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Vision and Attainable Goals

Got this from Dale Carnegie Tips today:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a vision.”

- Anonymous

Creating goals that will lead you to realize your vision is an important step in professional development. Here are some tips on creating goals for yourself and your team:

* Determine your vision and document it
* Outline steps that will help you realize your vision
* Make each of those steps goals that are measurable and attainable
* Evaluate your vision as you reach each goal

I thought immediately of Bible Book Club! I have a vision for going through the Bible with a group, and we are doing it one day at a time. It has been great!

I also thought about the classical literature goal. Here is how it is going:



Greek Lyrics - Lattimore Trans
Agamemnon* - Aeschylus (I added Libation Bearers and Eumedides too)
Oedipus Rex - Sophocles
Medea - Euripedes
Birds - Aristophanes WILL FINISH TONIGHT!


Histories - Herodutus NEXT!
Peloponnesian War - Thucydides

Peace Like A River

Nope, I am not reviewing a book today. I am just expressing the peace that I feel in my heart. The day has been so good. I have been only walking or riding a bike at the club lately while my back gets back to 100%, and I have to admit that I like the slower workout pace for me. I have more time in the day to do other things. So, I must find the balance there because my back will go out again if I am not really strong! Right now, I am not worrying about it and enjoying the extra time.

I am also just loving homeschooling the kids. They are just so darn disciplined! They don't complain and get right down to their work, and do it pretty independently these days. So, I am there with them available to answer questions, but I am able to read and write while they work. I'm doing my "school work" which includes my Well-Educated Mind reading (which overlaps with much of Michaels Classical Lit reading) and writing for Bible Book Club.

Michael is doing really well with Bob Jones …

Reviews of Iliad/Odyssey/Crazy for God

I haven't been doing reviews. I may have done a brief one for Iliad, but I was swept away to Southern California right after I finished reading it. So, here are some brief ones:

The Iliad (Lattimore Translation)

I tried to read both the Fagles and the Lattimore translations, but it was just too much work to do both. I found the Fagles easier to understand in the beginning, but I found the Lattimore flowed more like poetry. Fagles helps one to know who is being talked about and the wheres of things, but once I knew who all the characters were, I didn't need his simplified explanations anymore. Lattimore really is the "definitive" source by all the experts, and I can see why that is so. With the help of Michael's teacher reading it on MP3 with explanations as she read, I let the Lattimore translation carry me away.
I was carried away into gnarly battles with graphic descriptions of spears going through body parts and lots of gore. It is a book about battle and rage an…

Found My Classic List for this Year

Here are the books from The Well-Educated Mind list that I would like to read this year:


Greek Lyrics - Lattimore Translation
Histories - Herodutus
Medea - Euripedes
Birds & Clouds - Aristophanes
Peloponnesian War - Thucydides
Republic - Plato
Poetics - Aristotle
Odes - Horace
Lives - Plutarch

Want to Reread Because Now I Understand the Context After Reading Homer:

Agamemnon* - Aeschylus
Oedipus Rex* - Sophocles

I also want to read the Shakespeare plays I will be seeing with Laura and friends when we go down to Ashland to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for her 40th Birthday weekend July 18-20!

Feeling very nerdly for having this goals. :)

Finished The Odyssey

YES! I feel so proud. I really liked it. It helped to have it on my iPod and listen while I lifted weights and ran on the treadmill. I think it is in its final form a romance. I am watching The Teaching Company tapes by Elizabeth Vandiver, and it has really added to my understanding.

I wonder what is next on my list? I have to find my list. LOL!