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Norma and Me

Norma and Me, originally uploaded by carolfoasia. Via Flickr:
We have so much in common! By the way, she is standing on a step!

What I'm Learning From Bangka/Belitung and Back Again

Here is what I journaled yesterday:

To Bangka and Back Again - July 23, 2011 (3:28 am – 12:28 PM, July 22 in the States)

My intention was to buy a little journal when I got here, but I forgot to do so when we went out shopping yesterday. So, I am journaling on my computer. I journaled for about 15 minutes this morning when the computer shut down to install updates, but I don’t have a wireless connection. So, who knows what that was all about! It rebooted and what I had already written was not auto-saved.

 I got up at about 2:30 am. It would be like as if I were sleeping late in the States (11:30 am). I love the early mornings that I have in Southeast Asia because of the time change.

Yesterday, God spoke to me from 1 Corinthians 12 about using my gifts to help George with the logistics of getting to Bangka. George was so open to that, but I think I overstepped it by interfering with the booking of the plane flights through Shi-Ane’s travel agent, Eunice. Eunice said her fee would be $50 S…

Let Your Presence Fall

Release Your power and let Your presence fall.

Touched by God this morning as I worship.

"Best friends are like salad . . .

"Best friends are like salad . . . a video by carolfoasia on Flickr. Via Flickr:
. . . all mixed up and really good for you."
This video proves it.