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After many tries on my old blog, I started a new

I couldn't get my old blog poster to come up, and it doesn't look like there is a place to ask why. So, I am starting a new blog. Sigh.

I am now on Day 57 of homeschoo. We just finished studying the American Revolution! It has been great reading such great books of historical fiction like Johnny Tremain and Tolliver's Secret. We have also read great books that told us more detail about the lives of Paul Revere and King George III. I have a better handle on all of these characters in history. Tonight, we will finish up JT and watch the Disney movie from 1957 as a family treat on Wednesday night.

Math is going fabulously since I realized we needed to do it in the morning instead of afternoon. My life has changed in that I don't usually have to help the kids with Spelling in the afternoon. So, I am done by the morning.

December will be a more low-key month as we take a history break and read history from Scripture about the birth of Jesus. We are also going t…