prayer yesterday because something really agitated me in my spirit from Saturday. After 2 hours of talking, he suggested prayer, and God quickly showed me the lie I was believing and gave me truth. He brought me to a memory of when I was doing a team report in junior high with two girls who were best friends. I did something that made them be really mean to me. I was clueless about what I had done. I remember feeling so terrible about that. Anyway, God revealed truth to me about it being just the issues of junior high girls, and I was accepted by Him. That was what was most important. 

I had a struggle…

52 in 52 Week 17: The Diary of Anne Frank

What an absolutely beautiful book. This was an amazingly bright and perceptive young girl. I cannot believe that I have waited so long in life to read/listen to this book. I think it should be on everyone's "must read" list!
I began reading it and didn't realize that it was Holocaust Remembrance Week. I mourn the loss of this bright light. 

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” ― Anne FrankThe Diary of a Young Girl“I don't want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoy…

52 in 52 Week 17: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

While reading this book, I thought, "I feel like I am reading William Faulkner."  When I was done with reading this, I read somewhere (now I can't remember where) about how she loved Faulkner and Woolf (She wrote her master's thesis on them). 

I read As I Lay Dying and The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner when Oprah had a challenge of reading three Faulkner books over the summer. I spent my anniversary reading him at a beautiful hotel on the beach. What a way to ruin a perfect anniversary! Notice I only read two. I refused to read the third (even though I am addicted to closure and finishing what I start) because I disliked the first two so much. The only Woolf I have read is Mrs. Dalloway. I didn't dislike her as much as Faulkner, but she is not my favorite author. 

I didn't like the style of this book. It also had some graphically sexual parts that made me want to throw up. ICK! It was also very confusing and jumped all over the place. It seemed like a horrible…

Freewrite Fifteen Friday

Well-Watered SoulWell-Educated MindWell-Adjusted HeartWell-Tuned Strength

It is already 11:15, and I am just getting to some time with God (other than a little prayer time at the edge of the amphitheatre at Calvary Chapel this morning. That was lovely. 

I slept in this morning. I don't know why, but it has really taken me a long time to catch up from last week's seminar and Sunday's activities. I had so much people time. Then, I had lots of people time this week too after only one day of rest. Jean instant messaged with me and told me to REST, but I already had some appointments, and there is always so much follow up after seminars like this. 

So, I need to store up some "I" time today. I want to just journal, pray, spend deeper time in Hosea, and finish my books. I am trying not to spend time with people today, but I am already off to a bad start! LOL! Visited a bit with Cindy at Calvary, and she told me about some people who are interested in what we are doing, an…

Myers-Briggs Cross Between

Even in my twenties, I only slightly preferred extroversion. I know that research shows that this scale is the one that tends to shift in middle-age, and I find myself in the preserver (even though people who know nothing about Myers-Briggs try to put me in the extrovert category). I still am a cross between the two in many ways. I have put the things that are really me in red.


Quiet, friendly, responsible and conscientious. Work devoutly to meet their obligations and serve their friends and fellow workers. Thorough, painstaking, accurate. May need time to master technical subjects (just have no interest to but can do it quickly if I have to). Patient with details and routine (not a routine gal but get everything done). Loyal, considerate, concerned with how other people feel. Dedicated and service-oriented. Dependable and orderly. Relate well to individual needs. Traditional and procedural. 


Warm-hearted, talkative, popular, conscientious, born cooperat…

Longing for Hosea and Prayer

Fifteen Freewrite

I am listening to The Diary of Anne Frank. This is such a beautiful book. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to read it. It is a true classic. She would have made a wonderful writer had she lived past adolescence. It makes me sad to know she is the same age as my mother-in-law, and she died at such a young ago. She is up to January 1944 and exactly half way through the book. I wish we knew what happened to her.  

I probably shouldn't do this for very long because I am going to Pilates. Then, I am meeting with Terri to debrief about the Shabbot retreat. I am still debating about going to the chiropractor tomorrow. I must have pulled a muscle two days ago because I woke up with rickety back for the first time since getting this bed. The good news is that another night on the bed has made it go away. I am sore from the pull, but I think it is all back in place.  So, should I spend 24 dollars or shouldn't I.  I also have someone wanting that Theophostic spot …

Love this Quote!


