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A Much Better Week

Something really has lifted. Hallelujah!

Vortex Sucking

PAIN: My shoulder is acting up again. So, I am not happy about that and am deciding this morning what to do about it. I rested all day yesterday, and it seems to be better, but I hate continuing to miss my workouts because of this thing. How should I proceed, Lord?

Peace: I am still trying to carve a way through allowing myself to hear about things and people from the past and just tuning it out because the past is part of the VORTEX that I don't want to be a part of any more. It so discourages me! It is so not a peaceful place to be! I love the people and I don't want to ignore what is in their lives, but sometimes when I see some of these people I get sucked back into some things that are just not my things anymore. They are their things because of the culture in which they choose to live. I have chosen to remove myself from it, and I see life on the outside, and I have such a different perspective. I am in a better place and have moved on with my life. I don't like how t…

I am Well

I can't believe it has been nine days since I have blogged on this blog!

Things are going very well. I am enjoying a time of great peace on all sides. I guess that is all I have to say today. :)

On Fear and Faith

Is there a theme or something going on? God is knocking on the door of my heart. Where do I go and what do I do with this?

"Heavenly Father, thank you that you have placed no restrictions on my access to you except that I would believe you. Thank you for father Abraham and the pattern of faith he established. Thank you that through his faith, your blessings have come to me. Increase my faith, O Lord. May you search me out when you need a faithful servant to accomplish a task for you on earth! Amen" p.144 Holman New Testament Commentary: Romans.

This is the desire of my heart Lord. I know that I have shrunk back in the past, and there is no excuse.

I just have so many things in my head. Help me to separate the precious from the worthless.

So much . . .Bible book and book clubs . . . inner life growth . . .leading . . .SHAPE . . .discipleship central.

There is so much. I am excited, but the good can be the enemy of the best.