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24. Agent ZigZag by Ben Macintyre

This book was enthusiastically recommended to me by a couple we met while traveling in Europe. This is a GREAT book! It is the story of criminal, Eddie Chapman, who become a German spy and then a British double agent during World War II. I really enjoyed this book and is perfect "prep" reading for our trip to England in 2015!

Here is a 2011 BBC documentary presented by the author and includes an interview with Chapman!

19-23 Rick Steves' Guidebooks


Feeling Weird

Not sure what is up. I had an appointment today at 10 am, but she overslept, and we rescheduled. I had plans for the afternoon to get all my pictures ready for a 40% off order at Shutterfly and get my Disciplemaking Movements (DMM) stuff into the schedule, but after a walk, I feel strange. I wonder if I am coming down with something. 
I do not know. Computer picked up some kind of bug too.

Grand European Tour in Freewrite: Amsterdam/Haarlam

How do you summarize a fifteen day adventure down the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers? It was a trip of a lifetime, and God kept saying "fly, enjoy, spend time with George." So I did, and we loved it. We were told we acted like newlyweds! 

So here goes. This is an abbreviated freewrite with no full sentences. 


Tall people everywhere. Fit right in. No stares or gawks or laughs like we do in Asia. Canals. Beauty of tightly fit houses.

Twenty minute train to Haarlam with the lifelong dream of visiting Corrie Ten Boom's house. Travel easy with help from an American behind us in line while buying tickets. Almost killed by a crazy bicyclist when crossing over to train station. BIKES EVERYWHERE - a "sea of bikes" with no regard for road rules. 

Back to Corrie. Made it with 25 people waiting in line, but we managed to make the English tour within five minutes of it starting. Five hundred year old house with rich history. Stood in "The Hiding Place.&quo…