52 in 52 Week 48: Be Happy! by Nichole Fisher

I received this as an Early Reviewer copy in a PDF format so I think there is still time for the author to make some revisions. It read to me more like an undergraduate term paper rather than a substantive book. The author defines happiness and the things that make us unhappy and then gives some suggestions for how to "BE HAPPY!"  It is a good basic book on the subject, and it might be good for someone just finding out who they are, but it doesn't have a ton of meat to it. I also did not like the part on "self-hypnosis" that did not really seem to me like hypnosis. I would leave that part out or change the wording. 

The book has potential, and maybe it is worth the $2.99 price on Amazon (or free for Prime users lending library), but I wouldn't even pay that price. It needs more development, but it might be just enough for someone just beginning their journey on the road to self-awareness. 
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