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Vacation Time

I have had great vacation seeing many fun people. I have been able to connect with my cousin Arlene, Liz Boggs, and Betty. I brought them all over to Sterling to spend time with mom, and I think it has raised her spirits considerably to have so many visitors in one week.

We have also seen Susanne for Shakespeare and the zoo (with her kids). We had lunch with Jerome and Terri and a Becoming Jane with Terri and her daughter, Bethany. We also went to the lake for skiing, wake boarding and intertubing with Chris, Holly, and Mitchell.

The highlight was getting to see Bill while George and the boys were at the Science Center. I am sorry that Bill didn't get to see them though, but I liked the one-on-one time.

Today we see Debbie and Jenna and maybe Hayley after she comes home from school. So, we have seen a ton of people, and it has all been very good.

We leave tomorrow morning for my high school reunion. I will see many old friends and faces. It should be really nice to see them all.


Tomorrow is my last day of my summer projects

I got through my reading list with no problem! YEAH! I will read The Hound of the Baskervilles on the way down to Southern California.

I also got through the whole pantry today and will finish the dishes/miscellaneous cupboards tomorrow. I might have a couple drawers too. That is it for project!


I am also doing really well with my physical goals! I am in good shape. The addition of Pilates to my Group Power and Cardio has really helped my shoulder.

I have also about finished Genesis. I just have 3 1/2 lessons of Isaac/Jacob/Esau. I hope to do this while I am on vacation. Meditation and prayer has been sweet.

It has been a great summer. I have really liked most everything about it. :)

2006 Book List

2006 Book List


1. Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

This is the novella written by my neighbor. It took me 88 minutes to read (only 102 pages), but it is an interesting book about a man who has a dinner with Jesus. Novel (get it?) idea. It is fun to know him and hope to dialogue with him about the book.


2. Eleanor, written and illustrated by Barbara Cooney (Kids)

I am just going to include my kids’ lists on my list too. I used to keep a separate list, but it is too much of a hassle. This book is so sweet. I loved the illustrations and tells a poignant story about Eleanor Roosevelt’s early life. Made me cry, but does that surprise

3. Eleanor Everywhere: the Life of Eleanor Roosevelt by Monica Kulling illustrated by Cliff Spohn (Kids)

This was much more detailed and filled in many of the holes from the first book we read. I didn’t realize that Teddy Roosevelt was her uncle, and that she (not her distant cousin and husband FDR) was the one more directly rela…

More Book Lists

2005 Commentary on Reading List

1. My Own Two Feet by Beverly Cleary (Book Club) 7

Somewhat interesting because it was during my parents' "era." Not anything WOW!

2. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (WEM) 8

I liked it. It was self_reflective for me even though it is difficult to swallow.

3. Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton (Book Club) 9.5

A beautifully written novel set in 1940's Apartheid South Africa. It has some beautiful themes and is written so poetically. I wrote down quotes because they were lovely.

4. Fight Fat After Forty by Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH 9

It is very no_nonsense advice about eating after forty. It addresses the "why" behind having munchies in the afternoon with practical suggestions for how to help that "CortiZone" period of the day. Excellent, sound nutrition.

5. House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (WEM) 9

Lovely. I am an official Edith Wharton fan after this book. Looks at early 19th century upperclass society in New York.

6. T…

Old Book Lists

I saw someone I used to know on line post many of her books she has recorded reading over the years, and I realized that I should do that too. So, here are my lists:


1. In the Presence of My Enemies
2. Iron and Silk (BB)
3. Swimming Across (BB)
4. It’s Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years.
5. Praying God’s Word by Beth
6. The South Beach Diet
7. Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation
8. Gulliver’s Travels (TWEM)
9. The Agony and Ecstasy (BB)
10. Pride & Prejudice (TWEM)
11. The Worn-Out Woman
12. Benjamin Franklin
13. The Feminine Mystique (TWEM)
14. Cold Sassy Tree (BB))
15. Oliver Twist (TWEM)
16. A Room with a View (TDS)
17. Five People You Meet in Heaven (BB)
18. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (TWEM)
19. Anna Karenina (TWEM)
20. Madame Bovary (TWEM)
21. Madame Bovary: C’est Moi
22. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
23. Epic of Gilgamesh (TWEM)
24. Moby Dick (TWEM)
25. Emma (BB)
26. Uncle Tom’s Cabin (TWEM)

The Precious

111 - A Grandmother's Love, originally uploaded by carolfoasia. I was walking home today from a meeting with Claudia (above), and I heard It is Well with My Soul on my iPod, and I looked up and saw the cross against a blue sky, and I just started crying like a baby. It is well with my soul, and I am home. I have utmost respect for Claudia and Vicki. I think we are in sinc as to what my role will be with the Women's Ministry: helping facilitate one-on-one mentoring and discipleship. I told her that God had given me these verses in my time of prayer: And we proclaim Him Admonishing every [wo]man and Teaching every [wo]man with all wisdom that we may Present every [wo]man Complete (mature, whole) in Christ. Col. 1:28,29. WOOHOO!

The Trinity: A Journal by Kenneth Boa

I am done with all my inductive Bible studies for the summer (Genesis and Colossians), and I have enjoyed just soaking through Lectio (pronounced Lek-see-o) Divina in this little gem. I have all four in his series, and I did the one with the Nicene Creed in it, but I don't think I fully appreciated it like I am this one. It is so simple and almost too simple that I think someone might not appreciate it. Read Meditate Pray through Contemplate on one - five verses per day. It has been very relaxing for me after too much intense inductive study. It all comes back to balance, really. Both are valuable and important disciplines that feed my soul. Balance.