52 in 52 Week 57: Love's Greatest Gift: A Christmas Novella

I got this as an Early Reviewer book off of LibraryThing.com and promised a review. It is the author's second foray, and I have been in the mood for Christmas reading. So it was perfect to read on this dark Saturday before Thanksgiving. I also wanted to get this review out so that others could be encouraged to read it during the Christmas season. 

It is a simple, sweet novella; perfect for a cozy read next to a fire during the Christmas season. The mystery part is pretty easy to figure out and a bit contrived and unbelievable (The parents couldn't find their daughter for 15 years in today's world when she went by the same name and was only a state away?), but I still wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know how it would all turn out. That is a sign of a good writer.  

I will read the first novel in the series now!
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