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Mid-March Madness

Spring has come early to our town. The flowers are blooming!

Here is a homeschool update:
History - We are studying Lewis and Clark. The Sonlight book by Neuberger was BORING! So, we bagged, and we are just reading The Captain's Dog. I haven't been as impressed with the Sonlight Read Alouds this year! We hope to take the train to Astoria and visit the sights of the L&C Expedition. Good hands-on learning.

Science - We finished up our reading in Usborne Science Encyclopedia. Now, we are doing two chapters in Abeka Science. We finished the chapter on light and just started energy and engines today. After this, it is ALL experiments and write-ups until the end of the year!!!!!

Bible - We finished the first Kay Arthur book for kids, and they really got bogged down. For the second, we are doing most of it verbally. I want to finish John, but I may do it over two years instead of one year. We have also resumed our character studies in history and just finished David Zeisb…