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"My Day"

The last couple of days, we have been learning about The Great Depression and The New Deal. That has led us into a mini-character study of Eleanor Roosevelt.

WOW! I love that woman and wouldn't mind reading some other things on her life from some adult books. We read Eleanor with story and pictures by Barbara Cooney. They were beautiful illustrations. This dealt more with her early life. The other one was a simple "Step into Reading" book called Eleanor Everywhere: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt. One thing that struck me was that she wrote a daily newspaper column called "My Day." In it, she worte about the things she saw while traveling around the country. She wrote about what was going on in the White House.

I had JUST been saying to myself that I should write about my day in a Easter letter for our friends (I prayed through our Christmas letters this morning. So, it made me think of this.) So, it was funny to see that Eleanor Roosevelt had the same…

Now what was I going to say

I came here intent on something profound to say, and I can't remember what it is. I am hopeless at remembering things lately.

Oh well. :)


Singing the Praises of Brainpop

I know that I have mentioned on this blog before, but we sat and watched about five movies today after we studied about genetics in our Usborne Science Encyclopedia. I can't tell you what a great augment it has been to my homeschooling and my own self-education. It is worth every penny of the $70 yearly subscription fee. Today we watched movies about genes, genetic mutation, DNA, diabetes, hair, skin, nails. After each quiz there is a ten questions quiz that reinforces what we just learned. At that point, you can print the quiz out and put it in your kids' notebooks OR you can have the results of your quiz sent to you email so that you can have an electronic record of their progress. So slick!

The movie selection is enormous. In addition to science movies, there are movies on every part of history. We also watch the technology movies. The other day we watched one on the MP3 player. Haven't you always wondered what they REALLY are?

There are also so…
I read my book, visited with Nancy and dropped off her stuff, ran with George. I also spent another hour on my Jesus study. So, I just need to clean and do some more Bible study.

I haven't overeaten either! I am trying so hard to stay in my eating!!! So, George made some Valentine's Sugar Cookies, and I am resisting since I had some boysenberry sorbet after dinner. (Dinner was heart-shaped pizza).

Maybe I will get up early and clean instead of tonight!

Learning and Growing

Learned about the ear and balance today and watched two or three brainpop movies.

Learned about Ghandi's push for peaceful independence. Inspiring man.

Reviewed multiplying factions and double digit division with zero placeholders. I always need a good reminder in these areas.

I kept to my goals yesterday. I miss my FACED accountability, but the interest had wained so much for so many. It was time to leave. I am being accountable to Cheryl in South Dakota. I have about eight that keep creaping back on me. I am convinced this is water weight because I haven't changed my diet.

I will run today. Here is when I plan to do things:

12 - 1:00 p.m. Finish up homeschool and run for 30 minutes, 20 minutes of strength and flex.
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Read All Rivers Run to the Sea
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Jesus Bible Study and Bible Reading
3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Deliver things to Nancy (or whenever car gets back from swimming)
4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Clean and cooking prep.

After dinner, maybe Valentine&#…

Learning in Homeschool

Today we learned about the eyes, and I had the boys label a diagram of the eye. I love learning right along with them. We watched two brainpop movies on eyes and vision. I love brainpop!

We also read about Cam Townsend who started Wycliffe Bible Translators. I love history!

I am also finishing up my God and the Trinity Bible Study for tonight. I am so glad that I delegated the copying of the homework to Lisa since she is already in the office these days. YEAH! My Mondays were often eaten up by copying that someone else can do besides me. Many hands make light work.

I am off to walk for 45 minutes, do some strength and flexibility and also I am determined to read a bit this afternoon.

Better go then because it is already 1:45! So this is the rest of the day:

1:45-2:00 Eat lunch
2:00-2:45 Walk
2:45-3:15 Strength
3:15-3:45 Bible study
3:45-4:15 Read All Rivers Run to the Sea
4:15-5:15 Dinner preparation and cleaning
5:15-6:15 Dinner and get ready for tonight
6:15-9:30 Women Becoming

Took a rest that watered my soul

I needed it. After the January 30 meeting of Women Becoming, I took a five day rest from all things related to it. I also shut down FACED email loop and Tia ended Grace Shade Tree website but not the loop. I took a well-earned rest from all that I had been doing in January, went to the doctor to see about my insomnia (she thinks it is related to menopausal symptoms), ran or walked everyday, and slow-down. Lovely. Just what the doctor ordered.

I am out of the prison that I chose to walk back into by please people. So, I said lots of NO's that week, and I am still alive. Now, my biggest challenge will be saying no to the person who badgers me most of all. She has been otherwise occupied, and she really hasn't badgered me for quite some time, but I am afraid that this summer will be another repeat of last summer, and I can't take that again. :(

So, I need to pray. Ginny and Lorraine are praying too.

Sunday morning is quiet. Paul is sick. So, I stayed behind to be with…