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The Point Where It Hits You

I am sitting here and reading through what I wrote yesterday about Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and it hits me: This wash of peace like a gentle wave, rocking me almost to sleep. I rush over here to write about it. How do you document something like this so that others might believe? I don't know. It is not my goal to make them believe but just to bear witness to what I believe. This "wash" is not measurable scientifically, but it is real, nonetheless. I'm so thankful right now to know what I know because You are knowable. . . if people take the time to search. Like Helen Keller when she first heard about God:
H. L. Willmington. Willmington's Guide to the Bible.Tyndale House Publishers. Retrieved 2007–10–18. "Sometime after she had progressed to the point that she could engage in conversation, she was told of God and his love in sending Christ to die on the cross. She is said to have responded with joy, "I always knew he was there, but I di…

Finger Freewrite (for warming up)

The kids just left for their college classes, and I am going to do some writing on the BBC and GHBC this morning. I might take a walk first since it is supposed to be a 90% chance of rain today but right now is sunny and warmer than usual.

What am I sitting here for then? Opportunity awaits.

Carol OUT!

52 in 52 Week 5: The Shape of the Eye by George Estreich

The Shape of the Eye: Down Syndrome, Family, and the Stories We Inherit  by George Estreich   This book was selected by my "Book Babes" Book Club. The father of the lovely child on the cover is a stay-at-home dad who is also a poet and writer. He paints a beautiful canvas of words across the page. He lives in my town (didn't know that when I first started reading). So, it was fun to have him paint descriptions of this city in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. He also mentions my old work place, the Eugene Children's Health and Rehabilitation Center, where I learned as a young 21 year old receptionist that having a child with special needs was not the end of the world but the beginning of something beautiful. I saw so many happy families as they waited for their appointments. They were amazing people who adapted and grew from the challenge of raising a child with special needs.  This book is not only about Down Syndrome but essays about the author's life…

52 in 52 Week 4: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

I listened to the version narrated by Ruby Dee, and I can't imagine reading it any other way! Ruby Dee plays the grandmother in the 2005 TV movie. She is perfect. I had saved this one for my vacation in February, but I needed something to listen to during exercise this week, and once I started, I could not stop. 

I can't believe that this was left off The Well-Educated Mind reading list! The black fiction on that list is excellent, and I learned a ton, but this is by a woman who was ahead of her time in writing from the soul of a black woman. It is exquisitely written. I lingered on some of the words. Beautiful in every way. Here are two quotes by Janie, the main character in the story:
"Love is lak de sea. It's uh movin' thing,  but still and all, it takes its shape from de shore it meets,  and it's different with every shore."

"two things everbody's got tuh do fuhtheyselves.  They got tuh go tuh God,  and they got tuh find out about livin' fuhthey…

52 in 52 Week 3: The Broke Diaries by Angela Nissel

The Broke Diaries
by Angela Nissel

This was on the Book Babes Book Club books I didn't read.  It is a young adult's struggle to survive when she is a student and has no money. She is a humorous writer, and it was an easy read. It was nothing profound, and some of the language was not my cup of tea.

I certainly had compassion for her. It sounds like she had no help in how to manage her money once she got it. She makes some pretty stupid decisions that cause her to have even more financial problems.

I think she has a bright future ahead of her as a writer or hilarious essayist, much in the spirit of Dave Berry. I am sure she won't be broke for long.

52 in 52 Week 2:Hanna's Daughters by Marianne Fredriksson

Finished January 14

Three generations of Swedish women and the men they loved. Or did they love them?

This is a book that was read before I joined the Book Babes Book Club. So, I am reading all the books I missed over the last 11 1/2 years. I had heard from the original members that it wasn't good. So I was prepared not to like it, but I did. Some of the writing is exquisite:  "These roamings over the years taught me a great deal about the sea, what it sounds like and how it smells in storms or calm, in dull weather, sun or mist. But I know nothing of its intentions, anyhow nothing I can put into words, though occasionally I think it is all-embracing like the presence of God."

