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Journey Through Job and Life

I went from an overview of Romans this morning with Kim and Rachel (a dream to study this book with them that is finally being realized, YAHOO!) to my journey through Job.

Since both kids are at their college classes, I broke into song at the top of my lungs:

 "I know that my Redeemer liveth . . . and because He lives . . . I, too, shall live."

Oh I must break out Handel's Messiah and put it on my iPod!  
I sang something like this in high school - I was in Job's Daughters. Some evangelicals would tell me that this wasn't a good thing, but they don't know what we learned there. They look from the outside and condemn it all as bad, but I only learned good from it, and it was so much praise and worship and Scripture!
They were lessons from the book of Job, and for a high schooler, they were excellent lessons that would develop my theology of suffering later on in life. I took the memorization very seriously, and they were great Scriptures and beautiful hymns l…

So Grateful

I am studying Ecclesiastes 11-12 this morning, and I am so grateful for my mentors who taught me to enjoy life by enjoying and remembering God!  This is Thanksgiving week, and there is such joy and freedom in remembering my "Creator in the days of my youth." It is a privilege to counsel with 20 somethings who are still finding their way. I want them to enjoy these days of their youth.

My heart broke talking to a girl last night who is struggling and lonely. I do not want to go back to my 20's, and I know Ellen Slifer was so right about that when I had my nervous breakdown at 23.  She said she would never want to relive her 20's. She was the only touch of kindness that I felt in those dark days at Loyd Chiropractic (with the maniacal boss who posed as a believer and follower of Jesus). She touched me and rubbed my shoulders. It was balm to me.

I looked her up on the internet and found she passed away in 2004. I tried to contact her husband to say thank you but the ph…

Life is Beautiful

Ecclesiastes really makes me wax philosophic. Life is beautiful. God does make all things beautiful in His lovely time. I look at the events of my life, and I see that God is sovereign in everything that has come my way. You can get bitter or better.  I saw examples of bitter recently, and I don't want that for my life. He can make even the bad beautiful. One prime example is Louis Zamperini in the Unbroken story. He could have been so bitter from his POW experience, but he chose to forgive.  So beautiful.

Forgiveness is so powerful.

Friday Freewrite

I haven't had a freewrite here for a while. So I am setting the timer (or watching the clock) for ten minutes and typing away. I don't have anything significant to write this morning, but Friday Freewrite sounds like a cool thing.

I have been back from Las Olas for nine days now. I think I am finally back to normal. My back is totally free from pain (for two days now), and my bruises are fading. There were many things I liked about the experience, but in many ways, it was very lonely for me. People kind of broke up in to couples from our group, and my other half was sweet but struggling and withdrew quite a bit. When we did talk, it was more counseling mode for me, but I loved her for her vulnerability and beauty.

So, I was pretty alone, especially from the third day on (we were cohesive until the second night and then everything changed). My third day was difficult. While I received original compassion, I felt it turned into ridicule when I came into my own on the fourth day …

The Well-Educated Mind BHAG Complete - 100% (158/158)

What began in August 2003 ended this morning at 12:37 am. I tried not to finish it so late at night, but I could not stop.
Goal achieved! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(By the way, BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Ancients (15 out of 15) BC
2000 Epic of Gilgamesh/Ferry/Poetry
800 Iliad (*+ T)/ Homer/Lattimore/ Poetry
800 Odyssey(*+ T) /Homer/Lattimore/Poetry
600 Greek Lyrics/ Lattimore/Poetry
458 Agamemnon(*+ T)/ Aeschylus/Drama

450 Oedipus Rex(*+ T)/ Sophocles/Drama
441 Histories/ Herodotus/ History
431 Medea/ Euripedes/ Drama
400 Birds/ (Clouds – T) /Aristophanes/ Drama
400 Peloponnesian War(*+ )/Thucydides/ History
375 Republic(*+)/ Plato/ History
330 Poetics(+)/ Aristotle/Drama 
65 Odes of Horace/Poetry

100 Greek Lives/Roman Lives by Plutarch

Medieval Times (19 out of 19)

400 Confessions*+ T Augustine Fitzgerald Autobio 
426 City of God+ Augustine History
731 Ecclesiastical History of the English People Bede History
1000 Beowulf* Poetry

1300 Inferno*+ Poetry 
1300's Everyman Drama

1350 Sir Gaw…