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Five Months Later . . .She returns to her blog!

I haven't blogged in five months and one day. I started this so long ago. I almost forgot that I had it.

We had a fabulous Christmas. I didn't need to "do" anything to fend off the "low" feeling that I often feel during this time. This was HUGE. I think going on my first Advent Silent Retreat really helped me focus, and I had a direction for the season that was just lovely and peaceful.

Not that it is ever busy. I have this aversion to overcommercialized and busy Christmastimes. I usually have all my shopping and wrapping done by December 1. This year, I waited until after my Advent Retreat and took a few minutes here and there to wrap the last gifts. I usually do TO much ahead of time and I am bored. Then, the LOW comes.

So, I felt directed to declutter, and I did. I deculttered my closets and went through the downstairs with the boys in order to organize and declutter their play area. Now, all I have left is the guest room closet (which doubl…
We went to the welcome of our new worship pastor tonight at church, and I "clicked" with the wife. I like her. She is a homeschooling mom of three children. Their oldest is going into seventh grade. The youngest is five years old.

I am in a good place with NWHills right now. I want to be an encouragement. I am finding that now that I have left the people-pleasing behind, it is so much easier to be myself. It is a good feeling.

On The Well-Educated Mind front, I finished White Noise rhetoric questions today. Now, I am starting Possession. Then, I will be ALL done. A major BHAG accomplished! I am so happy :)

The kids had a fun day at church and playing with John after until 7 p.m. Then, we brought John back to the Smith Welcome, and they had a great time in the back forty. Mom stayed at home.

I am off to bed. Nothing profound to say, just part of my day.

Summer stuff

Hard to believe it has been almost two months since I blogged anything. So, I am going to blog a bit here and say what we have been up to.

We are loving our summer. Today, we pick my mother up from the airport.

The best news is that I finished the novels for the Well-Educated Mind. I still need to do questions for the last two books, but I feel very finished. It was an amazing journey, and I am very grateful for Nikki. She is just as determined as I am, and this has been so good!

I also finished my training for Interactive Metronome after four years! Michael has finally been trained, and I am happy to be done. Two BHAGS in one month is exciting.

Off to the airport!


Evaluation and Musings of a Free Homeschooling Mom!

We just took our last spelling test today! My oldest had two more pages and the test, but I told him he could skip the pages and go straight to the test. For a "follow the rules" kind of guy, it was a big step for him to LOOSEN UP and do it, but he did. We finished at 10:30! WOOHOOO!

Here is the Year's Summary!

American Indian Prayer Guide was a hit-out-of-the ballpark kind of experience for us. We loved learning about their history and were saddened by the white man's treatment of our most precious national resource! It was eye-opening and a pleasure to pray for these tribes who have been so mistreated. No wonder many reject Christianity when the Christians were so stinky. (Sonlight Press)

Next Year: I was going to do Windows on the World, but I found a book through the Presidential Prayer team called Kids Who Pray for the USA (ISBN:1-4003-0296X). It helps them pray for the USA and its leaders with stickers and a…

We have one more week of history!

This school year is winding down for us. We went down to CA, and I took advantage of our trip through the Sacramento Valley to teach about the CA Gold Rush. So, I skipped ahead to the 1850's. Now, I am backtracking, and we just learned about the "Ladies of Lowell" in American Adventure. These were the ladies who left their farms for a couple of years to work in the textile mills of Mass. in order to save money for a dawry. (sp?) We will learn about the Spanish-American War and The Alamo and Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I might do a bit of Civil War studies before the 4th of July or wait to go to the reenactments next year after we have studied it. Who knows.

Michael only has two more days of Grammar. Paul has fifteen days of Math, but Michael has a bit more. So, we will probably do twice as much on the remaining days of school. It should be fine. He has really turned a corner in Math lately. Helps so much that I switched it to the beginning of …

April Bring Lewis and Clark Studies to a Close

We just finished The Captain's Dog for a fictional account of a dog's perspective on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It was fun, and I supplemented it with other books that gave us pictures and such.

