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Limbo Land

I am in Limbo Land since that last post. Thinking that the separation would be easy, it has become very hard and painful for me and my partner. SHOOT!

I want to escape, but I don't think I am to leave this ministry.

Abiding Fruitfulness

These are the women that I have talked on and off about all year. What an extremely challenging and "out of comfort zone" experience for me. It was out of my comfort zone but not out of my gifting. We each developed Personal Mission Statements and shared our dreams for the future. It was a fabulous time.
Now, I am getting floods of emails with each of these women sharing their excitement as they put feet to their vision and are flying.
- K (far left in the back) has a vision for "bringing love and hope for healing change for hurting people" and is starting a "Changes that Heal" group for women who have suffered with knowing that God really loves them. She is passionate for wholeness.
- K (back second from right) has a vision for "creating a nurturing and inclusive community for women of young children" and is starting a children's retail/resale clothing store in hopes it will become a place for young moms to gather and find support in this isol…