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Tear Day

It seems that today is a tear dayOne little thing set me down a path Cleansed by salt water Running down the cheeks Over a six hour span I'm spent Yet refreshed Authenticity accepted Validated Understood From caring hearts Outstretched over the telephone line

This Made Me Laugh This Morning

I'm a "Realist-Optimist" What are you?

The Delight of an Hour

I delight in the last hourTalking to teenage sponges About the effect of advertising On the human psyche Seeing the percent change In their "mock stocks" Explaining the function Of an extensor tendon On a big right toe Progress made through Sir Gawain's vocabulary Eyes engaged - Love exchanged Tea sipped from great-grandma's English tea cups A delicious hour Savored until the last minute Drops


One thing after anotherLittle emergencies and big Isaac has an emergency appendectomy Steve's dad dies suddenly I cut my extensor tendon for my big toe People rushing to care for their fellow man The ebb and flow of this mass of humanity With individual needs and fears The mass becomes each lone heart And we must care We must touch We must strive to go outside of ourselves To hug the collective whole one heart at a time Without this we die as a people

Annie Barrows | Borders Media

From my touch!

School and Dave Ramsey Finance Class

I love being more at home this year. Even though I am not constantly looking over my kids' shoulder during school, I am there when they need me. Sometimes they do not, sometimes they do.
Today they are taking the Dave Ramsey Finance Class Chapter 4 Test on debt. Michael already did it and got a 90%. Paul is still taking it. I REALLY like that class and highly recommend it to all home schoolers, AND their parents. I wouldn't let any kids graduate without this class. It is that important and probably the most practical class they will take.