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42. Finding God by Larry Crabb

I read Effective Biblical Counseling in the 80's, and it was helpful in many ways with identifying the problem underlying much of my problems. I have read most of Larry Crabb's books, attended the Institute of Biblical Counseling (ten days after the death of my dad in 1985), went through a biblical counseling class (PEOPLE Class - People Encouraging Other People to Live Effectively) where we practiced group interaction and "telling our stories" over the course of a year, and led a discussion group from the book Encouragement by the same author. 

This book is really more of the same. I thank Dr. Crabb for giving me a Biblical basis for looking at issues. I think counseling, in general, is very good at helping one understand why we do what we do. I do not necessarily think it completes the process of healing to finding Him. Only God can do that:"No one comes to the Me unless the Father draws Him...And they will be taught of God" (John 6:44,45). I think Dr. Cr…

Monday Morning Fifteen Freewrite

The fifteen minute timer was beckoning this morning. It is a beautiful day for a walk, but it is still pretty cold outside (25 degree F) so I will wait for it to warm up a bit more before I venture out. 

I also have a couple of listening prayer appointments today so I need to sit a ton today so I will definitely need to walk before the first one and between the first and second one.

My back is doing great. I found this YouTube video about how to break up the fascia in your feet (because she says that runners have gnarly feet), and it miraculously releases tight hamstrings, which is a big part of why I have the tight back (not out or in pain anymore just tight if I sit too long or forget to stretch or sit too long and then go running). It really does work which is so weird. But BOY does it every hurt my feet! I have my massage therapist start at my feet now because that is the source of much of my issue. 

So I am on the mend. I am probably at 90% now, and I need to constantly be mindful o…

41. Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale

I read this again this year for the group we lead. I LOVE this book. It is always so encouraging as this is my third time reading through it!

I am really excited because I get to meet the author in January!!! YAY! 

Here is my first review of the book from 2012:

Sunday Morning Freewrite

I was going to try to do more freewrites last week, but here it is Sunday morning, and I only did one last Monday.  Oh well.

I had felt very tired on Wednesday night and could barely make it through watching Survivor and fell asleep at 9 pm. I woke up sick and canceled my 10 am counseling appointment. 

Then I felt OK on Friday and Saturday, but I fell asleep at 9 pm last night and woke up at 12:25 am feeling that cold finally erupting. I had a very fitful night of sleep last night and am finally up now at 6:33 am with a cold. So, I sort of wish that I had rested on Friday and Saturday instead. I am not sure if it would have staved off the inevitable cold that has now arrived, but I knew something was lurking, but Friday was too wonderful for words.

I got up and went for a walk with one of the girls I meet with, and she is doing really well. We did some listening prayer that got to the root of some things, and she has gone home to processing it. I talked with another woman I have counsele…

Monday Morning Fifteen Freewrite

Ok, here we go. I am letting my fingers do the walking through the keyboard, and I will not let up for the next fifteen minutes.

I really like our Sunday afternoon group. The single men do not know what they are missing with all these wonderful single women! They are amazing in every way. They have great relationships and are sharing what they are learning about God with others. That is so great. 

They are also learning to abide which is a lifelong wonderful process of growth and maturity. One that I still continue to learn at every turn in my road. I sent them the "Soothing Worship" this morning because many of them had the application of being in God's presence after they meditated on Genesis 3, and the whole concept that Adam and Eve hid from God's presence, and all He wants is for us to stay in His presence which is abiding.  The words are, "I so want to be with you. Just look my way." The problem is that we hide behind the trees instead of walking with H…

40. The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person by E. Stanley Jones

I started this book on my trip to Europe in May. I thought for sure I would read it on the 10 hour plane flight, cruising down European rivers, and on the flight back; but NO! There were too many great movies on the plane that I really wanted to see, and I had too much fun touring European cities and talking to interesting people on the boat to read. I wish I had not taken it with me and just stuck with shorter books on my Kindle if I were desperate (and I never was!).  So, it sat in my "TBR" (too be read) pile for too long until I had a stack of seven books to read, and this is the last of the seven! 

This is a GREAT book! It is one that needs to be read in small chunks and savored. I believe that concepts of the Kingdom of God in Dallas Willard's Divine Conspiracy come from E. Stanley Jones' excellent writings! Prepare to have your spiritual brain stretched!

I also recommend his book, The Christ of the Indian Road. Of the two books, The Christ of the Indian Road is a…