The next read-aloud will be Imprisoned in the Golden City. I have liked many of these Trailblazer books. Some have been duds, but I hear this one is very good. So, I am looking forward to it.

We are very close to finishing out our history for the year. There have been MANY read-alouds. I am a little burned out. I will have to pick and choose them next year and not try to keep up with all of them on the Sonlight list. There really are too many for us to keep up!

Paul finished grammar, and Michael only has ten more pages. We have about 30 days of math left too. I am not worried about spelling because I am finding dictation to be a better to teach spelling to them anyway. I can bag the formal stuff for Michael next year, and I might do the same with Paul.

Not a very exciting B…

Mid-March Madness

Spring has come early to our town. The flowers are blooming!

Here is a homeschool update:
History - We are studying Lewis and Clark. The Sonlight book by Neuberger was BORING! So, we bagged, and we are just reading The Captain's Dog. I haven't been as impressed with the Sonlight Read Alouds this year! We hope to take the train to Astoria and visit the sights of the L&C Expedition. Good hands-on learning.

Science - We finished up our reading in Usborne Science Encyclopedia. Now, we are doing two chapters in Abeka Science. We finished the chapter on light and just started energy and engines today. After this, it is ALL experiments and write-ups until the end of the year!!!!!

Bible - We finished the first Kay Arthur book for kids, and they really got bogged down. For the second, we are doing most of it verbally. I want to finish John, but I may do it over two years instead of one year. We have also resumed our character studies in history and just finished David Zeisb…

Fantastic February

I am summing up February since I didn't get much opportunity to BLOG in the last month or two.

Read about the American Constitution using wonderful books like If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution, A More Perfect Union: The Story of the Constitution (Maestro). We also included America Rock DVD about "The Preamble." It was a lovely month of easy history. We also learned all about George Washington using the wonderfully illustrated D'Aulaire book! We also learned about the beginning of the industrial revolution by learning abou the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney. Our "tall tall" was about Johnny Appleseed.

Read Aloud
I decided that some of the Sonlight RA's were just too boring. So, I skipped a few this month. George tried to get through Carry on Mr. Bowditch with the boys, and they bagged it after 18 out of 24 chapters, and we are fine with that. Too boring. They had faired better with Justin Morgan Had a Horse.�…

February Fifties Party

George and I went to a fifties dinner at Suburban Christian!  What fun! I went to the local beauty college and they did an updo and makeup (including false eyelashes!) for only 10 dollars!

Spring Is Bursting Out all Over!


I am cruising!

Finally! I got a picture to post! :)

I love this journey. My kids are happily stripping their beds. I am sitting here happy that I finished the The Heart of Darkness questions, and I am fast approaching finishing The Red Badge of Courage questions. I hope to get alot of reading on the plane and at mom's.

We just finished studying Ben Franklin and are going to studying about late 1700's pioneer life. We are going back to Dynamics and Motion in Physics. Math is moving to measurement, and swimming starts today.

Must exercise today before it slips away from me. So many goals. So little time.

Back in the Saddle Again

We started up the year yesterday, and it has been painless. We read a great book called How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightening that is gorgeously illustrated! We are reading a more boring biography in the Abeka series, but it still gives more details about his early life.

Paul is doing multiplication and Michael is doing adding and subtracting of fractions, and it hasn't been too bad. Patience is high. Love is strong. We are flying

On my own Well-Educated Mind Quest, I am reading Heart of Darkness and doing the questions for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Red Badge of Courage. Maybe I should post my answers from here on out. That would be fun. I am also reading My Own Two Feet, a autobiography of Beverly Cleary that is light. I needed light after heavy books like Portrait of a Lady, Red Badge of Courage, and the current Heart of Darkness!!!!! Michelle asked me to start another book club and NOT read classics, and I said I couldn't handle another book club unl…