52 in 52 Week 45: The Book of Great Books by W. John Campbell

I am done with all 100 books. I was about halfway through the list, but I decided to plow through the rest of them. It seemed heavy on American literature to me. I had rest most of the really great ones already. So, the ones that were left were not that great. I don't know if I would recommend this book to people. Some of the books are "clean" enough for me. I particularly did not enjoy Steppenwolf and Sons and Lovers because of too much sexuality.

The summaries are nice to have. I like the chart that explains how the characters are all related to one another, but I didn't like how it gave away the plot sometimes. So, I usually refrained from reading it until I was done with the book, unless I got really stuck.

The complete list is linked above.  My 2012 goal of finishing this list is now complete. WOOHOOO! 

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