52 in 52 Week 16: Near Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well by Billy Graham

As I had already mentioned in an earlier post, I got tired of reading classic 20th century tragic novels, and I needed a breather. This was a wonderful break! It isn't anything really profound, but there was something sacred about reading what will be Billy Graham's last book. He is moving toward heaven, and this book is full of the wisdom that almost 93 years of life can bring. 

Here is a picture me reading it in the library. After realizing that the cumulative effective of two months of tragic novels was hurting my soul, I road my bike in the sunshine to the library and read this book in my favorite room in the city!

4:35 AM Freewrite

I am not sure if I will write for fifteen today because I really want to get to my study of Hosea today. I tried several times during our seminar this week, but I ended up doing the book table for most of the weekend because the guy they assigned to man it didn't know anything about any of the materials, and people were asking a ton of questions. Since George, Kathleen, and I know about all of them, we ended up sitting back there and enjoying time with different people. It was a blast really with many really fun conversations! 

I tried meditating on Hosea 4, but there were so many interruptions. So, I am up early to have some time until the flurry happens all over again today as we are at the book table again at Calvary Chapel for the morning service. Then, Jamie, Donna, Jon, and Amy are coming to our house to talk to our kingdom community about kingdom living. 

We went to the Mandate School graduation after the Friday and all day Saturday event, and I was so TIRED. My new Tempur-Pe…

52 in 52 Week 16: Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse


I only read three classical books in high school:

1) The Holy Bible - My upbringing included no Bible. So, I jumped at the opportunity to take "The Literary Survey of the Bible" from Mr. Watson in my public high school in 10th grade. GREAT decision, and the best classic I have ever read. It is my life goal now to help people understand it:

2) The Great Gatsby - Read it in 9th grade and didn't understand it. Saw the movie when it came out in the movie theatres in the 70's and didn't understand that either. I read it in my 40's and appreciated its brilliance.

3) Siddhartha - Read this in the same class in 9th grade, and it was my first exposure to Hinduism, but I thought it was odd that it was written by a German, Herman Hesse. Maybe I should try it again? (Addition: I went for a walk with my friend, Cathi, and she said one of her friends said Siddhartha was her favorite book. So, I think I will try it again.) 

So Steppenwol…

Free Fifteen

Free Fifteen

I am so happy! There is life after taxes! I pushed the button at 4:45 pm yesterday, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It has been hanging over my head. I had finished them a while ago, but we needed to strategize about how to lower our tax bill! YIKES! A combination of lower withholding at OSU than the USDA AND some non-deductible (but Kingdom minded) donations made for a much higher bill than normal. Also, we didn't get the child tax credit this year because it only goes up to children under 17, and Paul turned 17 in November.

All that to say is that I talked to Bob K, my mom's broker. He isn't a tax consultant or financial planner, but he is a personal family friend after so many years of handling my mom's funds. He gave me great counsel. So, I begged George to come home so we could just get it OFF MY PLATE. We went to two different institutions and shifted money to our individual IRA's and contributed more to the Oregon College Savings Program. …

10 Minuter

I am in the mood for just a 10 minute freewrite. We still haven't decided about what we are going to do about our taxes, whether we will add more to our IRA and reduce our tax bill or just pay our taxes outright. Decisions. Not sure why OSU didn't withhold more because our AGI was about the same this year as last year, but they withheld much less than what the USDA held in his check. I must decide by the end of today though because I have too much going on tomorrow to worry about it. 

Jamie and Donna are coming on Sunday, and I am very excited about this. I want to keep the group to our Kingdom Community though so they have time to ask questions and really talk. The number we had when Bob came was perfect. So, we will hopefully have that number.

Today, I really am going to meditate deeply in Hosea. I started it yesterday. It is sort of a sad book when you think about Gomer's unfaithfulness and Israel's too. It has some of the most beautiful passages in it though. One of …