52 in 52 Week 48: The Enneagram Made Easy by Baron and Wagele

I am keeping the book cover large so that you can read the different personality types. I have taught the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for 25 years, but this is the "new" thing buzzing the personality typing world, and it isn't too bad. It was nice to read through it, and it helps me understand one of the girls I used to meet with since she is really into it. Some people have a hard time understanding the Myers-Briggs. So, I am not going to argue if this simplifies it for people.

I scored as a Helper(2)/Peacemaker(9) (tied both times I took it) with a secondary of an Asserter(8) (I think this is what the Helper goes to in more assertive moments, and this is true with me!)

I liked the end where it paired these types with the Myers-Briggs:

I am an ISFJ/ESFJ, and guess what? The 2 & 9  both align with that. 

It was a fun, quick, read. 
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