52 in 52 Week 52: The Greatest Thing in the World

Love has got everything to do with it. Love this analysis of 1 Corinthians 13 by the Scottish evangelist, Henry Drummond. I listened to the LearnOutLoud.com audiobook by Seth Anderson.

I agree with this review on LibraryThing.com by sacredstacks:

The Greatest Thing in the World is taken from an address Henry Drummond, a Scottish evangelist, delivered to a gathering of friends in England in 1884. It is based on the 13th chapter of First Corinthians (the Love chapter).  
The Greatest Thing in the World
I couldn't find a better picture!

The inspiration behind this work includes the fact that the author was a geologist/explorer by profession. “As a Christian, he combined his knowledge of science with his understanding of the Creator and His many diverse creations.” In Chapter 3, Love Analyzed, he draws from his professional background to make a remarkable analysis. Using the way a prism breaks down light into many components of color, he demonstrates the way Paul breaks the spectrum of love down into the elements of patience, kindness, generosity, etc. The author goes on to write a section about each of these attributes. They all speak to our “horizontal” relationship with man as opposed to our “vertical” relationship with God. The prism illustration is a very compelling one; and I consider it to be the highlight of this book. The author begins Chapter 4, Love Defended, with Paul’s reason for singling out love as the supreme possession. Despite the many things man may focus on, love lasts. It never fails. 

The biblical truths examined in this book will give you a fresh perspective on life and love. Totally convinced of love’s power in everyday life, Drummond challenges believers to read the actual text of 1st Corinthians 13 once a week for the next three months. This compact book could easily function in today’s market as a commentary, which I’ve learned to refrain from using. The author’s treatment of 1st Corinthians 13, however, is a rare exception. I recommend it wholeheartedly. 
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