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Prayerful Review of Friday Week 4

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

Teaming with my Kingdom Community to go to the mosqueObeying God by baking bread on "Love your Neighbor" FridayHaving George working from home. :)Feeling free to "break the fast" because my Muslim friend offered me the bread I had baked for the women at the Friday prayer time. Then I ate the leftover Middle Eastern food from the guys lunch.

What made me feel most dead and not in tune with God's plan: Nothing comes to mind from the day Ways to show my love for God and others today: Prayer walk with George once the fog clears. Take care of my body by resting more today. I think I was too busy this week and run myself down a bit. Continue to pray for Molly's support so she can go back to the Dutch Bros time.

Follow up from yesterday's commitment:

Friday midday mosque visit (this probably will not be tough but want to show love to our Muslim neighbors). Be a listener. Should I bake bread, Lord?


Prayerful Review of Wednesday and Thursday Week 4

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:
Moving my body in Pilates (cannot believe I get paid to workout)Riding my bike to work in the sunshine and crisp winter airWalk with Kim (soulmate who knows me)Time with Paul on the way to and from the oral surgeonDelivering books to shut-insTime in GenesisWriting my prayer letter (finally) Contact with our prayer warriors who respondedReconciliation and love with a sister in Jesus and having two of my "go to girls" show up there and know that they pray for me!Following God's lead to walk to Calvary and pray only to run into Jennifer and have her invite me to their noon prayer time!Going to pray for internationals at Suburban and seeing 20 people there, mostly college students - seeing our new pastor's wife had already invited a woman from Chile over to their house for dinner. The new college pastor, and his interest in reaching out to internationals! That is an answer to prayer!Rest after two really busy d…

Prayerful Review of Monday and Tuesday of Week 4

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

Sweet, sweet time of prayer for the "Turkestan" with my Kingdom CommunityPrayer led by Jamie for the "Night to Shine"Three great Pilates classes on Monday.Being active all day on MondayTime in GenesisTalking about Honor and Shame and the 10 Commandments with Kingdom CommunityPrayer walk up to Coronado and AztecText from Kim when I was just thinking about herCelebrating Michael's birthday with just our familyHearing all the interactions my Kingdom Community is havingRiding my bike to and from OSU on MondayFacebook fast - It may be longer than this weekA pleasant interaction with someone I have had to pull back from due to it being "deadening" for me. I felt like it was good to have this limited interaction.
What made me feel most dead and not in tune with God's plan: When one member of the body suffers, we all suffer. Devastated by sin of a member of the body. Too much sitting on Tuesday …

Facebook Fast

My church is having a "Prayer and Fasting Week." After I am done teaching my classes until Wednesday night, I will actually fast from food, but since last night, I have been fasting from Facebook. So, I am going to log here when I had the thought to post, and what it was that I was going to post.

Jan 23 1:34 pm. Wanted to post how great it felt to do Pilates at OSU today.
(By the way, I WILL make one exception during the fast to post A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 25 YEAR OLD SON!)

Jan 24 6:22 am. Was tempted to "check in" because it is part of my morning routine. Wanted to post my chapters in Genesis, but I am not even doing that. Natural inclination on my part to pass on what I am learning, especially from God. I know I would go on and get bombarded with news that is junk though. SO tired of the negativity. By the way, one of my Pilates students told me how to turn off the news on my iPhone. I am so happy about that. I also turned it off on start up page. Chrome never …

Prayer Review of Week 3

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

Sweet, sweet time of prayer for the Persian world with my Kingdom CommunityPrayer to kick off the Week of Prayer and Fasting with 25 people I loveListening prayer leaders meeting and talking with Graham and NicoleWalking to church in the sunshineTime in GenesisTalking about Honor and Shame with Kingdom CommunityBeautiful teamwork speaking at a workshop with the four other women who do what I do up in PortlandA day to catch up on studying at Hillsboro LibraryBeautiful interaction with one of the library employeesWalking at Dawson CreekThe sunset from the second floor of the librarySpending time with George in the car to and from HillsboroWorking with my mother-in-law to clean out Aunt Dot's house and finding treasured memoriesGood Pilates teaching weekMeeting new International students at Free LunchHelping the Free Lunch people clean upPraying with the Free Lunch peopleNice talk with Jordan at Free LunchRiding my bike to …

Prayerful Review of the Week

I have not done this since the third week of December. While I would love to do this daily, I think it is more realistic to do it weekly. :) These are questions from Trevor Hudson who wrote Beyond Loneliness. This was part of the supplementary material he supplied through the Renovare Book Club

Prayerful Review of Week 2:
What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:

Celebrating Aunt Dot's life at the Memorial.Seeing my son's talent on display in the slide show he created.Laughing hysterically in the car with my family.The beauty of pure white snow across fields.The dancing light on snow and ice.Times in Genesis and the gospel.Praying the Scriptures.Talking with friends on Facebook.Meeting with my Kingdom Community after a long break. Hearing them tell Bible Stories!Two new classes of mostly 20-something students is so invigorating for me. Cross-country skiing in my neighborhood in freshly fallen snow.Reaching my goal of losing 10 pounds in a month. :) Eating real…

3. The Coming of Mr. Quinn by Agatha Christie

This is a perfect story to read at the New Year since that is when the events of this mystery take place. It is a short and sweet introduction to the brilliance of Agatha Christy. I thought I read one in high school, but I cannot remember the name. So maybe I never have! It is short and sweet but fun!

2. The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

I read Notes from a Small Island by the same author just last month. I thought it might be too much, but it was just more about the place that I love! He went to more places that we have been to, and one of his favorite places was Avebury Stones. It was also probably our favorite place too. He also made me feel better about not going inside the Manor House there and just walking around all the cool places like West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill! We saved ourselves a lot of money that way! (Here is my own travelogue of the Avebury Stones:

I know some people think he is a curmudgeon, but I think he is just hilarious. I also learn so much about the history of places when he writes these little travel memoirs.

I kept thinking he was going to end up in Little Dribbling, but alas, it is a fictional place!

1. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

What a delightful book! I cannot believe I had never read it. The whole time I kept wondering if they had made a movie out of this. Then, as I was drifting off to sleep with the "sleep timer" on this audiobook, my subconscious kicked into high gear. I had seen a movie on this book! It was with Shirley Temple and was one of my favorite movie memories as a small child! There is one particular scene that is simply delightful.

I give two thumbs up to this little gem. I really liked the audiobook that I got free a long time ago and had forgotten about.

2017 Seven Simple Scripture Steps

Teala and I are on our 21st year of having a Day of Prayer at the sorority she is currently working at (with the exception of the two years we were in Malaysia at which time I had it remotely).

The word for the year is SIMPLE. I had all sorts of thoughts about GOALS for the year, but God said to keep it simple. So, I have "Seven Simple Scripture Steps for '17!"
1.Cease striving (be still, let go, relax) and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. (Psalm 46:10)
(Stilling my heart before Him, not rushing ahead of His plan for my day but being still so I can listen)
2. Continually seek His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be provided to you. (Matthew 6:33)
(Moment by moment seeking)
3. Blessed are those who hear the word of God, and obey it. (Luke 11:28)
(Daily listening and obeying - no more, no less)
4. And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, …