It was slow going, but I decided this day to sit down and really savor and read it and loved its poignancy. Hanna, Johanna, and Anna. Johanna was born at the same time as my grandmother in the same area of Sweden too.  It has special meaning as I realized I finished reading it on what would have b…

52 in 52 Week 1: Animal Farm by George Orwell

This is my third foray into Orwellian brilliance (1984 and The Road to Wigan Pier being the first two). A couple of weeks after finishing it, my boys were discussing the stupidity of communism, and I said, "You have got to read  Animal Farm!" In the spirit of Aesop's Fables, Orwell uses satire to teach a moral lesson with animals as the characters. Communism will always fail because of the animal in all of us. The animals were oppressed, but their system of governance was not a solution to Jones not feeding them.  It was interesting to read this on the heals of The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn. Napoleon's control reminded me of totalitarian Stalinism.  That is a book everyone needs to read (I read the abridged version in the picture below).
Animal Farm is so accessible. I am not sure why the woman who set the curriculum for the British Literature class I facilitated did not include this on her list. I'm hoping my kids can listen to the excellently narrated v…

52 in 52

I am a little late to the party, but I just joined this:

I'm joining during week four, but surprisingly, I read two books for weeks 1 and 2, but three and four are together and will probably be finished on week four. This is because I usually listen to an audiobook for exercising/working and one for leisure time. Being that I just had a tooth extraction, I am going to PLOW through the book I have had my nightstand since Christmas (It is a little slow). 
So here goes with a new adventure!

My 600th Post!

I have had this blog a while, but I don't write here very often. I was surprised it was number 600 though!  This doesn't count the blog that I thought I had lost so I started this new one. It disappeared for years. Then, all of a sudden it showed up on my blog dashboard one day: .

I just had a tooth extraction today. SO, it says I must "recline upright" until the evening. I am determined to read a book and not work today, but we will see. I am having so much fun with my new writing project ( that it is hard for me to step away. I am SO glad I am doing the Old Testament Bible Book Club concurrently with this because those OT prophets are pretty hard to get through. I was longing to get to Jesus by the end last time we covered them in the BBC! So, Jesus is front and center in my thoughts everyday, and we are looking BACK at those OT prophets!  Very fun and rewarding project.

I love our …

100 Great Books: 50%

THE BOOK OF GREAT BOOKS 100 Aeneid – VirgilAll Quiet on the Western Front – RemarqueAll the King’s Men – WarrenAnimal Farm – Orwell As I Lay Dying – FaulknerAs You Like It – ShakespeareThe Awakening – ChopinBeowulfBill Budd – MelvilleThe Bluest Eyes – MorrisonBrave New World – HuxleyThe Call of the Wild – LondonCandide – VoltaireThe Canterbury Tales – ChaucerCatch22 – HellerThe Color Purple – WalkerCrime and Punishment – DostoyevskyThe Crucible – MillerDaisy Miller – JamesDavid Copperfield – DickensDeath of a Salesman – MillerDiary of a Young Girl – FrankInferno – DanteDoctor Faustus – MarloweA Doll’s House – IbsenDon Quixote – CervantesEthan Frome – WhartonEuthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo – PlatoA Farewell to Arms – HemingwayFaust: Parts 1 and 2 – GoetheFor Whom the Bell Tolls – HemingwayFrankenstein – Shelly (read)The Glass Menagerie – WilliamsThe Good Earth – BuckThe Grapes of Wrath – SteinbeckGreat Expectations – Dickens (read)The Great Gatsby – FitzgeraldGulliver’s Travels – Swif…

Ugh! Not Feeling Well

I have not felt well since last Sunday! Part of it might be that I have been restricted from going to Pilates for the last 10 days (but whose counting?). It also might be I have a little low-grade thing going on. It isn't anything major, but I wake up every morning feeling sort of yucky.

So, I am getting my fingers warmed up as I meditate and digest the Parable of the Sower and the Seed. I am heading into the Kingdom Parables in my chronological study, and I love it! I realize that when I wrote for the Bible Book Club in 2010 on these, I didn't discuss them so thoroughly, and I am this time. So, I'm praying that I can do them justice because they are so rich and meaningful and wonderful.

On another note, we are flooding, and I wish I felt well enough to go out and nurture my inner photog, but I don't even feel like doing that. I think we might make the news. The governor has declared our county to be in a state of emergency.  A mother and her baby have already died bei…

Groggy Night

I couldn't fall asleep last night. I got into bed at 3 am. Then I was freezing. It turned out that when Kathleen was over last night, and I was cold. I went to turn up the heat and accidentally turned it off. BRRR.

