Post Christmas Freewrite

Well-Watered Soul

It is well with my soul. The season was lovely. I had a good balance of time with God and time with people. We missed one party. So, for the first time in years, we didn't go caroling, but we had such lovely time around the advent wreath, and I loved my "Messiah Meditations" over the last week.

Well-Educated Mind

You can read in other parts of the blog all the books that I have read. I like meatier ones rather than "fluffy Christmas stories."  I am just not a fan of fluffy books. I am being selective about the books that I read for our book club. I like many of them, and the last two were OK, but I won't read any more by the author. I just don't have time to read books that don't educate. It was interesting to reread Handel's Messiah: Comfort for God's People because Handel once said (not word for word), "I hope this piece of music doesn't merely ENTERTAIN."  This implies that he wanted to educate and edify too. I guess there are many books that are ENTERTAINING, but they don't do anything to lift my soul to God or educate me on a topic. I think that is the problem with the last two novels that I read for the book club. They did nothing to EDUCATE or EDIFY. They were just fun books, but I have so little time for these. So, I am just reading two more books over the next six months with them. I have already read three of the books on their list. I didn't care for Cold Sassy Tree so I won't reread it, and I don't think I can discuss it since it was so long ago. The other two books are both VERY educational: River of Doubt and Night. These both occur after I have more time. So, I will join in those discussion, and I remember them.  That leaves two books I think will be very beneficial: Dandelion Wine and The Year of Biblical Womanhood (or something like that). I have never read Ray Bradbury and have always wanted to, and the other one will be a lively discussion.  So, that will be it for me. I will read all the Book Dames ones though because they are educational because they are classic.

I liked my reading year, but I didn't like all of them on the 100 Great Books List and will be more selective on the "Lists" I chose from now on. I know that the Invitation to the Classics list will be safe though. :)

Well-Adjusted Heart


Well-Tuned Strength

Doing GREAT. Been wearing my BodyBugg again and I am tracking my calorie burn and consume. I have been in a deficit even through the Christmas holiday. I don't have a LOT to lose, but I have some that has creeped up on me because I have had NO check on me since I went surfing in November 2011!  So, I am in a very good place since I QUIT running. Running may burn more calories, but it doesn't when it causes your back to go out and you have to go to bed!!! DUH! It took me a while to figure that out.

I am also not sitting at my computer and have many projects that I have put off due to BACK issues. I am going through closets in the new year because I can BEND! YAY! I will, no doubt, burn many calories because of being more active around the house. It is great to be free of pain. Part of that is also because I don't have to sit at my computer as much because the Bible Book Club writing is winding down for me! I only have 73 more posts, and I am writing a "POST FOR A POUND." When I lose a pound, I will allow myself the luxury of being inactive sitting at the computer and writing a post!" I do NOT have 73 pounds to lose, but I will write only if I have maintained my weight. If I gain a pound, I will suspend writing until I have lost that pound. If I don't gain a pound, I can keep on writing. Since I am INTRINSICALLY motivated to FINISH the Bible Book Club, it will be a win-win. My first weigh in is tomorrow, and I think it is going to afford me writing three posts because I have been in deficit for 8 days!!!

I have been consistent in exercise and resistance training for weeks now. Snap Fitness was a very good move, and I am on a plan. I did bending and standing during the holiday and had no back problems other than when I sprinted after the bus with holiday gifts in my hands. DUMB! Oh well, Dr. Koen got to see me for Christmas. :)

Speaking of exercising. I am off to ride my bike to SNAP in my NEW bike jacket.

P.S. We are also having a year of living FRUGALLY 2013. We are not going out to eat unless God provides the money in a gift (We already have  Applebee's and Laughing Planet gift cards for two dates next year). We will still have dates, but they will be walking, hiking, sitting and drinking tea together and talking, going to the library, etc. We always say our favorite date was when we ran up and down Bald Hill when we were really poor, and we want to go back to frugality. We are not really poor anymore, but we want the challenge of saving for our 25th Anniversary trip to Europe in 2015!!! YAY!

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