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1. Living in Christ's Presence by Dallas Willard and John Ortberg

This book is a transcript of a video series that I purchased. It is the last conference Dallas Willard ever gave and is on his "final words on heaven and the Kingdom of God." It is precious, and my friends borrow my DVD series so much that I decided to buy the book on my Kindle so I could always have it! I like having the written down version because I wrap my mind around it a bit better. Sometimes he can be difficult to read, but he was not difficult to listen to. Consequently, this transcript of the video series will be easier to grasp.  John Ortberg's talks are also quite good as I have always joked that John Ortberg's books were "Dallas Willard for Dummies" because Dallas sometimes is hard to grasp!  The interviews with Ortberg and Willard are also excellent.  Dallas Willard was a seasoned saint and had so much to say about Christ-likeness! I ate up both the DVD series and this book.

Here are just a few quotes:

We have been through a period when the domina…

Jane Eyre and my Trapdoor Band of Beauties

“I climbed the three staircases, raised the trapdoor of the attic, and having reached the leads, looked out afar over sequestered field and hill, and along dim skyline—that then I longed for a power of vision which might overpass that limit; which might reach the busy world, towns, regions full of life I had heard of but never seen—that then I desired more of practical experience than I possessed; more of intercourse with my kind, of acquaintance with variety of character, than was here within my reach.”

I Am Always More Spiritual in the Mornings . . .

. . . and then the "worries of the world" take over (Mark 4:19). After that glorious post yesterday morning of Kingdom Focus (Matthew 6:33), I was faced with some stressful points of my day! Suzanne emailed me about getting together with Kellie and Jamie in Phoenix, Nathan said the worship leader for next week's conference was not able to do it, people asking to get together with me last minute and coming over at 11:45. That means two meetings back to back (ended up being five hours of meeting time).  Oh my, I have to get all this stuff done for next weekend before they come. Oh, Suzanne, you have been sending emails, and they have not arrived? Oh yes, my husband has never installed the software for the remote desktop to access that particular email account. I wonder how many letters have gone there that we have not responded to.  

 Then the uncertainty of working with "P" personality types made me wonder: What will we do for a rental car next weekend? Where are…

On Seeking First God's Kingdom

I was already reading the book quoted below, but I had not gotten to this page. But as I was researching the Kingdom of God for my meditations in Luke 17 this morning, I came across this excerpt and felt God wanted me to pay attention. A portion of this excerpt also popped up in another article I read. In addition, Matthew 6:33 is my verse for the year, I had to post it here to document God's hand on my morning. 

 The meaning of Matt 16:19 is, therefore, not fundamentally different from Matt. 6:33: "Seek more than anything else to act with the kingdom of God and to have His kind of goodness, and all else you need will be added." (paraphrase) Or Romans 8:32: "He who did not spare his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things." (NAS) Or the well-known Philipians 4:19: "And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (NAS)But if the abundance is here, eno…

Freedom of Speech and Opinion

Break one, thousand will rise
— Lucille Clerc (@LucilleClerc) January 7, 2015
 I agree with Voltaire:

Sunday Morning Freewrite

I am going to use different font on this blog depending on my mood. :)

It is 12:29 am, and I am sort of in a rebellious mood saying, "I am not going to go to bed!"  Basically, this will be the last day of my vacation, and I am fighting it! Michael will go back to SOU tomorrow, and George goes back to work on Tuesday.

WAHHHHH! I do not want our family time to be over yet!

I have been working most of the vacation, but the Bible Book Club/Gospel Harmony Book Club is fun work!

I have not done as much communicating by email though. I have tried to just be with the family and be all here! That has been very good.

I have also been working on pictures. The boys put all their pictures in their books through the end of 2013 and chose all their picture for 2014! I just need to upload all of their pictures for the year before Tuesday when Shutterfly's sale ends. 

Now to see if I can make the deadline for my pictures from our River Cruise! That is going to be hard. It will be nice to reliv…

My Lord and Me 2014

I always have a day of prayer at the end of the year to evaluate it and set some goals for the next year. 

Nine of us met at Tri-Delta Sorority at 9 am on December 31, 2014. Teala is the house mom there, and we think we have done this for eighteen year now (with two years off in 1997-98 because we were in Malaysia).  Kim, Katherine, Joanne, George, Jordan, Jamie, and Nancy joined us with everyone but Kim, Katherine, and Nancy staying to the end. We had a nice time of evaluation with a theme of God being KING and us being His prince and princesses. Pretty cool when we gathered to talk about our time.

God had given me Matthew 6:33-34 a couple of days before the time, it was confirmed when I got up to read and review Matthew 6 in the Bible Book Club:

But seek first  His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.

Therefore, do not be anxious 
for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself each day has enough trouble of its own.
When I reviewed 2014 Days of Prayer (Nin…

2014 Moves, Series, Non-Fiction

My goals is always to read more books than watch movies, but they almost tied this year!
Favorite movies:  It's a Wonderful Life (rewatch) One Hundred Foot Journey (new) Favorite series: Downton Abbey Series 4 Favorite non-fiction: Living in Christ's Presence (Willard's finest!) Least Favorite movie: Wild (unnecessary sex and language)
JANUARY 1. Batman Returns 2. Not Today 3. Batman Begins 4. Downton Abbey Series 4 FEBRUARY 5. Sherlock Series 3 6. 2016: Obama's America 7. Downton Abbey Series 4 (rewatch) MARCH 8. All the President's Men 9. The Muppets 10. Doctor Who: The Snowmen APRIL 11. Doctor Who Season 7, Part II 12. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Specials MAY 13. The Great Gatsby (2013) 14. Saving Mr. Banks 15. Monuments Men 16. 42 JUNE 17. Frozen 18. Muppets: Most Wanted 19. The Book Thief 20. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 21. Oregon Experience - Oregon Wines: Grapes of Place 22. The Bible Mini Series 23. Miss Potter 24. Rick Steves Europe - France, England, Scotland JULY 25. Cold Mountain (…