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State of The Well Freewrite

Well-Tuned Body

I decided to skip Pilates today. In fact, I might skip my strength training today too. I think I need a physical rest, and Shandra didn't work that into my workout schedule. I am not sure why. I didn't take it on one of my weekend days as I usually do, and I feel it this morning. Yesterday, I spent five hours in the sun exercising. Today is overcast and gloomy. So, I think I will just give my body an opportunity to actively recover from all the exercise I have been giving it. Here are some things I have been doing for the last 30 days: This only includes my cardio and not my strength training, Pilates, swimming, and elliptical that I do at the club. So, it is much more  than this.

I feel like my back is much stronger, and my hips, gluts, hams, and quads are better. I am hoping the stabilization exercises I am doing will make it better on the surf board in two weeks. I have been working hard to avoid injury. We will see.


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The Well-Educated Mind List

Haven't done the full list in ever so long.  The only book left is in large font. Thankfully, it is really interesting!

Ancients (15 out of 15) BC
2000 Epic of Gilgamesh/Ferry/Poetry
800 Iliad (*+ T)/ Homer/Lattimore/ Poetry
800 Odyssey(*+ T) /Homer/Lattimore/Poetry
600 Greek Lyrics/ Lattimore/Poetry
458 Agamemnon(*+ T)/ Aeschylus/Drama

450 Oedipus Rex(*+ T)/ Sophocles/Drama
441 Histories/ Herodotus/ History
431 Medea/ Euripedes/ Drama
400 Birds/ (Clouds – T) /Aristophanes/ Drama
400 Peloponnesian War(*+ )/Thucydides/ History
375 Republic(*+)/ Plato/ History
330 Poetics(+)/ Aristotle/Drama 
65 Odes of Horace/Poetry

100 Greek Lives/Roman Lives by Plutarch

Medieval Times (19 out of 19)

400 Confessions*+ T Augustine Fitzgerald Autobio 
426 City of God+ Augustine History
731 Ecclesiastical History of the English People Bede History
1000 Beowulf* Poetry

1300 Inferno*+ Poetry 
1300's Everyman Drama

1350 Sir Gawain & the Green Knight* Poetry
1386 Canterbury Tales* Chaucer Poetry
1430 The Book of Margery…

One Book Left in The Well-Educated Mind: 99.3670886% Done!

I finished reading The New England Mind, and it was a LABOR! I think it took me six weeks to get through it!

 MODERN (1850 – present) 1860 Civilization of Renaissance Burckhardt (May 18, 2011) 1904 Protestant Work Ethic & Spirit of Capitalism Weber (May 5, 2011) 1938 The New England Mind: Colony to Province Miller 491 pages (October 11, 2011 at 10:12 pm) 1973 The Gulag Archipelago (only Autobiography left) 472 pages 1974 Roll, Jordan, Roll Genovese 665 pages (August 20, 2011)

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