Thursday Ten Minute Freewrite

It is rare that I write Free Writes two days in a row, but I am so happy about feeling better that I want to should it to the world!!!  You really know when you are sick when you truly feel BETTER!  I do not think I have the four week sickness like most people had.

I got such an nice note from a woman I had randomly met in the Linn-Benton Community College 1 1/2 years ago. We got to talking, and it turned out that she had been a victim of verbal abuse from a spouse. I directed her toward a forum, and I forgot about it. Then, I get this friend request from some one who didn't sound familiar, and she also messaged me telling me how wonderful it was to be directed in that way. What is so funny is that I was going to go and hand out at LBCC the other day and wait for Paul to get out of class so he wouldn't have to take the bus since he had that HUGE research paper and riding the bus adds another 1 1/2 - 2 hours to his day, and he needed the time. I was thinking I needed to go back in that library and get the card number that nice lady from the library gave me that would allow me to check out book. That was the nice lady!  I hadn't thought about her for a long time. 

I am glad we went out to the Big River with all those people last night. I had been craving a Salmon Salad, and they had this great one on the menu. God knew!  Veggies are so LIFE-GIVING when you have a cold and help in your recovery! I also just like listening to all the conversations that were going. I was sort of pinned in and couldn't move around the table (I think there were 19 of us), but I had an nice time with the people around me.

This morning was a counseling appointment that I had postponed from Monday because of this sickness. I was wondering if I really was better, but once we go rolling, I felt better. People are life-giving to me too, and especially when I can seek God in prayer with them. We got to some good stuff, but I think she isn't quite ready for what God has to tell her, or maybe she is just needing to hear things from Him in private. Some introverts need that. So, I encouraged her to pray in the off time and see what God tells her as she explored the memories that she isn't quite pressing into for healing. I think she will great! I really like her. She is a lovely girl.

I am on the last four hours of Reading Lolita in Tehran. What a book and surprised there isn't a fatwa on that woman's life. She exposes some pretty gruesome things about the regime, including execution of a LOT of innocent people. Things that the leadership probably doesn't want you to know. I have a friend who visited two weeks ago that doesn't like that book, but she wasn't alive during the really horrible parts. I wonder if she would be willing to read it now?

Ten minutes is up. Off to other things!
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