I am in my office right now because Valentina and Peter are cleaning my house. Thankful for that. I am writing for the Gospel Harmony Book Club/Bible Book Club on John 6 which was also my reading for our Kingdom Community. I am very thankful to have time in the Word this year. It seems like my schedule opened up for the special added project of the GHBC! It will make for a much lighter year next year as we are in the New Testament for the BBC.

Well, I am warmed right now by the Bread of Life. Thank You, Jesus.

Making an Effort to Post More Here

I have been sick the last couple of days. I feel it more when I first wake up. I was so uncomfortable and couldn't sleep. So I got up at 4:30 with that achy feeling all over my body.

No worries though, I still worked from 4:30 - 11:30 on the Gospel Harmony Book Club. Love doing that. The Beatitudes were on the docket for today, and they were tough to get through. I have a different take on them than most commentators. So, I had to plow through Dallas Willard's rather wordy commentary on them in The Divine Conspiracy. He does give words to what I have always believed, but TOO many words! LOL!

Now, I am comparing prices on the different photo sites, and I still can't come down on one I like the best. I didn't like how Snapfish cropped some of my pictures (I see now it was the ones I took with the Powershot which has a different aspect ratio than the Digital SLR so that shouldn't be too much of a problem) especially on the ones I had resized. I guess I have learned m…

2011 Movies and Documentaries

1. Lost Season 2
2. Lost Season 3
3. Lost Season 4
4. Lost Season 5
5. Lost Season 6
6. Jesus Camp
7. Shrek
8. I Can Do Bad All by Myself
9. Larkrise to Candleford Season 4
10. 1776 (great with Democracy in America)
11. Hachi: A Dog's Tale (BORING!)
12. Upstairs, Downstairs (new one)
13. Wives and Daughters (rewatch)
14. North and South (rewatch)
15. The Last King of Scotland
16. Friends of God
17. Any Human Heart (ick!)
18. South Riding
19. Contact
20. Extraordinary Measures
21. The Secret Life of Bees (Slow and didn't like book either)
22. The Bourne Supremacy June
23. The Bourne Ultimatum 24. The Bourne Identity 25. Two Week's Notice 26. Jane Eyre 27. Poldark 2 28. The Cove 29. Persuasion (Hinds, Root) July 30. A Few Good Men (clear play made it great!) 31. Creation (excellent) 32. Country Strong 33. The Adjustment Bureau August 34. Arthur (Edited for the plane) 35. Water for Elephants (teary!) 36. Just Go With It 37. Treasure Island (1934) 38. The Help (BEST …


I am grateful for today. I realize that writing has become so much of my work these days. I wrote a 553 page book last year. Or I should say that I wrote about 200 pages last year and reworked and edited the rest. I will be doing the same this year with another book in the works for the Gospel Harmony Book Club.

Interesting that I have lost meeting with Jane, Elizabeth, and Michelle from 2011 but will meet with Kathleen and periodically with Heather. So, that gives me some extra time.

What I have done with that extra time is picked up a Romans study with Rachel and Kim (which I love) and am working more on home projects long neglected because ministry has beckoned. I suppose I have a certain amount of time doing home things, and most of that home time was spent homeschooling, leading literature classes, and homeschool field trips. So, the "home" stuff has shifted as I take the role of cheerleader and occasional proofreader for the college work that my kids are doing.

Well, I…

Ten Minute Freewrite: GO!

I am going to just write without stopping for a while. I had hoped to write here more often. I am on a heating pad today because I think I sat in my chair too long today. I worked on a week's worth of Gospel Harmony Book Club posts (so yummy, btw). So, I had to stop and do the big, moist-heat bag. I did some stretching, and whatever was out popped right back into place. YAY!  But I am taking it easy now in bed.
I have loved this month of fasting so far. I feel like the focus has been really good. I love that I am doing it with others. I am really challenged by many things.
George and I are going to go to Aqua again for Valentine's Day. I had this: red curried sweet potato puree, local braising greens, crispy sweet potato, truffled basil coulis, and passionfruit buerre blanc. It was easily the best meal I have had in YEARS (others being one of the times we went to Nick's and Gladwin's mother's Indian cooking).  
I can't believe it has been eight minutes, but I a…